Ford in Miniature – The last years of the Model T

1926 to 1927

By Dave Turner

Despite the inevitability that its time was running out, for 1926 Ford did a significant update of their venerable T. Overall, the many changes resulted in an increase in the car’s weight, necessitating bigger brakes, but using the same old engine had a negative effect on the cars performance.

All but the Fordor got a longer hood, but all shared a multi-louvred pattern on the hood sides – one of the certain ways of identifying 1926-27 Model Ts. Closed cars got plated radiators whilst open cars got a driver’s door. Wire wheels first became optional, and then standard, whilst fenders got wider and the chassis was lowered by 1.5 inches. The fuel tank was re-located under the cowl, although the Fordor retained it under the seat. The Coupe and Tudor got a one-piece windscreen while the deck of the Coupe was now integral with the body. Another notable visual feature was the almost flat hood/cowl line on open cars, although the closed bodies continued with a curved up cowl.

The popularity of the Model T continued and 1.5 million were made during 1926 and cars made in the following year continued with very little change. In order to re-equip plants for the forthcoming new Model A, production of the Model T was finished on May 26th 1927. At this time Ford had no less than 60 US plants and a further 28 overseas. Model T type engines continued to be produced until 1941.

Sometimes regarded as the most attractive of all the Model Ts, there have been very few miniatures of these latter day examples.

Banthrico are well-known for producing a huge variety of metal ‘banks’ some of which depict vehicles, and Model T Fordor Sedans in particular. Over many years they made several variations on this theme, the earlier versions having the distinctive hood side pattern of pre-1926 Ts whilst at least one not only had the multi louvre hood side but also the entire vehicle was made (incorrectly) squatter, having ‘1926’ cast into the rear licence plate.

AMT offered numerous issues of the 1927 T in their plastic 1:25 kit range, some of which produced Custom/Hot Rod creations. Early kits came as Roadsters but later issues came as Touring, subsequently re-titled Phaeton. Each were simple to make and can result in attractive models of the stock Model T while the provision of plenty of engine detail can be revealed by lifting off the detachable hood. Custom types as usual are left to those who understand such things to describe elsewhere.

National Motor Museum Mint have produced many Model Ts. On some models they have mixed up the dating features, at least one of their Fordors is listed as a 1926 but depicts the pre-1926 hood sides. However, a 1:32 Touring is correct for the 1927 in its licence plates and despite the rather overscale MotorMeter on the hood these are quite attractive and feature four opening doors, and correctly hinged hood, beneath which is a reasonably well-detailed engine.

Ford Model T 1926-27

Maker Origin Date Model # Variant Length Scale Material
Banthrico USA 1970s 438 1926 Fordor Sedan 140mm 1:24 Metal Bank
AMT USA 1960 127 1927 Roadster 1:25 Plastic Kit
AMT USA T426 1927 Touring 1:25 Plastic Kit
AMT USA 2522 1927 Touring 1:25 Plastic Kit
AMT USA 1967 2527 1927 Touring 1:25 Plastic Kit
AMT USA 1985 6582 1927 Phaeton 148mm 1:25 Plastic Kit
National Model Museum Mint China 2005 5520 1927 Touring 115mm 1:33 Diecast/Plastic

Photographs – 1926-27 Ford Model T

These models can be seen below.

1) AMT 1:25 plastic kit from USA: 6582 1927 Phaeton showing multi-louvred hood side, driver’s door, wire wheels – all 1926/7 Model T features.
2) AMT, ¾ front view.
3) AMT, showing the almost flat hood/cowl – a feature for open Ts 1926/7.
4) NMMM 1:33 diecast/plastic from China: 5520 1927 Touring, the running board plates were a contemporary option more associated with more exotic vehicles than humble Model Ts.
5) NMMM rear ¾ view.
6) Banthrico 1:24 metal bank from USA: 438, 1926 Fordor sedan


1) AMT Ford Model T 1926-27

2) AMT Ford Model T 1926-27

3) AMT Ford Model T 1926-27

4) NMMM Ford Model T 1927

5) NMMM Ford Model T 1927

6) Banthrico Ford Model T 1926

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