Corgi 2017 – Reader’s Response

From Andrew Davies

From his Facebook post

My response to the Editor’s posting on Corgi’s 2017 Announcement


Correct, the 1:48 scale English Electric Lightning is the only new tooling announced in the Corgi ranges and by rights it shouldn’t even be in this catalogue as it has a due date of Q4 2017, i.e. within the scope of the next catalogue. The last new tooling in the Vanguards range was VA13800 released in June 2015, (Ed as shown above) , so it will be a gap of at least two years between new tooling in the range assuming that we see some in the announcements for the second half of 2017. Sad.

Unfortunately, according to Hornby PLC’s beancounter turned CEO, new tooling spend across the group is being cut to a third of previous levels (and Hornby Trains & Airfix will be first in the queue for what there is). Only model lines that meet a defined level of profit contribution will continue to be produced in the foreseeable future (see Hornby PLC 2016 annual report) hence the discontinuation of the Haulier range and the older buses. Ed – of course recoloured models from existing moulds give a higher contribution to profits as there is no tooling cost but only as long as anyone wants to buy them.

Just to show how out of touch they are, they will produce Vanguards models using Lledo 1990s tooling (Anglia, Mini, Beetle, Imp) with its moulded-in detail like tail lights, door handles, etc., and expect collectors to pay £28 to £30 for them! It is sad to think about the money Corgi wasted in recent years by investing in tooling for the Formula One cars, the Lotus cars, the Bentley cars, and the oddly-scaled static trains, all of which were remaindered and discontinued. That money could have been spent on new tooling in the core ranges for a far greater return.

Maz. I just hope the last line of your introduction does not turn out to be prophetic …

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