Ford in Miniature – 1969 Mustang

By Dave Turner

1969. A year when men landed on the moon and Henry Ford II made GM‘s Semon E. Knudson President of his company. Various GM personnel followed but he was dismissed as President by the end of the year.

However, the GM influence did bring change at Ford. As far as the Mustang was concerned it was bigger, with a longer front end, and wider and lower overall resulting in a sleeker but more massive appearance. Choice of bodies continued to be Hardtop, Convertible and Fastback, the latter now called ‘SportsRoof’ by Ford. More changes included quad headlights, two of which were in the grille, the deletion of vent windows in the doors, a higher bulge over the rear wheels and a new dashboard.

The range of specific models continued to be extensive. A new version of the Hardtop called Grande featured lavish fittings and a vinyl covered roof. The Mustang ‘E’ was a SportsRoof with an in-line 6. The GT featured scoops and stripes, and the Mach 1 had scoops on the hood and rear quarters plus a rear spoiler. When fitted with the Ram Air 428 the Mach 1 had a Shaker that protruded through the hood and shook when running!

Engines were the in-line six at 200 or 250 cubic inches, and V8’s of 302, 351, 390, 428 and 429 cubic inches. The Boss 302 was made to allow homologation for the Sports Car Club of America races (SCCA). 1,000 were required but 1,934 were made complete with chin spoilers and rear window slats whilst the Boss 429 was made to qualify the semi-hemi 429 V8 for NASCAR and 852 of these were produced. In addition the Shelby GT350 and GT500 continued to be made.

Models of 1969 Mustangs have been numerous, though the vast majority are of the more exotic versions. AMT produced some now very rare 1:25 plastic promos in 1969, finished in Cherry Red they depicted the Mach 1, and have been followed by numerous issues of the same mouldings in kit form, some under Matchbox or MPC labels. Slightly different was a metal-bodied kit of a Boss 302 whilst plastic kits of a 2 plus 2 fastback were made in 1:43. These have been used as the basis for some re-creations both in metal and resin. For example,Performance Detail Products in Illinois made some 1969 Boss Mustangs most likely of racing subjects while Richard Carlson Productions of Arizona produced some resin bodied versions of this AMT and got a mention in MAR 52. Another obscure range called mDa from Belgium included a 1969 SportsRoof. Even the old diecast Nacoral 2 + 2 from Spain looks to have more than a little in common when all the details are studied against an original AMT.

Danbury Mint produced some superb 1:24 models of both the Boss 429 and Boss 302 featuring everything opening and masses of accurate detail inside, outside and underneath. Just to illustrate that occasionally perfection means very little, Dinkum Classics made some rather basic handbuilt 1:43 Boss 302s in the early 1980s and these can currently be found on the internet and being sold for more than the Danbury cost new! They were featured in MAR 11.

Ertl had a passionate affair with these Mustangs, the mid 1990s saw various issues of the distinctively styled ’69 Shelby in Convertible form while a whole myriad of Mach1’s were produced in around 2000. These came in a variety of colours, and were all in 1:18 scale. An additional issue came in the form of a pre-painted kit, under the Racing Champions label. Meanwhile a few 1:64 scale versions of the Mach 1 were offered under the Racing Champions Ertl label, the level of detail being quite remarkable in this scale with opening hood and trunk. A few of these Ertl issues featured one of each of the two size models in one package. Another range recorded was Fairfield Mint and as these are all 1:18 it is likely that they featured existing models but in their own packaging.

The other familiar Mint, Franklin, is included with their issues of the ‘69 Boss 302. It is interesting to note that no two details on either these or the Danbury are the same. It might be suspected that some of the same tooling was shared, none of it is in fact. Greenlight have become familiar in the last ten years or so and include some 1969 Boss Mustangs in their 1:64 scale range of diecasts, being listed in MAR 200, while Highway 61 have produced at least four colour variations of their 1:18 Boss 302 in addition to a 1:43 version.

Johnny Lightning has offered a small selection of 1969 cars in their 1:64 scale series: Mach 1s and Shelbys, the latter both convertible and SportsRoof but most of them spoiled by the untidy opening hood. Most surprising however is a superb 1:24 scale Mach 1 from JL. Not quite in the same league as the Mints but most acceptable. Back to the small stuff and a superb little Boss 302 from Kyosho, absence of any opening parts makes for a much neater appearance with plenty of fine detail. Hot Wheels of course included a couple of 1969s in their toy series, their convertible Shelby GT 500 being more realistic than most from that range. A 2 plus 2 saw various issues, some being too far removed from the real thing to be relevant here.

