GFCC 1956 Buick Roadmaster Riviera Four Door Hardtop

By Maz Woolley

Photographs are by, and copyright of, the Author.

Here is the latest model from GFCC Toys a 1956 Buick Roadmaster Riviera Four Door Hardtop. Reviews of the previous Jaguar, Pontiac, and Studebaker models from this maker may all be found elsewhere on this site.  Although the models claim to be from a company registered in the US this seems to be a conceit as the models only seem to be available from Chinese sellers on eBay and on the Chinese equivalent of eBay, Ali Express. Perhaps due to the Chinese New Year holidays only the Jaguar seems to be listed at the moment.

The Riviera four door hardtop was an extremely popular model outselling the conventional four door Roadmaster. It was certainly a large and impressive car and appealed to those who could not afford a Cadillac but who liked large and powerful cars.

The side mouldings are printed neatly as are the door handles and quarter lights. The Buick “bullet holes” are there with four for the most upmarket version of the car but they have not been silvered as I would have expected.

The version that I bought is in pink and white and despite having a plastic base plate it is quite a heavy model. As on previous models the wheels are silver items with Dinky style round ended axles protruding.

The grille is quite fine and the Buick badge is printed neatly and not oversized as I might have expected. The bonnet emblem is neatly cast and silvered. The silver used is more like that used on Atlas Dinky than the silver used on collectors 1:43 models.

At the rear the lights have been done well but the lettering is very strange as it says CHRYSLER! Not exactly what you would expect.  Under the corner of each bumper and exhaust end sticks out in silver plastic rather more detail than I would have expected.

Inside we have a white dashboard and steering wheel as well as white seats. Though the backs of the front seats are in black. The dashboard has some quite detailed mouldings but nothing is picked out. Unusually the dashboard is in metal as is the steering wheel. The doors are fitted with plastic door cards rather than having them moulded into the casting .

So yet again GFCC has produced a hybrid model which is neither a “proper” collectable or a Dinky Replica and once again it has a character of its own.

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