John Day Daimler Conquest

by Maz Woolley                                               July 2014

Regular MAR readers will be familiar with the John Day Vehicle Scenics range of 1:76 scale white metal kits now produced by Daryle Toney. These kits are primarily aimed at railway modellers, and are of a simple construction, consisting of a bodyshell, a baseplate with seats cast in, a vac-form for windows, wheels to fit into holes in the chassis, and a steering wheel in some cases. The range covers a broad timescale from the 1920s to 1970s.  This article looks at one of the re-mastered models.

SRV14 Daimler Conquest

This model was always one of my favourites in the John Day Daimler Conquest 1:76old range. It would have made a lovely contemporary Matchbox model, but they never made a Daimler car, only an ambulance and some military vehicles. The new casting is a lot cleaner, and has not only been modified for the separate wheels now featured (they were formerly cast into the chassis), but it also has the lights re-aligned, as they were not all level on the original master.

The Daimler Conquest was derived from the smaller-engined Lanchester saloon and was fitted with a six-cylinder 2.4 litre engine. It was a smooth-running car with the Daimler pre-selector gearbox, and whilst it was not slow, it was no match for the less expensive Jaguars. Although nicely styled and well trimmed, it offered little more than Rover cars of the period included at a lower price. The ‘Conquest’ had the appropriate launch price of £1066, a considerable sum in 1953.

The model was easy to build and assemble. The gallery below shows two models made by the Editor recently, click on any photograph to enlarge it.