News from the Continent Aug/Sep 2016 – Herpa and Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Herpa Releases


Here area selection of new releases from Herpa for the final quarter of 2016. All are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale by Herpa of Germany.


028677/038676 Audi Q2 Ibiswhite/arblue metallic

The model is a good rendition of the original shape. The Q2 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. Prior to the release, Herpa had already developed the model of the little Audi SUV in co-operation with Audi.


024549-004 Alfa Romeo Alfasud saloon – signal green

Tales of the rust problems with this car are legion. The cars were manufactured in the south of Italy in a new factory and did not reach the same standards a the cars made in the traditional northern factories. Rust was common as were other issues. The author knows of a case where the window of the rear door felt down into the door with all fittings whilst driving in the city.

The two-door car is accurately shaped and details are printed in silver.

Ed – this looks like a re-use of the mould originally used in the budget priced Herpa Magic series several years ago. Surely Herpa could have improved it with separate light lenses and other detailing to justify its re-release.


092579 Framo 901/2 light truck with beer crates

For the 500th anniversary of the German beer purity law this Framo was released loaded with 15 beer crates on the platform. The load is enclosed for individual placement.


306010 Scania R 13 TL refrigerated artic. box-truck “Jens Bode”

The vehicles of Haulier Jens Bode are well known. Their technical unit continuously develops new designs and uses them for their own vehicles.


745550 Soviet Tank T 34-76 Leningrad 1943/1944

This was the type of tank the Soviet Army was equipped with when it fought the German Wehrmacht and broke the ring of besieging forces around Leningrad. Since the fall of the Soviet Union Leningrad is again known as St. Petersburg.


092609 Volkswagen Passat Variant (estate) “Austrian Polizei”

In Austria the Police force uses the current Volkswagen Passat as a patrol or staff car.  Herpa have made the silver painted model with an authentic livery as a special one-off edition.

Busch Releases September 2016


All the models shown are moulded to 1:87 scale in plastic by Busch of Germany unless otherwise stated.


40605 Tempo Threewheeler Hanseat “Alpirsbacher”

The logo with a laughting monk with a beer mug in his hand is well known in Germany.  The tiny Tempo transporter was used by the Benedictine monks for the distribution of their beer brewed in their Monastery


59905 Threshing machine “Ködel & Böhm”

This machine dates back to 1911. Laser-cut pieces of wood are used to form this model.


59939 Fire Brigade ladder trailer AHL12


59940 Wooden house trailer “Tiny House”


60100 Threshing machine Lanz in scale 1:43

Based on an original machine made in 1911 which can be seen  on display in the open-air-museum in Vogtland.

18834-busch-5990659906 Vintage threshing machine

This old machinery is a new mould.

Busch Aircraft models



25060 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2 German aircraft 

This  109 “Gustav” is shown as flown by  German Ace Günther Rall




95020 HW 80 SHA (Heavy chaff body) “LPG Golden ear of corn”


95139 IFA W50 LA 2SK (Two way tipper) LPG Aschersleben


95155 IFA W50L FP Flat bed with long-distance-driver cabin “Iraq”

During the 1980’s these specially built trucks were exported to Iraq for use as a driving school vehicle.

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