Even smaller were the limited run of Nu-Rora 1:87 scale slot racers. As the name hints they were based on old Aurora bodies and chassis but having plastic bodies painted and finished to look quite realistic. In the same scale, Monogram who are usually associated with 1:24 scale plastic kits, launched its Mini-Exacts series of small vehicles in the late 1980s. This featured a perfectly shaped plastic body on a cast metal base. The range was subsequently sold to Herpa, the quality of the models saw them survive for many years and for they were also sold in the US under the Con-Cor label. Monogram did offer a 1:25 kit for the Shelby GT 500 and this re-appeared on the Revell label. Revell also offered kits of a 1969 Hardtop/Convertible and a Mach 1 2 plus 2. A smaller 1:32 plastic kit for a 1969 Convertible was offered many years ago by Palmer, whilst at the other end of the scale, a 1:12 plastic kit for a 2 plus 2 came fromKogure.

Among the very few alternatives to models depicting the SportsRoof fastback shape, Playartdid some cheap toys of the Hardtop, but featured the ‘Cobra Jet’ shaker projection in the hood. Up a scale and the Road Champs 1:43 2 plus 2 depicts a Boss 302 although MAR 142 featured a picture of a bread and butter red example. More disparate examples of small 1969s include a Schuco Mach 1, some biscuits in the shape of Mustangs from Summerfield, a big tin 1:18 scale Mach 1 from Taiyo, more diecasts from Tin Toys with their Boss 429 in 1:32 and a 1:18 scale Boss 302 from Welly. At the far end of the alphabet comes Zaugg and they produced some very expensive 1:43 Boss 429s many years ago, the resin body looking far too flat in the roof area.

Illustrations 1969 Ford Mustang.

1) Ertl 1:18 diecast from USA: 7350 Shelby GT 500 Convertible complete down to the Cobra Jet 428 decals on front fenders.


2) Road Champs 1:43 diecast from China: 20103 Boss 302 with reasonably neat opening hood and doors.

3) Johnny Lightning 1:63 diecast from China: 842B Shelby GT 350 Convertible, spoiled by the opening hood.


4) Johnny Lightning 1:63 diecast from China: 724 Mach 1 suffering from oversize rear tyres.


5) Johnny Lightning 1:63 diecast from China: 842A Shelby GT 500.


6) Playart 1:65 diecast from Hong Kong: Hardtop with Cobra Jet ‘Shaker’ hood and painted base.


7) Rear view of Playart Hardtop with painted base.


8) Hot Wheels 1:64 diecast from Malaysia: T9691 Shelby GT 500 Convertible, ‘Cobra Jet 428’ decals are on the front fenders but too small to read.

9) Johnny Lightning 1:64 diecast from China: 842B Shelby GT 500 Convertible rear view.

10) Herpa/Con Cor 1:87 plastic from China: 21586 Boss 302 rear view showing more painted detail and better wheels.


11) Monogram Mini Exact 1:87 plastic from USA: 2019 Boss 302.

Not pictured
12) Kyosho 1:64 diecast from China: 490, Boss 302.

13) Racing Champions Ertl 1:64 diecast from USA: 32330 Mach 1.

14) Racing Champions Ertl 1:64 diecast from USA: 32329 Mach 1.


15) Johnny Lightning 1:67 diecast from China: 112 SportsRoof.


16) Revell 1:25 plastic kit from USA: 7161 Shelby GT 500, the ex Monogram kit.

17) MPC 1:25 plastic kit from USA: 6319 Mach 1, the ex AMT kit.


18) AMT 1:43 plastic kit from USA: T107 SportsRoof.

19) Nacoral 1:43 diecast from Spain: 102 SportsRoof the similarities to the AMT are noticeable.


20) mDa 1:43 plastic from Belgium: SportsRoof supplied as a built kit.

21) Zaugg 1:45 resin from Germany: 18 Boss 429 with a rather flat SportsRoof.


22) Danbury Mint 1:25 diecast from China: 1322 Boss 429.

23) Franklin Mint 1:25 diecast from China: AS341 Boss 302 limited run of 2500.

