Generation GTI

By Maz Woolley

The UK model press is including inserted loose advertising material for a European Diecast sales organisation styling itself Looking  at the web site it seems to also be known as Direkt Collections. Unlike Atlas they do not have seperate operations in each country but sell Europe-wide priced in Euros from an Austrian phone number. The company itself operates under French Law but appears to have a headquarters in Switzerland.
Models are not sold on subscription but have to be ordered with discounts for multiple purchases. Prices are roughly on par with more recent Atlas series.
There appear to be two current collections: Rally Collection 2015, and Generation GTi. The latter is the series on the flyers that I have seen. The advertising and web material make a great play of Ixo quality and no wonder hidden on a sub-page is the statement that “PCT helps us design our products to the highest standard” and “We are proud to be part of the PCT Group”. Ixo is of course a brand name used by the PCT Group! So it would appear that PCT are now trying direct sales themselves, perhaps because of the slow down of the partwork market over the last year.
We would like to hear from readers who have collected models from this mail order operation. It would be interesting to know about the quality of the models supplied.

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