Eaglemoss Opel Collection 120 to 122

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are three new items made in China to 1:43 scale by IXO for Eaglemoss. The original format of the Opel Collection finished with issue 120 and a new designer series has been launched crediting the lead designer for the particular prototype in a next style box  liner. The release schedule has now resumed its normal pattern.

#120 Opel Senator A2 1982-1986 Taxi

Eaglemoss 120  Opel Senator A2 1982 to1986 Taxi

A reliable and comfortable vehicle, and rather cheaper than rivals from Audi and Mercedes, the Senator often was used by German Taxi companies. This Senator is the facelifted model and it appears  in the typical ivory paint used for German Taxis of its era. It is fitted with a well detailed interior, moulded in light grey. Good wheels and separate lights but it has only a rudimentary baseplate.

#121 Opel GT – Designer Erhard Schnell


Eaglemoss 121 Opel GT and Designer Erhard Schnell

The GT is the first of 19 items. All models come in the same body colour, metallic silver, together with a booklet. The booklet describes the car and introduces it’s designer. In the first issue the work of Erhard Schnell is described and it focus on the Opel GT shown.

#122  Opel Record A Cabriolet – Design Director Clare MacKichan

 Eaglemoss 122 Opel Record A Cabriolet and Design Director Clare MacKichan
Detroit provided the design of this car leaving the German team only the emblems and the interior to finish off. At this time Clare MacKichan was appointed Opel Director of Design by GM. He was responsible for creating a dedicated Opel Design Centre a  first for the European automobile industry. This centre celebrated it’s 50th birthday in Summer 2014.

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