Eaglemoss Opel Collection – Parts 129 to 132

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are the latest four models in the designer series within the Opel Collection by Eaglemoss. These are made to 1:43 scale by Ixo for Eaglemoss.

#129 Hideo Kodama and Opel Corsa B


Eaglemoss Hideo Kodama Opel Corsa B

For Japanese Opel designer Hideo Kodama a childhood dream came true.  After his degree at the Tama Fine Arts University in Tokyo he sent an application for a job with General Motors in Detroit. Clare MacKichan, who was recruited the staff for the new Opel Design centre in German Russelsheim hired him. After many other projects  he designed the Opel Corsa B, which was sold the UK as the Vauxhall Corsa and the Nova name used for the Vauxhall version of the Corsa A was dropped.

The model is of a three door hatchback version of the Corsa. It is authentically shaped and the body is painted in silver metallic which is a standard feature of the designer series. Many small parts are separately inserted. Bumper fittings and wheel arches fittings are painted in black. These faded to light grey over the years due to the poor light resistance of the plastic material used by the Spanish supplier.

#130 Herbert Killmer and Opel Rekord E


Eaglemoss Herbert Killmer Opel Rekord E

Production of the Rekord Model E started in In August 1977 at the Rüsselsheim plant. Designer Herbert Killmer and his team created a pleasing car in his ”Großwagen-Studio” (Large Car Studio). In the UK the Rekord E was built at Luton as the Vauxhall Carlton with a modified front end and Vauxhall badging as well as right hand drive.

Here the prototype chosen is the Rekord E2 estate which Opel called a “Caravan” and Vauxhall an Estate.  Again in silver metallic and fitted with a black interior. A number of parts, such as the roof rack, are moulded and inserted.

#131 Niels Loeb, Martin Smith and Opel Speedster


Eaglemoss Niels Loeb Martin Smith OPel Speedster

At Geneva Motor Salon in March 1999 the Opel exhibition stand offered an unusual prototype. Beside the expected series of cars was a small yellow sports car named “Speedster”. The Dynamic shape together with avant-garde three-dimensional shaped head- and rear-lights, caused a stir. The excitement led to a production model being shown to the press in February 2001.  Chief designer of the Speedster was the Australian Niels Loeb, with the project being run by the design director Martin Smith.

For all the Opel or Vauxhall badging the Speedster was based upon the chassis of the Lotus Elise and production was at Lotus Cars in Hethel to Opel quality specifications.

The model is again painted in silver metallic paint. The interior is moulded in black. It is modelled with a closed roof. Nice Wheels are fitted chrome-plated rims.

#132 Hans Seer and Opel Monza


Eaglemoss Hans Seer Opel Monza

Production of the Opel Monza Coupe started at the Rüsselsheim plant in May 1978. It shared its chassis and some pressings and fitments with the new top of the line saloon car, the Senator. The Monza name was GM’s to use and it bestowed it on this up-market coupe.

Designer Hans Seer and his team created a coupe with a dynamic appearance and sporty character with a high level of luxury and comfort. The miniature is based upon the Monza A2 created after a facelift gave it a more aerodynamic front end in mid-life. Again in silver metallic it is fitted with well detailed black interior.

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