More Anonymous Alloy Models from China

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author

I looked at an Austin Seven Model marked C.I.L. but sold as an alloy model recently. I now have another model from this series which is shown below. The model is of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and is very similar to the well known real life 1907 Silver Ghost AX 201.

The model is quite impressive initially being the right size and shape to complement the Corgi Classics closed bodied Silver Ghost. There is no Spirit of Ecstacy mascot but looking at the original pictures that may be appropriate for this car but the lack of the Rolls-Royce symbol on the radiator is probably incorrect.

The wheels and Chassis are made of plastic and the colour match with the painted body is excellent. The horn, brake levers and spare tyre are all well modelled as are the seats.

Inside the nice painted steering rim is the end of the detail other than some foot pedals moulded into the floor. There is a complete lack of any instrumentation.

In profile the lack of detail elsewhere cab be easily overlooked as it captures the shape of the original very well.

The front headlights have a simple polished interior finish but looked at from a distance it looks like bulbs and lenses are all modelled. This is a trick of the light but an effective one.

To the rear no effort has been made to include any lighting or other features.

All in all like the Austin a curious mixture of “Models of Yesteryear” levels of detail with a 1:43 casting which captures the original vehicle well.

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