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Recent Announcements 5/17

By Maz Woolley

All photographs have been supplied by the manufacturers.

Here are few models recently announced that have caught the eye.

LS Collectibles

These models have been recently announced. They are moulded in resin to 1:18 scale for France.  As is so often the case with detailed 1:18 resin models there are no opening parts.

The Porsche models are not of 911 or Boxster variations for a change and look to capture the real cars very well. The Mitsubishi GTO is a car seldom seen on the road now but certainly looks a nice model in black. Finally we get another Dodge Viper a model that may sell better outside the UK where we saw few of them.

LS016A Dodge Viper GTS 1996

LS019B Mitsubishi 3000 GTO 1992

LS021A/B Porsche 944 Turbo S

LS022A Porsche 928 S4


A mixed group of releases here. Racing cars again dominating the release. Models are diecast in China for Germany unless otherwise stated.

Porsche 906K Vögele and Siffert – Sebring 12 hours 1966.

A classic late 60s shape with sloping front and Kamm tail. A lot of detail like sun strip and lights seems to be included.

Porsche 917/10 Kauhsen and Dr, Heinemann “Farewell in the snow” Nürburgring 1973,

This model is to 1:18 scale and shows how much advertising has grown over the years with a minimal sponsorship livery.



Renault Sport Formula One team R.S.16 – Kevin Magnussen – 2016 1:43 resin

Renault team cars from the end of 2016 modelled to 1:43 scale in resin.  Models for someone who has to have the whole grid or for fans of Renault or the individual drivers.

Renault Sport Formula One team R.S.16 – Jolyon Palmer – 2016 1:43 resin


McLaren Honda MP4/5 Ayrton Senna 1989

This model is to 1:18 scale and is bound to be popular with Senna fans. Sadly McLaren’s current form makes one wonders if their drivers will ever be seen on the podium again.

McLaren Ford MP4/8 Ayrton Senna 1993 

This model is to 1:43 scale and even MInichamps web site does not state what material it is made of.



BMW 520 – 1972 – Silver or Yellow

These budget re-releases from the Minichamps back catalogue are nice models capturing the BMW 5 Series of the early 1970s which was a very popular car.

Best of Show

ModelCarWorld originally produced some Neo models to 1:87 with photo-etching and a lot of detail. These appear to have been regarded as much too expensive by 1:87 scale collectors and so MCW is releasing its 1:87 models at a lower level of detail and at a lower price point as Best of Show. Many of the models presented have already been seen in BoS or Neo 1:43 ranges. When compared to the detail and accuracy of Herpa, Wiking, and Brekina I think that BOS models leave a lot to be desired. Oversized window frames and rather crude wheels seem to be common. However, they do focus on models that the main German 1:87 producers would not release. Some of their latest releases are shown below.

All models are moulded in resin in China to 1:87 scale for Germany.

Mercedes 180 (W120) Bakkie, BoS-Models, 1:87

Aston Martin DB5, BoS-Models, 1:87

Opel Manta B Mattig, BoS-Models, 1:87


Jaguar XJ-S, BoS-Models, 1:87



News from the Continent – Herpa to April 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


This post describes a selection from the models released by Herpa between November 2016 and April 2017.  All are to 1:87 scale and moulded in plastic by Herpa of Germany.


092708 Framo 901/2 Pick up “VEB Dairy Hainichen”

Created in 1962, the dairy cooperative Hainichen was a nationalised company in the GDR. It became a subsidiary of the Allgäu-based Ehrmann and Käserei Champion Hofmeister after fall of the wall.

092715 AWZ P70 Kombi “VEB Dairy Hainichen”

The tiny AWZ estate car was used for carrying small deliveries and courier trips. It was painted in same colour and is liveried in the same way as the Framo.

306638 Büssing 8000 drawbar “Haulier Gebr. Kamphuis”

One of the few remaining Büssing 8000s with full box bodywork. It is exhibited at many vintage vehicle events in the Netherlands. The drawbar trailer as also superbly restored and is honoured by this special edition Herpa model.

