More on Mikansue

By Terry Rodell

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

Ed: Terry responded to John Quilters recent article on building a Mikansue Americana La Salle. He has provided us with some pictures of his Mikansue Americana kits.

1953 Studebaker Coupe

Number 17 in the range and bought finished.

And the kit and instructions instructions for the Studebaker


Studebaker Avanti

Again purchased built.

Other Unbuilt kits

A Studebaker Starlighter Coupe still wrapped in polythene cover.

Cord Beverley on display

A pile of MIkansue boxes.

The boxes have an address in Eton printed on them. The unbuilt models look like they would be REALLY hard work to get a decent representative model.

Ed Note: Thanks to Terry for sharing these pictures and comments with us via our Facebook page. Mikansue were Mike and Sue Richardson who wrote some definitive books as well as being a major force in early white metal model production. The Americana range was started in 1975 by John Day and subsequently taken over by the Richardsons. All these models were from the early days of models for collectors when expectations were not as high as they are today.

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