M2 Auto-Trucks Ford Econoline Camper 1965

By Maz Woolley

M2 Ford Econoline Camper 1965
M2 Ford Econoline Camper 1965

This is an unusual model from M2. Absolutely nothing opens which means that it will appeal strongly to collectors who up till now have had no choice of campers in 1:64 scale other than which Type of VW Transporter Camper they should buy!

A simple model with a few quality issues like bits broken off the wheel edges. However it is otherwise very good with a nice air conditioning unit on the roof as well as the extended roof to allow people to stand in side. The interior is basic but shows the table and panelling to reasonable effect.

All in all a really nice budget model. Hopefully M2 will  also give us vans and passenger carriers in 2016 based on this casting?