306485 Volvo FH Gl. XL articulated lorry with canvas curtains. “Coulthard, GB”

The name Coulthard is a familiar one on Formula One circuits. Here it is emblazoned on a Volvo run by the family of the ex-racing driver David Coulthard. They are involved in the road transport business at quite a different level!

745598 Opel 3000 S Tanker fighter squadron 2 Richthofen

This vehicle entered service towards the end of the Second World War. With materials being scarce the cab is made out of plywood and the tank is of simple welded construction.

745604 Opel Blitz 3000 Tanker of the III Fighter Squadron 27

In contrast to the previous model this is a tanker from early in the Second World War. Although both are built on the same Opel Blitz chassis here we have one with a steel cab and a more sophisticated tank arrangement to the rear.

745659 Soviet tank T34/76 WW II Battle in Poland 1944

The T34 was an outstanding middle weight tank . Here it has “For our home country” painted on. The model is well detailed and finished.

092852 Trabant 1.1 Universal “German Red Cross” Zwickau

More than 20 years after Trabant production finished in Zwickau, this Trabi estate car is still in operation for the German Red Cross in Zwickau.

028776/038775 Mercedes-Benz S-Class V12 (W140) black/champagne metallic

In 1991, Mercedes-Benz presented the new S-class, which is still nicknamed the “armoured car” today. To kick off the series, Herpa released the model again and offers the classic as a limited edition.

Opel Kapitan 1959 saloon crème white

The version of the pleasingly designed large saloon car from Opel sold the largest number of any of the cars that bore the name “Kapitan”.

151726-006 Scania normal control articulated tractor unit 6×4 – orange

There are still a number of traditional customers who like to buy tractor units  with a bonnet, so Scania keeps this version as modelled by Herpa in their program.

306904 MAN TGX XLX articulated canvas cover truck “Wandt Washing Park”

The MAN TGX XLX tractor with an updated front end has already been added to Wandt´s fleet. The trailer decoration promotes their truck washing facilities which also cater for other’s vehicles as well as their own.

745772 Opel Blitz ambulance truck “German Wehrmacht near Moscow

Medical supplies were transported by the Army in trucks like this during the Second World War. It dates from early in the war, or was made pre-war, as is evidenced by the steel made driver’s cab. The decoration is as used during the attack on Moscow when the Germans got close enough to see the capital but never reached the inner area of the Soviet capital.

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News from the Continent – Wiking March 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


We start this update on models from Wiking with a set of  prototypes, many finished in plain silver, presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class as multi-role T-model

Volkswagen “Bulli” Samba bus

Volkswagen T2 Double-Cabin Pick up

Land Rover Defender 110

Opel Cadet C-Type Coupe

Mercedes-Benz Unimog “Frog eye”

Magirus classic fire engine LF16

Magirus Saturn tractor unit

MAN TGS Euro 6 four axle trucks

Farming vehicles Claas Cargo

 and Lemken Solitär 25

Tank top load

Wiking Releases April 2017

These models are moulded in plastic in Europe for Germany . The first models shown are new ones.

1:87 Scale

0864 41 Mercedes-Benz 250 T “German Police car”


0850 05 Opel Olympia Ambulance


0800 14 Volkswagen T3 bus “German Taxi”


0797 20 Volkswagen T1b Samba Bus


0788 04 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van


0133 07 Audi Q7 with trailer “fire brigade”


0800 49 Magirus S 3500 artic tank truck “Rheinpreussen”


0371 06 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 406 with trailer “Cellar Ghosts winery”


0518 46 Magirus 235 D artic. Stanchion trailer truck


0671 05 Mercedes-Benz NG Dumper


0479 02 Büssing 12.000 flatbed lorry “German Federal Railway Company”

1:160 Scale


0920 04 Volkswagen Tiguan fire chief staff car

Upgraded Models

The next set of models are upgraded versions of models previously produced by Wiking.

