News from the Continent 12/2015: Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is the news about a selection of Herpa releases in the final quarter of  2015.

1:43 scale

Two more 1:43 scale models have been released. The models are diecast to a high standard of finish and packed in a show case with a clear plastic cover.
070904  BMW X4 black
070911  BMW X4 mineral white metallic
The new BMW X4 comes again as a “crossover” a mixture of a saloon, a coupe and a SUV. Fitted with a  4×4 drive system, four doors and a design similar to the BMW X6. The rear body design is more pleasing on the X4 I think.
The body shape is well replicated. A brown interior is visible through the neatly glazed windows and sunroof. Lots of detailed parts are added and the wheels are nicely made with calipers clearly visible through castings. The model is rounded off with a detailed base plate.
The bonnet and tailgate open and a detailed engine is visible.
070942  Volkswagen Touareg – black
070950  Volkswagen Touareg – Sand gold metallic
This is the latest re-working of Volkswagen’s big SUV and it has been excellently modelled by Herpa.
The contours are true to the original with the gaps between doors, lids, and filler flaps finely engraved. The paint coat is finely applied and fault free. Many small parts are used to add additional detail. The interior is also an authentic replica even the cupholders in the centre console have not been forgotten. Again the wheels are good showing the brakes mounted behind clearly. Finally the baseplate is well detailed with the rear exhaust a separate component for greater realism.

1:87 Scale

745154  GTK Boxer transport vehicle – decorated
The latest armoured military transporter. Developed to meet the needs of the German Bundeswehr today. The miniature is authentically shaped and fitted with a cannon for self-defence. It is  painted in camouflage tan and green.
745161 GTK Boxer Ambulance vehicle – decorated
An Ambulance developed from the military transport vehicle described above.
The military vehicles are released in newly designed boxes for showing the new “Herpa Military” model range. New moulds are quickly joining re-workings of the former ROCO models to build this new series.
305020  Roman Diesel articulated concrete mixer
In the former Soviet states the Roman Diesel was a design licensed from the West German manufacturer MAN. It was common in the GDR. Here it is released as a detailed model of an articulated concrete mixer.
305136  Volvo FH Gl bulk drawbar “Wandt”
The forwarder Wandt operates the new Volvo. It can be seen in the customers livery as well as that of this Brunswick based company.
092142  Wartburg 353 1985 Volkspolizei
The Wartburg saloon is issued again. Now in the 1985 version as a patrol car of the former DDR Volkspolitzei. The body is moulded in white and the lower area of the body is printed in authentic brown-green. The roof carries two blue warning lights and a loudspeaker.
305273  Scania Bonnet tractor with articulated bulk-container
The Dutch company Boere, located near Rotterdam, runs this articulated container transporter using a Scania bonneted tractor unit.
028493 / 038492  Volkswagen Touran pure white/pacific blue metallic
After the Golf and Polo, now the Touran has been updated to adopt  the current design line of the Volkswagen Group. A lot of detail is printed including fine roof racks and even the trim underneath the bumper is embossed.
028561 Audi A4 saloon – brilliant black / 038560  Audi A4 saloon – argus brown metallic
Only just released this model was developed in co-operation with Audi Design and Construction department so it could be released at the same time as the real car. A nice model with nice paint and small parts to detail it.
027694  Audi A4 saloon with camouflage pattern
The new Audi A4 in the decoration applied to the development mules for the the final road tests.
027717  Audi R8 V10 Plus
Here the body painted in matt black with contrasting chromed wheel rims.
028523  Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe indian red
038522  Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe sapphire blue metallic
The Porsche Coupe is well modelled and finished. Featuring fault free printing and a realistic interior.
920421  Audi Q7 “Herpa Cars Club Model 2015”
Members of the Herpa Cars Club get given a special model each year. This year it is a Audi Q7 moulded in deep glossy black. More about Herpa modelcar collectors club can be found at

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