Greenlight NYPD Ford Fusion 2013

By Maz Woolley

Greenlight Ford Fusion NYPD
Greenlight Ford Fusion NYPD

Greenlight has been popularising 1:43 scale models in the US. They are diecast in China for the US and sell for budget prices. For the most part the 1:43 models produced have been tie-ins with the  Fast and Furious film franchise.

Here we have a 2013 Ford Fusion with the custom bars on the front and very neatly printed NYPD details as well as a good light bar. The wheels are grille too are nicely produced. Even the lights are separate plastic components which have been reproduced well.

What did surprise me is the level of internal detail provided, a photograph below shows how much effort has gone into the central console.

I hope that Greenlight continue to expand this range since they are offering a good selection of US vehicles at very reasonable prices.


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