Editorial August 2017

Early in July I visited the South Hants Model Auto Club to meet the members and to give a short talk about MAR Online and model collecting in general. I had a great time, with members inviting me into their homes to see their superb collections, and even to take me for rides in their full-size old cars; a wonderful and unexpected experience. The club night was very interesting indeed. emphasising how diverse collectors’ interests can be. My thanks to SHMAC for the invitation.

If there is a collectors’ club in your area, or a special-interest club for collectors, like the Brooklin Collectors Club for example, they are well worth joining. Bulletin boards such as Forum 43/64/18 and Planet Diecast are valuable ways to connect with other collectors, and there are interesting Facebook pages like the many that exist for Oxford Diecast collectors. There are even ‘comment’ areas on some manufacturers’ websites. All of these are  to interact with fellow collectors and to learn more about our hobby.

Many of the models announced for this year have finally begun to make their way to the market over the last few months, and most of them have turned out to be very good. Prices seem to be rising rapidly for some ranges, though some others, in UK and Europe, seem to be holding their prices down. Sadly more evidence of issues with models has arisen; some Oxford Diecast Ford van models have been seen with bubbling paint that looks very like inter-granular corrosion or a major paint reaction. Other reports suggest that some models from Trax and others are also found to be deteriorating when collectors open the boxes, after storing them for some time.

There have been surprises this summer as well. Long-time readers of the print version of MAR will remember Sergio Goldvarg whose Argentine-made white metal 1:43 models of US prototypes were popular from the 1980s onwards. He has lived in the US for some years, and has now re-started the Goldvarg Collection. It consists of 1:43 scale resin models made in China for him. Another unexpected event was the opening of a shop called ‘Diecast and More’ in the centre of Northampton, near where I live, to sell obsolete diecast and other models. A shop opening is a rarity in this day and age and I hope that it is a sign that tax changes and surplus shopping capacity will allow small specialist shops to return to our shopping centres.

I would like to thank all those who are contributing articles to MAR Online and to remind you all that more contributions are always welcome, even if it is only a few photographs and some descriptions. All collectors have something interesting to say.