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Oxford Diecast Jowett Jupiter

By Maz Woolley

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

The Oxford Diecast 1:43 scale diecast Jowett Jupiter 43JUP001 has now arrived from China and reached the shops. This is one of the limited number of new castings in 1:43 scale being introduced by Oxford Diecast in 2018. 

The Jowett Jupiter was made by Jowett Cars based near Bradford in the UK. It was a sports body mounted on the chassis of the Jowett Javelin. The car was aimed at winning foreign sales which would allow Jowett access to a larger supply of rationed steel.  The complete car was shown for the first time in New York in 1950. Production lasted only four years and about 900 were made making them very scarce today.  A class win at Le Mans in 1950 was followed by first and second in class at the Monte Carlo rally  the following year. Class wins came again at Le Mans in 1951 and 1952. Jowett closed in 1955.

The Oxford model is a fine one with a lot of detail incorporated and the only things suggesting this is a budget model are the silver printed lights on the front wings which are just a blob of paint without even a shape moulded into the casting, the printed door handles and oversize printed blob for the door lock. Looking at the photographs on the Internet of the real car the green paintwork seems a little dark but that may be a trick of the light or the way the photograph has reproduced.  A good set of grilles and nice Jowett badging help lift the model as do the number plates and bumpers.

Yet again Quality Control had failed to deal with at least one issue. The photograph above shows a tag of plastic held in by the hood. Luckily it was a simple matter to cut away  but I would expect the factory to do so. Again the silver printed studs on the hood show that no stud shape is moulded in and that they are just printed on lacking a little finesse.

However, looking at the model it has really caught the original well. It makes one wonder if Oxford might risk a Javelin in 1:43 since they already make one in 1:76 scale which would sit well alongside this. 

The interior shown above is impressive, with wood effect dashboard and lots of instruments moulded and printed, as well as a nicely created wood and stainless steel effect steering wheel. The bench seat looks like tan ‘leather’ and the moulded door cards also have printed handles.

The low and sleek lines are somewhat disrupted by the hood which was always a far from sleek ‘pram hood’. The hood and screen seem to use construction techniques seen originally on the 1:76 bus range  with the upper component of hood and screen outlines being moulded in one part and then printed with hood in matt effect tan colour paint and the metal parts of the screen and door glass areas printed silver. This is very effective.

Wheels, hub caps and tyres are also very nicely done.

Oxford has already shown an open car at the London Toyfair so I look forward to that being made in due course, though the next release will be another hood up car in red.  It will also perhaps appear next year in 1:76 scale, as many 1:43 scale cars have made that migration, and it will sit nicely next to their 1:76 scale Jupiter.  All in all a nice model of a subject which has been produced in white metal by Mikansue, ODGI Toys, Pathfinder, and Brooklin. But this is its first appearance in an affordable mainsteam range.