Ford in Miniature – An Edible Transit

By Dave Turner

Editor’s Note: After the recent articles on Jell-O premiums by Robin Godwin and Chocolate Land Rovers by Mike Pigott, Dave has followed up with an edible Ford Transit which like the chocolate Land Rovers has been eaten rather than collected.

Pictures by, and copyright of, the Author.   

As Robin Godwin was kind enough to point out the Jell-O Ford Frontenac it inspired me to respond with another loosely connected item.

Here are some images of my 2010 Transit – that I still run-  and even more frightening, that ‘figure’ was said to represent me! Needless to say, as the cake was made about the time the van was new, it hasn’t lasted as well as the good old Transit and is now long gone – I’m glad I preserved it on film

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