Editions Atlas – NVA-Fahrzeuge Part 1

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Editions Atlas Collections have just issued the first part of a new series “NVA-Fahrzeuge”. This focuses upon the vehicles used by the National Peoples Army of the German Democratic Public (DDR). They were used for “fighting” the Cold War against the Imperialists in Western countries.

The first part with a serial number of 7 550 002 is an IFA G5 6×6 truck with a box-body. This was used fro a variety of purposed,  mobile workshops for example. This truck was capable of cross country use and had a 5 ton payload. It was was one of the first developed by the new “IFA Forschungs- und Entwicklungswerke Chemnitz”. This was before the city was re-named Karl Marx Stadt. The truck went into production at VEB Kraftfahrzeugwerk Ernsz Grube Werdau and was first used in the KVP (Barracked People’P police) in 1952. It was re-liveried in 1956 when the force was re-named the VA (People’s Army). The G5 was produced until 1964.

This model is to 1:43 scale and I believe that it is made by IXO/IST for Atlas.  It is well detailed with lots of small parts moulded separately and added to give fine detail. It is painted in a typical matt olive-green with national emblems, registration plates and more exactly reproduced. Even the Notek light (Blackout light) on the front bumper has not been forgotten.

The underside shows a highly detailed the ladder-frame, the three axles and the drive trains as well as the exhaust system.

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