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Replica Märklins spotted

By Robin Godwin, Hans-Georg Schmitt, and Maz Woolley

Others copyright to all images shown recognised.

Every now and again items show up on eBay that surprise us. So it is with these replica Märklin models spotted recently on eBay by Robin Godwin. He spotted two models on offer: a Ford Capri and an Opel Manta A as shown in the photographs below.

Märklin 18103-02 Ford Capri

This is claimed to be 1:43 and appears to be available in Grey and Sapphire Blue on eBay currently

Märklin 18103-01 Opel Manta A

This can be seen on eBay in yellow and red on eBay

The Märklin brand is now owned by Schuco-Dickie and Hans-Georg was aware of Schuco-Dickie’s plans to  issue a model of the obsolete Krupp forward control lorry with drawbar from the 8000 range, as shown below, using the original tools. However he has not heard of any plans to remake any cars.

After a bit more web searching it turned out that these replicas are not recent releases as we thought but were produced before Märklin were taken over by Schuco-Dickie. It appears that they were originally sold only in a “one-off” set of 12 models shown below from an old Märklin website image. The set comprised of four different castings each in three colours made using the original moulds and all packed in “period style” cardboard boxes to add to the nostalgic feel:

  • Audi 100 Coupe
  • BMW 2002
  • Ford Capri
  • Opel Manta A

So the models currently being sold on eBay are almost certainly from this set. Having found this out it was possible to find pictures of the Audi 100 and BMW 2002 from this series.

Märklin 18103-03 Audi 100 Coupe

The Audi shows that all the original working features like bonnet, doors and boot are all reproduced on these models.

Märklin 18103-04 BMW 2002


The BMW box shown above suggests that only four boxes were made, one for each casting, with each having the colour of the model within manually marked.


Hans-Georg has made a detailed comparison of the photographs of the Ford Capri against an original model from his collection and he confirms that the replica matches the original casting though the wheels, which are said to be plastic on the re-issues, are different.

So Schuco-Dickie are not issuing replicas of the Märklin models but there seem to be plenty being made available from the sets made some time ago. Since they seem to be so freely available on eBay it may be that some unsold stock has been found in storage recently. If you collect Märklin cars, or just one of the four cars in the series, now would seem to be a good time to get the replicas if you do not already have them.

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1966 Ford Galaxie LTD

By John Quilter

All photographs by, and copyright of the Author.

In 1965 Chevrolet launched a new top of the line four door car one notch above the traditional top of the line Impala. This was the Caprice which in 1965 was only available in a four door hardtop and usually came with a black vinyl top. Engines ranged from the standard 283 CID V8 all the way up to the newly launched 396 CID big block which had as an option the new GM Turbo Hydromatic three speed automatic. Interiors were quite plush with a sort of nylon cloths upholstery.

Not to be out done in 1965, Ford, launched a subseries of the top of the line Galaxie line known as the LTD. Unlike the Chevrolet  this was launched as both a two door hardtop and a four door hardtop. Engines ranged from the “small block” 289 CID V8 to the 352 CID to the 390 CID and ultimately a massive 428 CID unit. Transmissions were usually the three speed Cruise-O-Matic. Common power accessories were power steering and brakes and interior features were often air-conditioning, power windows, and seats. Vinyl tops were popular as well. The LTD and Caprice and the VIP at Plymouth were all marketing effort to entice buyers to abandon the “traditional” top of the line model for a newer even more plush version of the big three’s full sized cars. Ford even ran an ad touting the LTD’s silence in operation comparing it to a Mark X Jaguar!

This 1:43 scale model of the 1966 Galaxie 500 four door sedan was one of the part works series of Mexican cars. Billed as a 1967 it was in reality a 1966, at least in the USA. The conversion I did was to take this pillared sedan, remove the window frames, add a vinyl top and extend the sill moulding to the rear quarter panel as was fitted to the LTD. I picked a dark metallic green colour representative of the mid 60s colours and added a black vinyl top. By repainting the model I was able to overcome the model’s error in that the front and rear scuttle are moulded in the white top colour when they should match the body colour.

To add white wall tyres which would have come on virtually all LTD cars, I made them up using a ring of thin wire painted white and glued to the tire. Attempting a white wall this thin with decals or my previous method of cutting them from adhesive backed white shelf paper is not possible when one wants a white wall as thin as was used in the mid-60s onwards. (note to whitewall tire decal makers: thinner white walls would be a good expansion of the product line). Finally I added bare metal foil wheel lip mouldings and gave the grill a black wash. The F O R D letter badging on the trunk and hood had to be approximated with small dots of silver paint.

