Charleston USA

Charleston, SC, USA, is a very old port city and a a wonder defying both time and convention, It is very, very old for the US with over 1,000  homes built prior to the US Civil War.  You can spend a lovely weekend wandering cobblestone streets where horse-drawn carriages and walking are the norm and look at homes that survived the Civil War, a couple of hurricanes, and the devastating earthquake of 1886.


So what does this have to do with model cars?  Karl and I went on a celebratory weekend (having honeymooned in Charleston 30 years ago) and it struck me how we enjoyed the city in totally different ways.  When I peeked thru hedges and over brick facades to see hidden courtyards, Karl was perusing the street.


I would wonder how you could restore a 250 year old wooden structure between the swampy ground and termites, and Karl would ask instead “how could anyone park their new BMW i8 on the street”!


For Charleston is also a “car city”.  Because of the age and lack of garages, street parking is the only option sometimes with your home from 1789.  Over the weekend we (or rather Karl) saw new BMWs, a pristine Datsun 510 (the poor man’s BMW 2002!), a hidden MGB GT and Model A’s.


 — (CCW) Car Collector Widow

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