1:87 scale


0861 40 Mercedes-Benz 200/8 fire brigade staff car


0861 41 Volkswagen T1b small fire engine


0794 04 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Convertible


0889 04 Drag rake

0880 08 Lanz Bulldog tractor with roof


0517 01 MAN articulated flatbed truck “Haulier Rheinkraft”


0518 04 Scania R 420 Topline artic. flatbed truck “Rinnen”



0990 91 Set “Blumhardt commercial vehicle manufactury”

1:160 Scale


0958 02 John Deere 6820 tractor

New Publication


0006 45 Book “Wiking Autoträume (auto dreams)

This book covers 85 years of Wiking models based on machines from land, sea and air.

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Atlas Dinky Collection – 262 VW Swiss Post, 39a Packard Super 8 and 177 Opel Kapitan.

By Maz Woolley

This article was originally written for the first MAR Online site in January 2014. It is one of the items which we have collected from the old site before it is eventually turned off. It has been adapted to the new site. 

The Atlas Dinky collection has now been running for about six months here in the UK. Models have been issued at roughly monthly intervals, and although the packaging seems very minimal, they have all arrived in good condition. As yet there is no sign of any special editions like those offered in France, despite the potential sales these would attract. All of the models so far seem to be different from those offered in the continental Dinky Collection, even if only in colour. Whilst some collectors have suggested that the choices of models so far have been dull, the frenzy on eBay when models are first shipped shows that others disagree, and are prepared to pay a premium price to get these models. Pictures cannot capture one of the main attractions of these models, which is the feel of them in the hand.

Since MAR 278 I have received another three models: 262 Volkswagen Swiss Post, 39a Packard Super 8 and 177 Opel Kapitan.

262 Volkswagen Swiss Post

The continental Atlas Dinky Collection featured 181 Volkswagen in a plain colour but for the UK series they have chosen to issue the Swiss PTT version produced between 1959 and 1966.

The original model is now highly sought after since very few were sold outside Switzerland. The Atlas model has yellow hubs, so it represents the model as launched.

The replica box has no model pictured on it, just like the original.

39a Packard 8 Sedan

This model was originally released by Dinky in 1939 and was finally withdrawn from the range in 1950 by which time it was well behind the contemporary scene in the USA.

It was issued in a wide range of colours and Atlas have chosen to produce it in the post-war green version. The model comes in a replica post war box.

The pictures above include a photograph of an original Dinky Toy taken by the Executive Editor of one in his own collection.

177 Opel Kapitän

This model has already appeared in the continental Atlas Dinky range in blue. For the UK series Atlas have had it painted in lemon yellow, a rare colour applied only in South Africa.

This is the second model for which they have chosen a South African colour, the first was the Ford Thunderbird, and again the box has the features in Afrikaans as well as English. The Kapitän was made at Binns Road between 1961 and 1966, and appears to have only been available in the UK in blue.

Shown below is the Meccano Magazine back cover advertisement published when the model was launched.

It should be noted that Atlas Dinky models are not made from the original moulds but are replicas copied from original models. They are produced by Norev for Atlas using contemporary paints and printing and both models and boxes are clearly marked as Licensed by Mattel, who own the Dinky brand. All production dates are as stated in the reference work Dinky Toys and Modelled Miniatures by Mike and Sue Richardson.

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By Maz Woolley


After many years where prices of Minichamps models crept higher and higher they have released a new range aimed at a lower price point. This was announced some time ago but the first models are now released and available to order. All are diecast in China to 1:43 scale. Minichamps’ intention is to release further models in this range in future. Looking at the photographs supplied by Minichamps it looks like this new range has been created mainly by the re-use of older Minichamps moulds and the models are made to a standard similar to WhiteBox and other premium ranges made using Ixo castings.

It will be interesting to see how many sales they make of this range given that many collectors have the subjects in their earlier Minichamps release, from a part work or series like White Box, or even competitor like Oxford Diecast.  Although cheap for MInichamps models they are dearer than Oxford or Corgi in the UK and dearer than WhiteBox on the Continent.