One of my model suppliers show a yet to be launched on pre-order, 1966 Galaxie two door hardtop in light blue which should make a good companion for the four door sedan and LTD pillar-less four door hardtop, see here.

Note: the last photo shows the Ixo (??) unmodified model with the incorrect, non-matching scuttle and rear panel and the black wall tires.

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The Goldvarg Collection

By Maz Woolley

All photographs have been provided by Sergio Goldvarg, and all copyrights are his.

Long time readers of the printed MAR magazine will know the name Sergio Goldvarg well. Sergio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and like Rod Ward is an Architect. A love of cars led to a large collection of cars which started from his first Matchbox toy and a role as a motor sport writer too. Long time collectors will remember him for the Goldvarg Collection, a range of white metal models of American cars produced in the 1980s in a factory in Argentina.  The production of these models petered out in the political instability in Argentina and Sergio and his wife moved to the United States. When production in the Argentine became impossible one last white metal 1:43 scale model was commissioned from a UK based producer, an Oldsmobile 1958 with continental kit.  However the cost of doing business in this way was too high and no further new models were launched in the Goldvarg Collection.

In recent years Sergio’s personal collection of over 12,000 items has been recognised by Guinness Book of Records as the world’s biggest. Sergio continues to work in the US as an Architect and owner of a model-car themed restaurant called “Waffleworks”  located in Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, Florida. The restaurant has a permanent exhibit of nearly 900 model cars. His idea was to share part of his diecast collection in a place with a unique atmosphere. Sergio has also been an advisor to Sunstar and to Lucky Toys in recent past a role he had earlier played for Buby in Argentina.

In 2014 Sergio was inducted to the DIECAST HALL OF FAME, for preserving the legacy, honoring the dedication and rewarding the achievement in the scale model car industry.

Earlier this year Sergio decided the time was right to re-launch the Goldvarg Collection all made to 1:43 scale and in limited editions. Production in resin in China was decided upon. Unlike many of his European competitors Sergio has agreements with the car manufacturers for his products.  Two ranges are shown on the website: American Cars, and Europe and the Rest of the World. The American range is furthest ahead with the first three models in production in China as the photographs below show.

American Range

The first three cars in this range have sold out before the stock  has even landed in the US. News of the models quickly circulated on bulletin boards and their keen pricing no doubt helped.

GC-001 1958 Ford Fairlane 500

This model will be available in Torch Red/Colonial White or Azurre Blue/Colonial White.

GC-002 1956 Mercury Montclair

This model will be available in Persimmon/Classic White or Zaffron Yellow/Tuxedo Black

GC-003 1961 Ford Country Squire

This is being made in green metallic or blue metallic with the wood panels on the side painted in wood effect.

Europe and Rest of the World Range

The first two cars in the list are European but the rest are all Argentinian prototypes. No photographs of pre-production samples are available  yet. This range will be interesting to follow as it is new territory for the Goldvarg Collection.

  • Rolls Royce Phanthom II 1930 “Luis Sandrini”
  • Horch 853 Sportswagon Firetruck
  • Justicialista Sport with figure of Juan Peron
  • Justicialista Coupe
  • Tulietta GT
  • Joseso Microcar 1960
  • Dinarg D-200 1961
  • Kaiser Bergantin 1960
  • Rastrojero “Dakar” 2017

Readers who want to know more about Sergio and The Goldvarg Collection can find a lot more detail at this website

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Ace Model Cars (Australia) An update

By Graeme Ogg

Back in 2014 I posted a piece about Ace Model Cars, from whom I had just bought a nice resin model of a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500.

They were promising one or two other things in the pipeline but then I heard no more. So I got in touch with them recently and thought you might like an update on some of their current or forthcoming items. (Photos reproduced with their permission – some images may be changed on the website to show final production versions).

Needless to say, I am not acting as any kind of agent or touting for business on their behalf, but I know some of you are interested in Australian models (including Aussie versions of U.S. cars), and it isn’t a site you might come across in casual browsing.

There was a promise of an estate (wagon) version of the ’59 Ford, but apparently the man behind Ace Models, Tony Hanna, wasn’t happy with how it came out so it is still a work in progress, although now that Motorhead Models have done one in their Genuine Ford Parts” series, that could affect sales of the Ace version if/when it appears.

Also promised was a ’59 Dodge Custom Royal 4 door sedan. The first attempt at that didn’t satisfy him either so it has been re-worked and production is not too far away now.

No mention of the fate of the proposed 1960 Dodge Phoenix, but the nice (though imperfect) Neo model may have discouraged that idea.

An interesting Australian model that is almost ready for sale, needing just a few minor corrections, is the 1975 Ford Landau, a fastback coupé based on the Ford XA Falcon but with the front end from the Ford Fairlane LTD (which was a stretched Falcon). It will be offered in Port Wine (dark maroon), Grecian Gold, Ivy Green and Metallic Blue.

