Editorial. January 2016

Looking at the feedback we had from the survey of readers we held last year the suggestions for improvement mainly focused on page to page navigation and being informed when new material is posted. We have taken these comments into account in the way we have set out the new maronline.org.uk site which offers a variety of ways of finding articles as well as a widget that allows you to sign up for email alerts when new items are posted. You may also follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ModelAutoReviewOnline/ which also has posting news. Finally we have a article list page which can be accessed from the top of every page, where all posts are listed in date order, so it is easy to look back over recent postings. Thank you to all who replied: it is helpful for us to understand how the site is used, and improvements we can make. We hope that you find that the new format easy to use. We welcome any suggestions you have for further improvements.
2016 will be an interesting year. The economic outlook is uncertain with the Western recovery slowing, the BRIC countries unsettled, and the situation in China very difficult. Factory gate prices in US dollars may fall when the Chinese devalue their currency but not for models already in the production schedules. There are already signs that even fairly small batches of mid-range resin models have not all sold out, and the makers are having to cut prices to sell older stock. It will be interesting to see if the trend for fewer companies to attend the Nuremberg toy fair continues, and if those firms which actually attend will show as many prototypes as they have done in recent years.
A warning to readers:  It seems that many resin models produced in recent years suffer from an old problem. The material of the tyres reacts with, and melts into, the plastic display case base. This affects more than one resin range, so I suggest you check your collection and slacken the mounting screws, or slip a piece of paper between tyres and base where there are signs of a reaction.
I would like to take this opportunity to ask you all to consider writing something for MAR Online. Many of you have models, or specialist knowledge, of interest to our readers. Make 2016 the year in which you start to write about models. Your English language skills do not have to be perfect; we are happy to edit your contributions. So why not have a go and share with your fellow MAR readers?
Best wishes for 2016 from the team here at MAR Online.

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