Miniversum Budapest

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

Once in a while MAR Online covers a visit to a car or model related exhibition. This article looks at Miniversum a permanent exhibition of model railways, vehicles and buildings to 1:87 scale in Hungary’s capital city Budapest. The model vehicles shown are largely from the main German makers of 1:87 scale models.  This article cannot do justice to the scale of the displays, it  just provides an overview.

The Communist Era

Some set pieces have been modelled to show some typical scenes under communism. Be sure to pick up a leaflet on the Communist era displays as you may not spot them all without the guide.

The Coal depot features a Russian built heavy tipper as well as the rail infrastructure.

An industrial complex is also modelled with a Barkas B1000 pickup approaching the exit. Whilst an Ikarus bus awaits outside the factory.

Another view showing the fine modelling of a working heavy industrial site.

Out in the countryside an IFA W50 with trailer brings in the hay.

A Soviet Barracks scene is modelled with a variety of military vehicles including UAZ minibuses, a Volga car, a variety of military lorries, and even a couple of tanks.

A clean Volga is parked in the Farmyard. Perhaps the son is a big shot in the Communist Party? The rather more homely Zetor tractor  looks like it is keeping company with a Belarus.

No vehicles here. Maybe there should be Ikarus Coach waiting nearby to transport the young communists home from their camp.

Other Scenes

The main body of the scenes starts with some Budapest scenes and then countryside scenes leading into scenes from Germany and Austria.

Heroes Square one of Budapest’s main tourist sites but with many fewer people than you will usually find there. Nicely modelled with Coaches waiting round the outside tough again to be realistic the coaches should be parked all the way round and double parked in places!

There are a lot of engines hauling trains of coaches or wagons. Local Services mix with more luxurious Express trains and the freight trains scurry around between them.

There are quite a few coaches running round the network powered by the Faller Car system.

A mixed farm has a wide range of animals.

A Porsche Dealer features some cars for sale on the forecourt whilst a Fair is in the field opposite.

Working street cars mix with Lorries and Coaches fitted with Faller fittings.

Lots of small scenes have been created to bring the scenery to life.

Emergency scenes can be found in several places with the Fire Brigade or Emergency Medical Services in attendance.

Whilst the world goes by the customers at the Hotel are settling in to the Beer Garden for Bratwurst and Sauerkraut with a Stein of Bier.

The Fire Services did not arrive in time to stop some damage taking place. The escape ladder is in use.

If you want to know more about Miniversum then their website is at If you are visiting Budapest the Author recommends a visit.

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