News from the Continent – BBR Models

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here are some of the latest releases from BBR. Photographs have been supplied by BBR.

18152 BBR CAR32 (1)-1
BBR CAR32 Ferrari 365 California 1993 – blue
Scale 1:43 – edition of 72.
The model is based upon a Ferrari 365 California restored and presented at Pebble Beach in 1993 by William Kontes, a well known Ferrari collector.

18155 BBR1203BCF (2)
BBR1203BCF  Ferrari 488 GTB
Scale 1:12  – edition of 48
Painted in iron grey. The model will be supplied on a handmade display contained in a wooden box.

18162 BBR CARS1804 (6)
BBR CARS1804  Ferrari 275 GTB/$ Spider NART Conversion S/N 10917 2011
Scale 1:18 – edition of 36

18164 BLM1809 (7)
BBR BLM1809  Ferrari 340/375 MM s/n 0286AM  1959
Scale 1:18; edition of 150
The drivers Phil Hill and Richie Ginther were placed second in the 5th Carrera Panamericana  in 1954. The car was modified by Allen Guiberson, who had repainted it white and added a headrest and an aerodynamic fin. In 1955 this 340 MM was used successful by Carroll Shelby in the Torrey Pines Race

18168 BBR39 (7)
BBR39 Ferrari 375 AM “G. Agnelli” 1955
Scale 1:43
Painted in metal green and red. Ferrari and Pininfarina, who were just entering a mutual beneficial relationship, wanted to impress each other and the Fiat boss with the creation of the Agnelli 375. The demanding build resulted in an timeless and striking Ferrari. This last 375 America, chassis 0355AL, was shown at the Salon of Turin 1955.

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