Gilding the Lily

By Maz Woolley


My recent review of some of the new Oxford Diecast Models contained a few criticisms about small details which I thought marred otherwise excellent models. This post shows how a few bits of easy detailing can improve the models. I have concentrated upon three of the four 1:87 scale models recently released.

1936 Buick Special Convertible Coupe

Here my criticism is of the front lights and side lights. Pictures of the original show a chrome inner ring around the headlight lenses and that the sidelights were not all chrome.

The original car

Oxford as supplied

Oxford Updated

I am sure that you will agree that these small changes make the model a little more realistic.

1957 Chevrolet Nomad

Here my criticism was of both the front and rear.

The front lights lack the chromed surrounds shown in the picture below, the bonnet features are not picked out in silver, and the “dagmars” are painted silver.

Chevrolet Nomad – the original car

As supplied by Oxford

After details added

At the rear the red lenses are missing as shown below

The original car

As supplied by Oxford

With the rear lights added in

Again I hope you agree that this makes the model just a little better.

1955 Buick Century 

Here the criticism is of the flat front lights. Wherever I have looked on the web the lights appear to have a shallow domed shape and small peaks. I have managed to dome the lights using Kristal Klear but not yet identified a way of adding the small peak shown below.

Original car

As supplied by Oxford

With improved but not yet fully corrected lights

Again I think that this has made a small improvement but I am now in need of inspiration for how to add the missing chrome peak.

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