Neo 1933 MG Magna F

By John Quilter

1933 MG F Magma Salonette #1

NEO has launched its third MG model, a rare early MG, a Magna F saloon from circa 1933. This follows on from the MGTD and the rebodied MGTD, the Arnolt MG coupe.

This Magna model is quite attractive in cream and dark green with accurate matching dark green wire wheels and twin side mounted spares. Like an MG Airline coupe the roof has four glass panels for a lighter cabin even if the roof was not slid open.

1933 MG F Magma Salonette #2

The grille on this car is one of the earliest examples of the grille shell design that survived for many decades until the MGTF of 1954-55. There is even a red MG octagon on the centre medallion as well as one in the centre of the boot lid.

1933 MG F Magma Salonette #3

This car ran a very small 1271cc overhead camshaft six cylinder engine. The model appears to be modelled after one listed on UK sale site. There were Magna roadsters but this small two door saloon accommodated four.

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