Atlas Dinky Trucks 917 Guy Van Spratts

By Maz Woolley


A second outing for the Guy van but in this case it is as 917 and not 514 which has previously been seen bearing Lyons Livery. The Spratts livery was introduced on 514 in 1953  and this appears to be the only livery carried forward in 1954 renumbered as 917. Some adverse collector comments have been posted elsewhere as all the Atlas paperwork and your account details on the websites states that this should be  a Guy Vixen Roberston’s Golden Shred Lorry which would have been a popular choice.

The replica has been produced to the same standard as the Lyons model and is very nice. Although on inspection the cab appears to be twisted at the bottom of the driver’s door area behind the fornt wheel and it seem to me that this can only have happened when the casting was removed still warm.

The rear doors operate as the originals would have done. The Spratt’s logo and text are printed crisply and it gives the van a very period feel.

At present Atlas expect this range to run to 30 releases so there is scope for the Robertson’s to appear yet!

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