M2 Autohauler Shelby Ford

By Maz Woolley

M2 Shelby Ford Autohauler
M2 Shelby Ford Autohauler

M2 have produced a number of these Autohaulers with various cabs, the Dodge COE for example. The latest cab is the classic Ford tractor unit from the 1960s which is well captured on this model. The models is made in a mixture of diecast and plastic components in 1:64 scale in China for the US. The cab is shown here on a hauler in Shelby livery and it can also be found in white  in Shelby livery with a hot Mustang in red.

The Mustang on this blue outfit looks very like the classic models that Hertz rented out.

M2 products are relatively inexpensive so the rather plastic appearance of the grille and trailer unit can be accepted. They even supply a set of plastic ramps to help get your models on board.

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