24) Johnny Lightning 1:24 diecast from China: 5110SB Mach 1


25) Arko 1:32 diecast from China: Boss 302


1969 Mustang Models in detail


AMT Promo USA 1969 Y905 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic Kit
AMT USA T397 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic Kit
 AMT USA 1996 8233 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic kit
AMT USA 1999 30009 Boss 302 1:25 Plastic Kit
 AMT USA T241 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic Kit
 AMT USA 1969 M780 SportsRoof 1:43 Plastic Kit
 AMT USA 1974 T107 SportsRoof 109mm 1:43 Plastic Kit
 AMT USA 1981 2103 SportsRoof 1:43 Plastic Kit
 AMT USA 1989 6902 SportsRoof 1:43 Plastic Kit
Richard Carlson transkit USA 1990 SportsRoof  1:43  Resin
mDa  Belgium Sportsroof 104mm 1:45 Plastic
Performance Detail Products  USA 2002 Boss 1:43 Transkit
Arko China 2010 Boss 302 149mm 1:32 Diecast
Danbury Mint China 2003 1322 Boss 429 Black 194mm 1:25 Diecast
Danbury Mint China 2005 1429 Boss 429 DM Society special 1:25 Diecast
Danbury Mint China 2009 1595 Boss 302 only 500 made 1:25 Diecast
Danbury Mint China 2010 1635 Boss 429 White 1:25 Diecast
Dinkum Classics Australia 1982 4 Boss 302 1:43 Metal
Ertl USA 1995 7350 Shelby GT 500 convertible 262mm 1:18 Diecast
Ertl USA 1995 7351 Shelby GT 500 convertible 262mm  1:18 Diecast
Ertl USA 1997 7778 Shelby GT 500 convertible 262mm 1:18 Diecast
Ertl USA 32996 Shelby GT 500 convertible top-up 1:18 Diecast
Ertl USA 2000 32073 Shelby GT 350 convertible 1:18 Diecast
Ertl USA 2000 32262-69 Mach 1 428 CJ many colours  1:18 Diecast
Ertl USA 1998 8233 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic Kit
Fairfield Mint L3J Boss 302 1:18 Diecast
Franklin Mint China  1996 WHO7 Boss 302 195mm 1:25 Diecast
Franklin Mint China 2001 ZU14 Boss 302 Dragon Graphics 195mm 1:25 Diecast
Franklin Mint China 2002 AS31 Boss 302 Limited to 2,500 195mm 1:25 Diecast
Franklin Mint China 2006 E225 Boss 302 195mm Walmart only 1:25 Diecast
Greenlight China 2006 Boss 302 1:64 Diecast
Greenlight China 2006 Boss 429 1:64 Diecast
Highway 61 China 55495 Boss 302 1:43 Diecast
Highway 61 China 6150727-30 Boss 302 various colours 1:18 Diecast
Johnny Lightning China 112 SportsRoof 70mm 1:67 Diecast
Johnny Lighning China 724 Mach 1 77mm 1:62 Diecast
Johnny Lightning China 842A Shelby GT 500 75mm 1:63 Diecast
Johnny Lightning China 842B Shelby GT350 Convertible 74mm 1:64 Diecast
Johnny Lightning China 842B Shelby GT500 Convertible 75mm 1:63 Diecast
Johnny Lightning  China 2005 5110SB Mach 1 197mm 1:24 Diecast
Kyosho China 490 Boss 302 74mm 1:64 Diecast
Kogure Japan 1:12 Plastic Kit
MPC USA 1986 731 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic Kit
MPC USA 6319 Mach 1 (AMT) 1:25 Plastic Kit
Mattel Malaysia 2010 T9691 Shelby GT 500 Convertible 76mm 1:64 Diecast
Mattel China 2771 Mach 1 Diecast
Monogram USA 1989 2019 Boss 302 Mini Exacts 55mm 1:87 Plastic
Monogram USA 1989 2027 Boss 302 Mini Exacts 55mm 1:87 Plastic
Monogram USA 2545 Shelby GT 500 1:25 Plastic Kit
Herpa Germany 21586 Boss 302 ex-Mini Exacts 55mm 1:87 Plastic
Nu-Rora USA 2002 Mach 1 ex-Aurora 1:87 Slot racer
Palmer USA  634/692  Convertible 1:32 Plastic Kit
Revell USA 1969 H1261 Hardtop 1:25 Plastic Kit
Revell USA 1988 7161 Shelby GT 500 ex-Monogram 1:25 Plastic Kit
Revell USA 1989 7121 Mach 1 1:25 Plastic Kit
Nacoral Spain 102 SportsRoof 109mm 1:43 Diecast
Playart Hong Kong Hardtop 73mm 1:65 Diecast
Racing Champions Ertl USA 2001 32330 Mach 1 74mm 1:64 Diecast
Racing Champions Ertl USA 2001 32329 Mach 1 73mm 1:65 Diecast
Road Champs China 1998 20103 Boss 302 111mm 1:43 Diecast
Road Champs China 2000 69000 SportsRoof 111mm 1:43 Diecast
Schuco  5831 Mach 1
Summerfield USA Cookie
Taiyo Japan C11 Mach 1  1:18 Tin
Tins Toys China 165 Boss 429 1:38 Diecast
Welly China 2516 Boss 302 1:18 Diecast
Zaugg Germany 18 Boss 429 106mm 1:45 Resin/metal

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