DeAgostini Dinky – Italian Partwork

By Fabrizio Panico


DeAgostini started a partwork about “Dinky Toys” here in Italy last September. I think the biggest difference with similar offerings in France and in UK is that the models are available directly at newsstands, or as usual by subscription by mail. In Italy there is a mild distrust about packages in the mail, much better to buy the models at the newsstand, without getting angry with the mail that is lost or damaged. Clearly it is much better to order all the collection or part of it at your preferred newsstand in order to be sure of the availability, but there a few newsstands that order more than just reserved models.

Editors note: The Dinky reproduction series in France and United Kingdom are merchandised by Atlas, a subsidiary of DeAgostini, who only sell by subscription and will not sell single models or to newsagents. DeAgostini did a test marketing exercise in the UK of four parts of a DeAgostini partwork in 2016 with cars already issued by Atlas but in different colours and with DeAgostini on the base plate. This was terminated and there are no indications whether DeAgostini will re-launch it in UK.

The Italian collection will be composed of 70 (seventy !!) models, which seem to come from the French and UK Atlas series. The partwork is issued every two weeks, at a reasonable price; 15,00 Euro. The models are produced in China by Norev as they were for Atlas collections.

Up to now nine models were already delivered :

no. 1 – Citroen DS 19 (copy 24CP) in green
no. 2 – Fiat 600 D (copy 520) in cream
no. 3 – Volkswagen Beetle (copy 181) in blue
no. 4 – Morris Mini Traveller (copy 197) in cream
no. 5 – Citroen 2 CV (copy 24T) in dark red
no. 6 – Jaguar XK120 coupé (copy 157) in dark green
no. 7 – Renault 4L (copy 518) in brick red
no. 8 – Triumph TR2 sports no. 25 (copy 111) in pale blue
no. 9 – Fiat 1200 Granluce (copy 531) in bronze


The list of the first 22  models is shown above, but the delivery order has already changed. Next one to be sold will be the Studebaker Commander coupé (copy 24Y) in red.

Colours differ sometimes from the France and UK partworks, but the biggest difference is in the baseplate, where it not longer says  “Atlas”, but “de Agostini”.  Quality seems to be adequate. The yellow boxes are a bit larger then the original ones, but the partwork is good so far.

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