John Day Jowett Bradford Truck

By Maz Woolley

All photographs are by, and copyright, of the Author. 

The author recently made up a previously released John Day Vehicle Scenics Model missing from his collection. The model has yet to be upgraded to the latest standards with separate wheels but can be seen as available on the price list on Daryle Toney’s John Day web site.

The Jowett Bradford was a British light van produced from 1946 to 1953 by Jowett Cars Ltd of Idle, near Bradford, England. The vehicle was also available as an estate car from 1947 to 1953. The vehicle was based on the pre-war Jowett Eight and was the first Jowett to be re-introduced after the Second World War. In spite of being very basic, the Bradford appealed to the post war market because of its economy and its availability.

Initially only a 10cwt van was made but in 1947 it was joined by an estate car, the Utility. Both these vehicles have also been modelled by John Day Vehicle Scenics. The Bradford was also manufactured as a light lorry, what would later be called a pickup truck. The chassis, or cab and chassis, were supplied to coachbuilders who would add their own bodies.

The John Day model is a neat representation of the original vehicle. It is relatively simple and is made from just a few parts: a chassis unit incorporating seats and wheels; a unit consisting of the bonnet,cab, and front wings; a truck bed with rear mudguards incorporated; front lights to fit into holes in the wings; and a vacform.

The model would be an excellent diorama item for any post war setting, especially one based in the North of England.

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