Four Door Ford Cortina Models

By Dave Turner

Dave read the article by Mick Haven recently published on this web site. Mick asked what other four door Ford Cortina Mark I models existed apart from the Apex Cortina pictured below. Dave has kindly answered the question.


Apex Bathurst winner

Dave’s response.

In response to the query from Mick Haven regarding the existence of model Mark I Cortinas in Four Door form. In fifty odd years of collecting Fords I have only come across five such models, and most of them were relatively recent.


The oldest I think must be the 1:18 remote control toy from Lincoln, it has a plastic one-piece body and tinplate base, electric motor on rear axle and the front end is carried on a steerable central jockey wheel. The wheels are of a rather unrealistic wire pattern while there are bulbs in the lights. As far scan be seen, there are no markings in order to identify the maker, but the rear licence plate reads ‘LIL 526’ a sure sign that it came from Lincoln Industries, made in Hong Kong.


Next came the 1:16 scale plastic kit from Frog and this makes into a very nice model, unfortunately it takes up so much room! The same tooling, along with many other Frog kits found its way to Russia, and an example was found in the UK in the 1980s, In view of the high space consumption once made, the kit was moved on before building.


More recently a small number (300) of metal 1:43 models were made by Pathfinder exclusively for Minicar 43 in Oslo.


Base Toys produced some 1:75 scale four door saloons although for some reason they mixed the pre-airflow grille with the airflow vents on the ‘C’ post.


Trax models from Australia more recently produced some four door GT saloons to 1:43 scale and these feature all the correct for Australia details -‘Cortina’ in capitals across the front of the bonnet, front quarter bumpers and Minilite type wheels. Excellent detail inside and out.

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