Neo US Trucks

By Maz Woolley

Please note that all photographs shown have been provided by, and are copyright of the manufacturer. 

Neo has recently had a series of US trucks made in resin in China to 1:43 scale. These trucks are classic Americana and will appeal to truck collectors on both sides of the Atlantic. These models have a lot of small added details and will need careful handling to avoid breakages.

Will ModelCarWorld eventually provide trailers to fit to these tractor units, or are there already any plastic kits that could be used? Although dearer than the usual Neo models they are not expensive when compared to the higher prices for 1:43 resin models we have seen lately.


Dodge CNT 950 1974

International Harvester RDF 405 1955

White Road Boss 1977

Diamond Reo Truck 1971

Diamond Reo Tow Truck 1971

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