Happy New Year 2017… With a Dinky Snow Plough

By Chris Sweetman

Dinky Toys Supertoys 958 Guy Warrior Snow Plough 

Dinky Toys released their Guy Warrior Snow Plough in January 1961 under their Supertoys brand, and it remained in their range until 1966. In the July 1964 catalogue it was in the M Group price category and retailed at 13/- in the UK. Price categories were introduced by Lines Brothers after their take-over of the Meccano Group on Valentine’s Day 1964 to simplify price structure and make it easy for both dealers and customers alike. M could be short for miscellaneous as all models in this group were different prices.

What one got for 13/- was an impressive model complete with windows, an elevating plough unit which raised and lowered by means of two ‘hydraulic’ units and a drop down tailgate on the low-sided rear bed. To provide an indication that this was an emergency or safety vehicle, the model was provided with a blue plastic roof mounted ‘light’ and came in a spectacular colourway of yellow and black, the standard colours of natural warning worn by wasps! The plough unit was available in either black/yellow or silver grey. The former is more the likely version that you can find. Although no scale is quoted in any Dinky Toys catalogues it is likely to be 1:48th scale as this was a popular one for the Supertoys range. Marked on the baseplate: dinky supertoys snow plough made in england meccano ltd.


History of the Real Deal

In 1954 Guy entered the heavy vehicle market with the “Invincible” and the “Warrior” appeared in 1957. 1958 saw the introduction of the of the Mark II versions of these vehicles. The “Warrior” was available in either 8 or 10 ton chassis and was suitable for use as a truck, tipper, pantechnicon, and a tractor unit. The cab was a Motor Panels design and the top part could be removed to allow access to the engine and other mechanical units for easier servicing. This cab design was still available on the Otter chassis in 1966 but had been replaced by a modern design for the “Warrior” which featured a wraparound windscreen also made by Motor Panels.

Despite searching the internet and looking at my books, I still haven’t found any images of a Guy Snow Plough.


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