Johnny Lightning – Chasing Dollars

By Robin Godwin

Johnny Lightning 1975 VW standard

The new (reissued) Johnny Lightnings are now being sold by online dealers. You can get the regular issue models for about $5.99, and probably less when they hit the big box stores.  But, White Lightning fever has struck. The regular issue Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio is in red, as shown in the photograph above. The White Lightning version is all over white but with a red collector card in the pack. The first I saw on eBay fetched 50 US Dollars,  the second 77 and the latest 97.
The funny thing is, a Greenlight Green Machine, equivalent to a White Lightning, is 2% of the regular production, and there is a website which tells us what the production volumes are, and hence the number of Green Machines. M2 usually indicates the regular production number of any given model, and often also indicates the chase issue numbers.
Johnny Lightning White Lightning production is from 1 to 5% of regular production, but I have never found any reference to regular production quantities. Johnny Lightning production could be considerably higher than Greenlight or M2, which could make the White Lightning quantities greater as well. It will be interesting to see if prices fall accordingly when greater numbers of chase models have been purchased.

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