A review of the photographs supplied shows that the models are made to a reasonable standard but have no photo-etched or highly detailed parts. They are certainly no more detailed that say a contemporary Oxford Diecast 1:43 scale model.



940032230 MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL – 1965 – GOLD METALLIC


940032231 MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL – 1965 – GREY




940037001 MERCEDES-BENZ 230E – 1991 – BLUE METALLIC


940045620 OPEL KADETT C COUPÉ – 1974 – YELLOW


940045621 OPEL KADETT C COUPÉ – 1974 – GREEN


940055170 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI – 1980 – RED


940055171 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI – 1980 – WHITE


940066120 PORSCHE 924 GT – 1981 – RED


940066121 PORSCHE 924 GT – 1981 – WHITE


940085100 FORD FIESTA – 1976 – LIGHT GREEN




940033130 MERCEDES-BENZ 190 SL (W121) – 1955 – SILVER


940033131 MERCEDES-BENZ 190 SL (W121) – 1955 – DARK RED


940033420 MERCEDES-BENZ 450 SLC (R107) – 1974 – DARK GREEN METALLIC


940033421 MERCEDES-BENZ 450 SLC (R107) – 1974 – SILVER


940034000 MERCEDES-BENZ 200D (W114/115) – 1973 – BLUE


940034001 MERCEDES-BENZ 200D (W114/115) – 1973 – DARK GREEN


940045500 OPEL MANTA A – 1970 – OCHRE


940045501 OPEL MANTA A – 1970 – GREEN METALLIC




940045601 OPEL KADETT C – 1974 – BLUE


940046070 OPEL DIPLOMAT B – 1969 – DARK GREEN


940046071 OPEL DIPLOMAT B – 1969 – DARK RED






940062120 PORSCHE 924 – 1984 – SILVER


940062121 PORSCHE 924 – 1984 – BROWN METALLIC






940068100 PORSCHE 928 GTS – 1991 – GREY METALLIC


940068101 PORSCHE 928 GTS – 1991 – DARK BLUE METALLIC




940081301 FORD TAUNUS – 1970 – LIGHT BLUE


940085500 FORD CAPRI – 1969 – RED




940085800 FORD CAPRI RS – 1969 – YELLOW


940085801 FORD CAPRI RS – 1969 – RED


940112300 PEUGEOT 205 GTI – 1990 – RED


940112301 PEUGEOT 205 GTI – 1990 – BLUE


940112500 PEUGEOT 504 – 1970 – DARK RED


940112501 PEUGEOT 504 – 1970 – LIGHT GREEN METALLIC


940121660 FIAT X1/9 – 1974 – YELLOW

fiat-x1_9-1974-blue940121661 FIAT X1/9 – 1974 – BLUE

morris-mini-850-mk-i-1960-red940138600 MORRIS MINI 850 MK I – 1960 – RED

morris-mini-850-mk-i-1960-green940138601 MORRIS MINI 850 MK I – 1960 – GREEN


940171000 VOLVO 121 AMAZON – 1966 – GREY


940171001 VOLVO 121 AMAZON – 1966 – DARK RED


940171410 VOLVO 240 GL BREAK – 1986 – RED


940171411 VOLVO 240 GL BREAK – 1986 – DARK GREEN

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Atlas Dinky France – DAF & Opel

By Maz Woolley


Models from the French” Dinky™ Toys de mon enfance, la saga des ouvrants” series continue to be found on eBay from vendors in China and Hong Kong. Two purchased recently are featured in this article.

508 DAF

This model of the DAF 33 comes in a small box little bigger than later Matchbox ones. Opening doors,, a driver figure, jewelled headights, and suspension are all featured. The original Dinky was made between 1966 and 1971 in beige, bronze and red. Atlas has chosen to have it made in red.


