Editorial July 2017

Karl Schnelle, US Editor

As July starts, we would like to take a moment to summarise the first half of 2017.   MAR Online has over 100 regular readers on each of our platforms:  108 subscribers to the blog and 117 followers on Facebook.  All articles appear on both sites simultaneously.  We thought it would be  a nice idea to determine who subscribes to both, but people could use different names and emails online, and one platform uses emails while the other holds users first/last name.  So that is an impossible task.  However, please email the editors at (maronlineeditor @ gmail.com), or post a comment on Facebook.  Which do you prefer and why? We’d love to get some feedback on how we are doing.

One of the reasons we are steadily growing is the content we provide.   We had a record-breaking month with 34 articles published in June!  MAR Online is now averaging about 30 articles a month.  The Editors would like to thank all the people who write articles and supply information as well as readers and subscribers and Facebook commentators.  They really make the job of Editor worthwhile.   New submissions are always welcome, from new or existing authors.  How do you, as readers and collectors, like the content?  What do you collect that you do not see covered?   Are the posts about the right length? Too long? Too short?

The same Editorial team has been involved from the start of this online blog in December 2015:
  • Rod Ward – Consultant Editor and Founder
  • Maz Woolley – Online Editor and Website Manager
  • Karl Schnelle – US Editor and Website Contributor
  • Hans-Georg Schmitt – Consultant Editor Germany

All posts from our online beginning are listed on one master list.  Search it if you want to find an old article, or just use the green search button on the top menu.

Finally, as the US Editor, here are a few comments on American collecting trends.  Hot Wheels and other 1:64 scale models are still big here.  I have heard that local retailers are carrying less and less stock of diecast toy cars and trucks.  Therefore,  I went to my local Walmart recently to check out availability in a bricks and mortar setting.  With a new Spider-man movie out soon, the end-cap on the toy aisle was all Hot Wheels Spider-man vehicles.  Next were these 16 columns of Hot Wheels, whereas  Matchbox took up a lowly four columns.
Two stacks of M2 classic cars were there as well. They are more detailed (and expensive) than Matchbox, and so more collector-focused.  On the left are some of the Jada products that have been around for years.  These are closer to my preferred 1:43 scale but are all ‘tuner’ cars and trucks.
I did notice these 1:43 scale pull-back toys in Walmart-branded boxed.  These have been sold under different brand names for many years  in the US.
ERTL is still around but now owned by Tomy (who also now own the Britains farm toys range).   Walmart had one of their farm trucks for sale this week.
I will investigate Target and Toys”R”Us in the next few weeks and report back if I find anything different.  In the US, those are the major sources, unless you go online and shop at eBay or with other smaller online toy/model car suppliers.

We welcome your comments and questions.   Please go to our Model Auto Review Facebook page,  or email us at maronlineeditor @ gmail.com.