Countryside 2016 – Part II

Preface by Karl Schnelle

For several years now, a group of 20 or so  1/43 model car collectors have gathered for a March weekend outside Chicago, IL, USA, in the Chicagoland area.  We all met at Forum43 due our love of detailed 1/43 model cars – mostly white metal and diecast, but now also resin.

 Randy provided his perspective on the March 2016 weekend in Part I; Harvey now does the same in Part II. (Click the photos to enlarge.)

By Harvey Goranson

I woke up early Saturday morning with a sore throat and thought “uh oh”, then ran out to the local Jewel grocery for cold medicine. But as it turns out, I was a tad hoarse from the Irish pub the night before, where 10-12 of us had dined Friday night – man, that place was loud on a day after St. Patrick’s! Still had green beer left too. Anyway, the Jewel allowed me to get gen-u-wine Chicago sport peppers, a request from my daughter.

I got to Continental Motorsports early, and got a good parking spot in the office lot next door. Sitting by its lonesome was this Ferrari FF “Shooting Brake”:


BTW, I found a pic online of a guy driving one of these with lumber hanging out the back.

Inside the garage were the usual tasty pits of exotica, including the 288s – GTO and GTO Evoluzione. This F12 caught my eye as what a proper Italian GT should look like these days. Pininfarina are still the masters:


Inside was the annual model car exhibit, dealers tables, and the Sebring race on TV. A beautiful replica of Pete DePaolo’s 1927 Miller was on display at a dealer booth, sadly in 1:24 and not our favorite scale. Wasn’t for sale anyway….


Am old frat brother of mine, Glenn Keller, plus Dick and Skip, joined me at a Downer’s Grove restaurant for lunch. Then off to Buzfest, where I bought a Conquest 1950 Buick woodie. Then Giordanos, where the deep dish pizza was as good as ever.

At Sunday breakfast Karl gave me a couple of old Vitesse Triumph TR roadsters, and at Countryside Frank gave me an old Precision Miniatures kit to make Borrani wire wheels. Thanks again guys!


My purchases from the weekend were:


The Motor City Buick wagon was one of my holy grails. Thanks again to Jeff for parting with it:


Two Buicks again – last year I also bought two. A trend perhaps?

On Saturday I had zeroed in on the EMC 1922 Mercedes 28/95 Mikhail was selling, and committed to buying it. Randy’s pic of me emptying my wallet was me shelling out for it on Sunday. The detail on this is outstanding (an LE of 100 in this color). There is a prior turquoise version (no sidemounts) and a forthcoming black version with raised top.


I tried to get the nails out to lift off the display case but they wouldn’t budge. BTW, the real car is at the Auto und Technik Museum. Know how the radiator shell on the model gets that bright appearance? Gold plating! The “wood” along the body sides has been very faintly brush painted. Neo makes a similar version but photos don’t show near as much detail, plus it has no sidemounts like the museum car.

Speaking of Mikhail and his B&G model line, soon to appear is #EL-5, this 1929 Mercedes SSK with Murphy boat-tail body, from the collection of Arturo and Deborah Keller. There will be 130 in maroon (as presently restored) and 70 in white (a prior color).

Jim Cowen had his new Automodello TVR Taimar and 3000Ms on display, in a wide range of colors, with edition sizes ranging from 15 to 79. Here is the white over metallic blue version, which was the subject of an interview with the actual owner in Model Auto Review:


Jim says this version is almost gone.

Last and definitely least is a Corgi Vanguards Ford Thames Singer van, purchased for the princely sum of $10. A wave of nostalgia must have hit me, since it reminded me of my old Matchbox:

My wife Kay sews and crochets a lot and has claimed this as hers!
On the way back, I took a picture of an historic building in Indy I’ve been meaning to get for some time now:


Can you imagine the days when Stutz automobiles rolled out of this plant? It is now known as the Stutz Business and Arts Center. Better to be preserved and re-purposed than torn down.  Bravo Indy!

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