The paint is stretched over ridges and there is a paint fault on the roof of my mode suggesting that this was probably a factory reject. That aside this is a nice model full of period charm.

513 Opel Admiral


Dinky France were fond of producing Opel models perhaps because they were very popular in Eastern France. The Admiral A series was introduced in 1964 and was the one of the larger cars in the Opel range along with the Kapitan and the Diplomat. All shared the same body shell with different levels of trim.   Initially only offered with a six cylinder engine the Admiral was later available with the Chevrolet V8  used in the top of the range Diplomat. The Dinky model was issued in 1966 and was withdrawn in 1969 a year after the real car was replaced.


The Dinky model was available in metallic blue and metallic red and Atlas have chosen to have it made in red. Again the paint is a little thin over panel joints but it is a good red metallic finish with well masked chrome grille, bumpers and lights. The bonnet opens to reveal a mask painted engine, and the boot opens to hold the three small plastic cases supplied with the model.


Like the DAF the interior is moulded white plastic but in this case there is no driver. All in all it is  very nice re-creation of a good model for the late 1960s.

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Opel Designer Collection by Eaglemoss

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


This post covers the final four new items made in the Opel Designer Series made to a scale of 1:43. These are diecast by IXO in China. Accompanying each model is a booklet with the story of the designer and the production of the original car with a lot of interesting background information about car making.

The long running Opel Collection finally comes to an end with issue 140.

Opel Admiral B Hans KillmerNr. 137 Herbert Killmer and Opel Admiral B

In bright Spring weather in February 1969 Opel presented their new KAD-Range in Nizza on the Cote Azur in France. The big three; Captain, Admiral and Diplomat; were styled with a more reserved European elegance, but were all on an American scale.

The leader of the “Großwagen-Studio”, Herbert Killmer, and his team produced popular cars with this generation of large Opels. After this success Killmer supervised the Omega A and B before he had to retire due to a serious illness.

The Admiral B appears in a special box with pictures of the desgner. It hasa n authentic shape and has many small parts. As usual for this series it is in metallic silver.  Radiator grille, bumpers and wheel rims are chrome plated.

Opel Vectra A Wayne CherryNr. 138 Wayne Cherry and Opel Vectra A

In 1988 the Vectra was introduced to the Press on the Spanish Jerez de la Frontera, and later in the year to the public at Paris Automobile Salon. The shape of the new mid-market car was created in the OPel Advanced Design Studio, which was lead by Erhard Schnell.

Technical development, relied not only on the experience and creativity of the engineers but also to the Super-Cray, at that time the fastest computer in the world. This lead to a shorter than usual development cycle.

The model is of a facelift version of the Vectra Hatchback. The box shows Chuck Jordan in the background. The model is painted metallic silver metallic and fitted with black interior. A number of small parts are used to make this a well detailed model.

Opel Kadett D Hans SeerNr. 139 Hans Seer and Opel Cadet D

The energy crisis in the years 1972/73 caused a radical shift in thinking within the automobile industry. Customers requested more economical vehicles. Front wheel drive hatchbacks became fashionable. Opel reacted quickly with the Kadett D which was the first Opel car with front wheel drive.

Hans Seer was the first Design Director at Opel who did not come from America. Under his guidance the more European direction for Opel products began.

The model is a five-door hatchback and is an authentic replica. Painted in the series silver paint with an interior moulded in black it is fitted with small parts to add realism and accuracy. The radiator grille, bumpers,and body side mouldings are painted in black. Wheel rims are chrome-plated.

Opel Ascona B 400 Chuck JordanNr. 140 Chuck Jordan and Opel Ascona B 400

This success had many fathers. Charles M. Jordan came to Rüsselsheim in 1967 as successor to design director Clare M. MacKichan. Together with Bob Lutz, he developed new standards for design and organisation. Under his supervision, the successor of the Opel Kadett B was created, but he was ordered back to Detroit before it launched. His successor, David R. Holls, designer of the Cadillac with the highest tail fins ever, followed him. In 1974, Henry Haga became new design director, when Erhard Schnell and his team developed the Ascona B, which itself was developed to a successful rally car. The rally legends Walter Röhrl and Christian Geistdörfer became Rally World Champions 1982 in the Ascona.

