Minialuxe Beetles Part Two – VW PTT

By Robin Godwin

This article has been transferred from the old MAR Online site in order to preserve material from the first year of MAR’s online operations. It has had some minor changes to adapt it to this site. It follows a previous article on Minialuxe Beetles which has already been re-published on this site.

Readers new to Robin’s review of the Minialuxe Volkswagen Beetle models may wish to read his previous article at

In this article I look at the Minialuxe Volkswagen Beetle in a little more detail and contrast it with the less expensive Minialuxe Classic series Beetle.

As the pictures below show unlike the Classic series model the PTT model comes with jewelled lights, glazing, dished wheels and a bell fitted to the roof. It also comes in a more robust box.

5296 Classic Series VW #16-1

No interior or windows, no jewelled headlights or separate taillights, ridged wheels

5304 Speciale Series VW #19-2

Swiss PTT with interior and windows, jewelled headlights and red plastic taillights, dished wheels, brass bell on roof, different box

5298 Front view differences

5301 Differences –

Note different taillight treatments

5299 Base of Classic VW – individually numbered

5300 Base of Speciale VW – individually numbered

5302 Packaging.

Excessive, but it ensures that the models arrive in pristine condition. From top: outer cardboard fitted carton, inner protective fitted card box, inner lift off carton box containing model and box. Note differences for different series. All goes together like a Russian egg, and is shipped in another shipping box with bubble protection.

5303 Accessories

Satin-like sleeve bag that model comes in, and model buffing/cleaning cloth included with each model. There is a foam bit included as well to keep model from sliding around in the liftoff carton – this ensures your model arrives undamaged.

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