News from HobbyDB: Minichamps All in One Place

Based on the News Release from hobbyDB,  7 Dec 2016

Diecast manufacturer Minichamps and collector database hobbyDB are partnering to create an archive of every Minichamps model ever made. Now only on hobbyDB, you’ll find detailed information on thousands of their cars dating back to the company’s origins in the early 1990s, not to mention an array of other types of models as well as drivers’ helmets, crew figures, buses, tractors, tank, motorbikes and more.

Minichamps’ Paul Lang stated that he is “excited that with hobbyDB’s help, diecast fans from all around the world will now have an interrelated archive of everything Minichamps, a resource that we’ve never been able to provide until now.”

Originally known as Paul’s Model Art after Paul Günter Lang, the founder of the company,  Minichamps has pioneered producing high quality models in several scales. The first Paul’s Model Art diecast car by Minichamps was made in 1990, and by 1995 Minichamps was manufacturing more than 100 different castings with hundreds of racing liveries. Details like badges in the center of steering wheels and hubcaps, and separately molded parts for windshield visors, door handles, air vents, headlight lamp lenses and more help set their models apart. 1/43 and 1/18 are their most popular sizes. In fact, they often produce the same car in both scales.

One of their best-known specialties is Formula 1 cars, particularly those from recent years. A model might only represent an exact iteration of a car that ran in a single race. That means changing wings (front and rear), livery, even sponsor decals and tire types if necessary.

Minichamps also offers an extensive line of other racing types and concept cars including several American models from the 1950s.

With the data coming directly from Minichamps, everyone will be able to know exactly which version of a model was made, and if  you want it, you’ll get an email as soon as your desired model goes up for sale.

You can check out the Official Minichamps Archive on hobbyDB here.  The full news release is here, with more photos.

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