The Ascona B 400 appears in the box with a photo of Chuck Jordan. The body is painted in silver metallic and fitted with a well detailed black interior. Small parts and printing are used to make this a nicely detailed model.

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News from the Continent June 2016 – Minichamps

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The Aachen based company have made two models to be distributed by others.

Opel Experimental GT

This model is based upon the design study first shown at the IAA Frankfurt Motorshow in 1965. It was penned by Erhard Schnell who guided the GT into production.

The model is well shaped and painted in the original silver metallic ans is fitted with a black interior. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces and is distributed under their own label by a firm in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany and has also been sold by Opel at the shop in their headquarters.

18373d 18373aClay Model – as used to develop the production GT

The pictures show a clay model made by Opel Design. This shows the differences between the Experimental GT and the later production version.

Opel GT Concept Geneva Motor Show 2016

Opel Boss Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann proudly presented this study to journalists at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 t as a highlight on the Opel stand.

The GT Concept is an up to date prototype to the latest trends. However, it has some styling cues drawn from the first GT launched in 1965. A low front end and distinctive flared wings are set off by a bonnet pressed with many styling lines and the car has short overhangs. The red coloured front wheels are an homage to the Motoclub 500 motorcycle of 1928.

The excellent model was distributed by Veritas  of Wiesbaden in  Germany as a limited edition of 500. Again the model can be obtained from the Opel headquarters.

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Eaglemoss Opel Designer Collection

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are details of four new items from the designer series of diecast models to 1:43 scale made by IXO. The models come with a booklet with the story of the designer and the original car. The booklets also provide a lot of background information on automobile manufacturing.

18358-05-2016133 Gordon Brown and Opel Kadett E

This generation of the Kadett was developed in the Opel Design Center under the leadership of the American Gordon Brown, who took over the baton from his predecessor Henry G. Haga, also an American. The appearance was more rounded, the “edge” was replaced by the “radius”. Gordon Brown’s life ended tragically. His hobby was landscape photography and on Pentecost Saturday 1983, he went to Rhine valley and on the top of the Lorelei rock he ignored the crowd barriers, slipped off and fell approximately 100 metres. Another American Wayne Cherry was his successor and he got the production release for the E-Cadet from GM headquarters.

The Kadett E was a three door estate. The model replicates the original well and is finished in the standard metallic silver finish used for this designer series. The black mouldings are well modelled.

18363-05-2016134 Chuck Jordan and Opel Kapitan 1952

In December 1938 Opel presented a new big car with an integral body and a six cylinder engine. The new car, named the Kapitan, was available as two or four door saloon and as a cabriolet. The modern design attracted many orders from abroad which brought much needed foreign currency. The outbreak of war ended production suddenly. In October 1948 Kapitan production was started again with a slightly modified car albeit heavily based upon the pre-war design.

The successor was developed by a young Chuck Jordan at the GM design centre in Detroit, a successor was developed. Jordan later had an impressive career within  GM. The newly designed Kapitan was launched in March 1951 and was the leasing seller in the 6 cylinder class in Germany for several years.

The 1952 Kapitan appears with a photo of Chuck Jordan in the background. As usual in this series, body is painted in silver metallic paint and fitted with black interior.

18364-05-2016135 Hans Mersheimer and Opel Cadet A
The success of the Volkswagen Beetle did not go unnoticed at Opel headquarters. Until then GM was not really interested in building small cars. So it needed much persuasion by Opel to get approval fro the creation of a small car to compete with the Volkswagen Beetle. The Kadett  A was the first Opel car since the company was bought by GM, which was developed entirely at Rüsselsheim. Under the supervision of chief engineer Hans Mersheimer a modern small car was developed. Its design was heavily influenced by the contemporary Kapitan.

