DeAgostini Dinky Toys

By Maz Woolley

DeAgostini Dinky

Readers may have seen leaflets and adverts for a DeAgostini partwork in the UK based on Norev produced Dinky replicas also being sold by Atlas in their Atlas Dinky series. DeAgostini seem to have sold the first four parts and then stopped with a letter to subscribers saying  that this was due to “unforeseen circumstances”. This is not the case it appears that the circumstances were entirely predictable since this was clearly a test marketing exercise.   In fact comments on a French web site by Atlas’ Dinky expert suggests that the series will launch properly in September.

It seems very strange that DeAgostini should act in this way since Atlas Collectibles web site says that Atlas is part of DeAgostini. Some collectors cancelled the Atlas series as the DeAgostini one is several pounds a model cheaper. The DeAgostini Dinky models already seen have all been seen before in the Atlas Dinky range, albeit in different colours/liveries.

So what have Atlas sold so far in the series:

DeAgostini TR2

111 Triumph TR2A in racing livery #25 in pale blue

DeAgostini Ford Thunderbird

555 Ford Thunderbird in red

DeAgostini Bedford Kodak

480 Bedford CA Kodak

DeAgostini Mini Traveller

197 Mini Traveller white

DeAgostini Jaguar XK120

157 Jaguar XK120 Coupe

The models sent by DeAgostini are better packaged and have a part work magazine which is heavy on pictures and has only limited information. I have two of the models from this series and as shown below the baseplates and boxes have been modified to say DeAgostini and not Atlas.

DeAgostini Dinky 555 Ford Thunderbird

555  Ford Thunderbird

DeAgostini Dinky 555 Ford Thunderbird DeAgostini Dinky 555 Ford Thunderbird

The Atlas model was painted in blue a rare South African shade but the DeAgostini model is in a dark red as pictured on the box.

480 Bedford CA Kodak

DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak

The Atlas model was produced in Dinky Toys livery. In this case it is in yellow with Kodak livery.

DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak

Since DeAgostini allow single parts to be ordered as back orders online, or on the telephone, after general release to subscribers this series might appeal to the collector who just wants one or two of the models.

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