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Takara Tomy – Hyundai Sonata and Diahatsu Copen

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

Finding some Takara Tomy models at a recent Toy Fair I was struck by how many of the models were of cars that are not imported into the UK.

The first model is of the Diahatsu Copen from 2015 #52. Diahatsu no longer export their cars to the UK and the first generation 2010 version of the Copen was the last sold in the UK.   The second generation model modelled by Tomy has a 658cc three cylinder turbocharged engine producing 63BHP driving the front wheels. This is a formula that gives the buyer performance with lower taxes in Japan but which produces small and highly strung vehicles which are less popular elsewhere. Interestingly the body panelling incorporates a lot of resin to allow panel switching like the Smart car.

The Tomy model is made to a good standard for a toy with lights and badging printed on and a removable roof to allow simulate the roof being closed into the boot. This adds play value though it will undoubtedly frequently get lost in the rough and tumble of kids play. The stated scale is 1/57.


The Hyundai Sonata 2011 #KR-1 is made to 1:67 scale. It is of the sixth generation car which is not imported into the UK which has the i40 which is related but styled differently to fit into the European produced and made Hyundai range. US readers will be familiar with the Sonata which is also manufactured by Hyundai in the US with larger engines and different specifications for the US market.

The Tomy model is a little bland but that reflects the styling of the original.   Here there are not even any opening components to add play value.  Lights and badges are printed on but not very obvious against the silver paint.

The KR range is made in Vietnam like the standard cars but appears to be aimed at Asia outside Japan and is not sold on the Japanese market.

Again nice basic models of up to date vehicles, and a look at vehicles not seen here in the UK.

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