The model is based upon the coupe version and is again painted in silver metallic with an interior was moulded in black. The radiator grille, bumpers,wheel rims and other small parts are chrome-plated.


136 Erhard Schnell and Opel Calibra
 At the end of the 1980s more and more Japanese coupes were launched in the European Market. Opel decided that they need one of their own to compete with the Japanese head on. The “Advanced Design Studio” under leader Erhard Schnell got the order to develop an effective competitor. Modern mechanicals were placed in an exciting body. The Calibra was the car from Erhard Schnell before he went into retirement. Even today at the age of 89, he still visits motor shows and classic car events.
The Calibra appears in the box with a photo of Erhard Schnell. The body is again in silver metallic and fitted with a well detailed black interior.

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Eaglemoss Opel Collection – Parts 129 to 132

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are the latest four models in the designer series within the Opel Collection by Eaglemoss. These are made to 1:43 scale by Ixo for Eaglemoss.

#129 Hideo Kodama and Opel Corsa B


Eaglemoss Hideo Kodama Opel Corsa B

For Japanese Opel designer Hideo Kodama a childhood dream came true.  After his degree at the Tama Fine Arts University in Tokyo he sent an application for a job with General Motors in Detroit. Clare MacKichan, who was recruited the staff for the new Opel Design centre in German Russelsheim hired him. After many other projects  he designed the Opel Corsa B, which was sold the UK as the Vauxhall Corsa and the Nova name used for the Vauxhall version of the Corsa A was dropped.

The model is of a three door hatchback version of the Corsa. It is authentically shaped and the body is painted in silver metallic which is a standard feature of the designer series. Many small parts are separately inserted. Bumper fittings and wheel arches fittings are painted in black. These faded to light grey over the years due to the poor light resistance of the plastic material used by the Spanish supplier.

#130 Herbert Killmer and Opel Rekord E


Eaglemoss Herbert Killmer Opel Rekord E

Production of the Rekord Model E started in In August 1977 at the Rüsselsheim plant. Designer Herbert Killmer and his team created a pleasing car in his ”Großwagen-Studio” (Large Car Studio). In the UK the Rekord E was built at Luton as the Vauxhall Carlton with a modified front end and Vauxhall badging as well as right hand drive.

Here the prototype chosen is the Rekord E2 estate which Opel called a “Caravan” and Vauxhall an Estate.  Again in silver metallic and fitted with a black interior. A number of parts, such as the roof rack, are moulded and inserted.

#131 Niels Loeb, Martin Smith and Opel Speedster


Eaglemoss Niels Loeb Martin Smith OPel Speedster

At Geneva Motor Salon in March 1999 the Opel exhibition stand offered an unusual prototype. Beside the expected series of cars was a small yellow sports car named “Speedster”. The Dynamic shape together with avant-garde three-dimensional shaped head- and rear-lights, caused a stir. The excitement led to a production model being shown to the press in February 2001.  Chief designer of the Speedster was the Australian Niels Loeb, with the project being run by the design director Martin Smith.

For all the Opel or Vauxhall badging the Speedster was based upon the chassis of the Lotus Elise and production was at Lotus Cars in Hethel to Opel quality specifications.

The model is again painted in silver metallic paint. The interior is moulded in black. It is modelled with a closed roof. Nice Wheels are fitted chrome-plated rims.

#132 Hans Seer and Opel Monza


Eaglemoss Hans Seer Opel Monza

Production of the Opel Monza Coupe started at the Rüsselsheim plant in May 1978. It shared its chassis and some pressings and fitments with the new top of the line saloon car, the Senator. The Monza name was GM’s to use and it bestowed it on this up-market coupe.

Designer Hans Seer and his team created a coupe with a dynamic appearance and sporty character with a high level of luxury and comfort. The miniature is based upon the Monza A2 created after a facelift gave it a more aerodynamic front end in mid-life. Again in silver metallic it is fitted with well detailed black interior.

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