Ford in Miniature – 1933

By Dave Turner

In February 1933 Ford unveiled a significant new car in the shape of the model 40. Compared to the preceding Model 18 this new Ford was significantly ‘streamlined’ with its sharply raked grille and windscreen, the frame was new with a longer 112” wheelbase while the graceful body was no less than 17” longer than the 1932 cars. The overall styling of these attractive cars was inspired by Fords own little 8hp Model Y introduced in the UK in 1932 and these new North American Fords went on to put the company back into the black.

Fords relatively new V8 engine was gradually being refined, while a four cylinder choice was still available. In the event the V8s outsold the fours by 40 to 1. A vast choice of bodies included sedans in two door (Tudor) or four door (Fordor), three and five window Coupes, open Phaetons, Roadsters and Cabriolets, the Victoria and the Station Wagon, most available in either standard or De Luxe finish. The latter could boast pinstriping, cowl lights, plus twin rather than single horns and tail lights. Then there were the car based Sedan Delivery, vans that featured the front end of the passenger vehicles. Total production of 1933 Fords was 312,510 and these were followed by the very similar ’34 that were immediately recognisable from their sharper ‘V’ grille with wider bright surround. Models of 1934 Fords were covered in MAR 274.

For some reason 1933 has not been a favourite subject year for the production of model Fords, especially when compared to the many from 1934. To begin with, that usually reliable source AMT has actually done a kit for the ’33, but it produced only varieties of hot rods so does not figure in this review. In a few cases it is debatable whether some models are ’33 or ’34 as some of their features are a tad indistinct. That comment certainly doesn’t apply to the superb Franklin Mint De Luxe Tudor however as it comes from that golden period when top quality models were still affordable. All the De Luxe details are present while the car depicted is a late ’33 example as it features the fender valences introduced mid year. Apparently Franklin called this model ‘John Dillingers’  car and while all manner of ‘props’ come with it the car is totally correct as stock.


1933 Ford illustration 1 Franklin Mint

Franklin Mint 1:24 diecast from China: YF78,  Tudor De Luxe

Sold as ‘John Dillingers Car’ but beautifully stock.

1933 Ford illustration 2 Franklin Mint from rear


Only two more 1933 models have been recorded, and they both came from a Centenary set of model Fords issued in Australia in 2003. They were part of a 100 Years of Ford set issued by  Classic Carlectibles at the time. The real De Luxe Sport Coupe was exclusive to Australia, the example modelled is the rare early 1933 car as mid year a Five Window body was adopted. The second Classic Carlectibles model is stretching a point to be a 1933, as production of the real Ute didn’t begin in Australia until January 1934, however, the model has utilised all the same parts as the Coupe, the base is marked ‘1934’ but the grille is pure ’33. Having said that the quality of these two 1:43 Fords is quite astounding.
Franklin Mint 1:24 diecast from China: YF78 Tudor De Luxe rear view

The prominent door hinges are not noticeable in the ‘metal’.

1933 Ford illustration 3 Classic Carlectibles

Classic Carlectibles 1:43 diecast from China: De Luxe Sport Coupe

In reality unique to Australia.

1933 Ford illustration 3 Classic Carlectibles rear

Classic Carlectibles 1:43 diecast from China: De Luxe Sport Coupe

Real car replaced mid 1933 by Five Window Coupe.

1933 Ford illustration 5

Classic Carlectibles 1:43 diecast from China: Ute

This model utilised the 1933 parts – grille etc.- from the Coupe, real Ute was a 1934 vehicle.

1933 Ford illustration 6 from the rear

Classic Carlectibles 1:43 diecast from China: Ute

The model comes with cover for pick up box.


Maker Origin Year Made Ref Body Length Scale Material
Franklin Mint China 2001 YF78 Tudor De Luxe 183mm 1:24 Diecast
Classic Carlectibles China 2003 Coupe De Luxe 104mm 1:43 Diecast
Classic Carlectibles China 2003 Ute 104mm 1:43 Diecast

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