Club News February 2018

By Maz Woolley


Many thanks to all the clubs that share their newsletters with MAR Online. These are full of descriptions of club events as well as articles drawing on members interests and all the editors work hard to give members a great read. The first quarter of the year leaves clubs facing the need to review the cost of subscriptions and several clubs have had to put theirs up this year as costs have begun to rise often at the same time as the number of club members has fallen.

Wheel Bearings (Maidenhead Static Models Club)  tells us that their AGM in March is an important one as there will be a considerable number of vacant posts, including that of a new Newsletter Editor as the current editor Adrian Levano needs to step down due to other commitments. Adrian has produced an excellent publication and I was lucky enough to meet him when he dropped into the recent club night at Coventry.  I had hoped to meet other members of the club at their January club night but it could not take place as the venue was unable to open.  The club puts a lot of effort into running the Windsor Toy Fair. To soften the blow of the AGM paperwork the club night in March also features a competition: “Kit, chop and restoration” so life is not all admin!

Over at Wessex (WMTC) news arrives in the form of Wessex Smalltalk edited by Barry Lloyd. The club night in February is the one where they hand over a cheque to the charity that they have been supporting this year, the Bath Cancer Trust. Well done to WMTC as they will be handing over around £1,700. Pictures of the entries at their recent “little and large” night show some interesting model groupings. Their March club night will be a bit different as it features “Horses” and has a talk on Horse Drawn Trams.

Over at Western Australia Model Collectors Club (WAMCC) their Showcase club publication is full of adverts and news. This is another club that runs a Toy Fair as well as holding regular meetings. A secret santa session in December obviously pleased members who have show and tell sessions and themed club nights to look forward to in 2018. Their club news also includes jokes along the lines of:

I told my Girlfriend I had a job in a Bowling alley. She said “ Tenpin “ ? I said “ No Permanent “.

As ever Chris Derbyshire at  South Hants  (SHMCC) has packed the club magazine Wheel Nuts with news and articles. South Hants are having a debate about an additional charge to members wanting paper copies of the  Club Magazine, this is inspired by the steadily rising costs of sending these out. An issue many other clubs are concerned about.  The recent model of the month competition was won by…. a camel! The theme was Heroes and Lawrence of Arabia was to the fore.  Club night in February is the AGM and Awards night so another club that gives members an incentive to attend the AGM! Wheel Nuts is famous for printing some good jokes and witticisms like the one below.

“He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.” – Winston Churchill

The large club in the Netherlands NAMAC continue to send us their professionally produced magazine which is a cross between a club magazine and a news stand magazine. Full of publicity photographs of models in all scales it is clearly an important source of information in the Netherlands on new releases. The club has separate groups in the various regions of the Netherlands and they seem to be very successful at getting firms like WSI to visit and show off their models as well as holding displays and other club nights and a large annual toy fair.

Dinky Collectors continue to get their regular magazine edited by Mike Forbes whose column looking over the Dinky product announcements and advertising is a very good read. Features focusing on particular models and themes  are very instructive. The club is selling some of the original Dinky Drawings it holds which will be very interesting to Dinky Collectors.

And finally, the club that I am a member of. Coventry Diecast and Model Club (CDMC) continues to enjoy the benefits of the hard work and flair of Will Roe the editor of the club magazine Wheelspin.  Not to be left behind on the animal front the last Wheelspin contains an article on the Settle to Carlisle line which also talks about the Appleby Horse Fair with a picture of a 1:1 scale horse.  Interesting member’s articles include one on Rover’s coaches of Bromsgrove by Roger Boer. We have club nights on the RAF’s 100 years and the 65th Anniversary of Matchbox to look forward to in the near future as well as the inevitable General Meeting looming.

I’ll be back in a couple of months time to look at what s going on around the club circuit. Any clubs which are not listed in MAR Online’s club page please get in touch as we like to let people know of the opportunity to meet with fellow collectors around the country.

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