Large Märklin Unimogs

by Karl Schnelle

When you search for Märklin Unimogs online, a lot of HO scale, plastic ones show up.  That’s not too surprising because Märklin is known for their HO scale trains.  So by ‘large’, I mean the 1/43 scale Unimogs that started out in their RAK line of toy cars.  Actually,  Märklin bought LGB in 2009, so there is even a larger Unimog in G scale that could be described as an LGB/Märklin.

A few weeks ago, we published an article on RAK replicas, so I dug out my replica Unimog from 2009 for a closer inspection.  The original #1830 Unimog came only in green, marked ‘Made in Germany’ on the bottom.  The orange reissue is #18310 and marked ‘Replika’ instead. Some plastic parts are different colors, but otherwise, they look identical.

In looking closely at the two versions, the speedwheels are a bit different.  The inserted, metal wheels are flat with obvious holes on the original.  The newer ones are more rounded and convex which hides the holes.

The replica came in a large blue box with all the original accessories reproduced as well.   It was part of the Märklin 150 year anniversary and thus came out in 2009.


Originally, the seven extra parts came as a set with the truck (#1831), or in two smaller packs.  I have one of them (#1833) and have been looking for the other one for many years!  The originals were sold from 1970 to 1975, when the RAK series was cancelled..


The original boxes were yellow and featured nice line drawings, a lot like their HO train boxes from that era.

Back to the internet to continue my search for the other original accessories, #1832!

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