Editorial – July 2016

With all the news of terror incidents, economic problems, and political unrest it is good to be able to focus on the positive by taking part in our shared hobby. I am fortunate that several collectors clubs send me their magazines, and jolly good reads they are too. They not only chronicle club activities, but also include articles written by members about their models or their collecting theme. Some even manage to include  a little light-hearted silliness along the way to lighten up the day. These clubs are a really positive and supportive environment, many having regular charitable activities.  Here at MAR Online we see ourselves performing a similar role, in drawing together contributors and readers from round the world and sharing the information and enthusiasm we have with others, so please feel free to contribute information and features you can share. It doesn’t matter if you are not confident about your use of English; that can always be edited. Your enthusiasm for our hobby will always be of interest to others. if you have anything you wish to contribute, please email me at maronlineeditor@gmail.com.

News has reached the editor that Adidas and Nike are building new factories in Germany and America to make trainers on entirely automated production lines. The flexibility and efficiency of new production systems, as well as the removal of time delays and transport costs seem to be the reason behind such investments. It does make one wonder if mass-produced toys could also return to the  USA and Europe, to be made on automated lines at some point? They would have to be automated, as ‘hands-on’ assembly skills have now been lost in Western countries.

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