Greenlight Collector Event 2019

By Karl Schnelle

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

On last Friday, May 10, GreenLight Collectibles opened the doors to their offices for their fifth Collector Event. Their facility is only ten minutes from where I work in Indianapolis, IN, USA, so I arrived only ten minutes after they opened.

I was surprised to find the parking lot already full of cars, and the office full of people. Having never been to one, i did not know what to expect but the company had a lot of samples, damaged goods, and other products for sale. They had door prizes as well where everyone could go to spin the wheel to get candy, key chains, or model cars!

New products were also unveiled that day, such as Bigfoot in multiple scales. Here is their first 1:18 sample.

Photo from the manufacturer.

Other new products were sitting there as well as test shots (raw castings) from the factory in China – 1:18, 1:43, and many 1:64!.

Photo from the manufacturer.
Photo from the manufacturer.

Most of the collectors and dealers were gathered around a few tables full of 1:64 scale “deco samples” for sale. One of the Greenlight sales and marketing people explained to me that this was the first sample back from the factory in China with paint and decals. The designer in Indianapolis would examine it and send any changes back to the factory, or Greenlight would accept it as-is.

I picked out one of these deco samples for an RV collector I know. I compared it to the online photos of the VW Type II Camper with River Valley Gorge decals, but it looked identical. There is a “Not for Sale” decal on the front window though!

Being a 1:43 collector, I did spy only a few at that scale on the deco sample tables. The pair of 1995 VW Jettas also seemed like normal issues. Greenlight issued these in four different colors after they made the 2001 Fast and Furious movie version. The Greenlight rep said the blue was darker than what they issued, but I will need to line them up side by side to see for sure! The rear license plates are both squeezed too much, so they did fix that one error in the production versions. The window tint is very dark compared to online photos as well, but it really hard to tell if they are different without comparing in person.

The only other 1/43 sample I found was a Chevrolet Chevelle from the John Wick: Chapter 2 movie (2017). The 1970 Chevelle SS 396 is in a beautiful green with white stripes. The deco sample does not have the white lettering on the tires, and the white stripe is too short on the rear deck lid. These issues were fixed, and the production version has white-lettered tires and the stripes extend over the edge of the rear deck.

Also, I saw this unboxed 1:43 Godfather 1941 Lincoln Continental sitting there with strange green tires. I had to have that one as well, even though it is a bit toy-like. Green tires signifies that it is a “Green Machine”, like a Treasure Hunt or a chase car. Notice this is the version with the bullet holes!

Reminds me a little of the Chevy sitting near their front door, although it is fullscale!

As I was walking out with the 1:43 deco samples for my collection, it was also hard to not notice the full-scale Bigfoot sitting there!

Hopefully, I can make it there next year for the next event; I’ll be on the lookout for any Elvis deco samples!