Also available is a ’62 Falcon XL in red, white over red, white over green, plain white and black.

Another U.S./Australian model now available is a 1966 Chevy Nova, with street versions in silver or red and three racing versions. I’m not enough of a Chevy man to know how it compares with the U.S. version but I believe that, like the Falcons, the Australian cars were imported CKD and re-trimmed to Australian specification,

A more typically Australian item is a Ford BA 1 ton flatbed pickup in metallic purple, metallic blue, orange or metallic green.

And a British/Australian mongrel currently on offer is an Austin A40 Hi-Lite ute in beige or light green. To the best of my knowledge Austin never offered this pickup on home territory, but the Ozzies love making ute versions of everything, Seems to be cultural thing.

All these models are resin, and prices are comparable with Trax so I guess that by the time you add shipping from the other side of the world, you would have to have a fairly specific interest in these niche models before parting with your money. But it’s nice to see things a little bit out of the mainstream.

If you want to take a look at these and other models on offer from Ace, the website is

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The Ford in Miniature – Mercury Cougar 1998-2002

By Dave Turner

Photographs of some of the models referred to in the article taken by the Author can be found at the bottom of the article.

“Sharpen Your Senses” 

The name Mercury Cougar was among the most revered of motoring families, since it made its first appearance in 1967 as a big brother to the Mustang it had acquired a strong following. Initially they were basically slightly enlarged Mustangs and continued to be a variation of a contemporary Ford and employing much of the same technology.

Unfortunately due to years of alleged mismanagement the Mercury label became extinct on Jan 1st 2011, having been an important branch of the Ford group since 1938. The final breed of Cougar arrived in 1998, being as usual based on a contemporary product, this time the Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique, which were the US versions of what Europe called the Mondeo. These final variants of Cougar have been described as one of only two memorable Mercury cars in over 20 years – the other being the 2003/4 Marauder.

Effectively replacing the Mazda based Probe and produced in the Ford/Mazda plant at Flat Rock Michigan they had the looks, the performance and the road holding that should have made them best sellers. It is said however that as the money was being made by trucks and SUVs Ford was not really putting much effort into things like sporting coupes, and the final nail went in when Ford discontinued the Cougar/Mystique lines to concentrate on saving the company by pushing where the biggest profits were. Apparently it was still touch and go.

Styled in Europe, the concept was called “aero-angular” and when launched by Jay Leno he is quoted as saying “I like a car with a good ass – this one’s got it!” A total of 184,222 were made. Like the Probe before it, two versions were available, a 2 litre four, and a 2.5 litre V6. Very few changes took place during production, a sure indication that Ford had already lost interest, the front end was slightly altered for 2001 – the full width ‘sharks mouth’ gave way to a central grille with a light at each end.

As Mercury was not represented in many export countries, the car was sold in them with a Ford badge, although hefty import duties forced an inflated price tag and resulted in understandably poor sales. While the US market cars came with a range of no less than ten very exciting exterior colours, export examples (as far as to the UK at least) were limited to just three. These were black, a rather aggressive blue and silver, the latter being by far the most attractive (it took us some time to find one and we still have it eighteen years later!) although green replaced the blue for 2001/2.

The Models.

Just two miniature ’98-02 Cougars have been found, and they both were contemporary with the real article. Both were conceived in Europe and so carry the blue oval badges rather than the Cougars head and feature left hand drive. At least the two small Cougars we have are extremely nice models – the Minichamps 1:43 came in at least four colours, like the real car it is the silver finish that sets the model of to its best advantage. Despite having no ‘V6’ badge on the rear, it would appear to depict the larger engined version by studying the path of the exhaust system highlighted in silver on the well detailed base.

The larger of the two models came under the Action name, a spin-off of the Minichamps programme and of course it is up to the usual standard expected from that source. Doors, hood and trunk open without unsightly gaps while the trunk interior goes as far as depicting the recess for tools on the right side while the hood reveals a fair imitation of the Duratec 2.5 Litre V6 as confirmed by the “V6’ badge on the rear. Plenty of interior detail but it has a slightly more ‘plasticky’ look in this larger scale. At the time this model was issued a US home market version was also listed that would have obviously featured the Mercury insignia, no front licence plate holder and a narrow but deeper rear licence plate recess – this has so far proved elusive.

Mercury Cougar 1998-2001 Model Listing


Minichamps China 2000 88020 V6 ‘Ford’ 110mm 1:43 diecast
Action China 2000 822132 V6 ‘Ford’ 253mm 1:18 diecast
Action China 2000 V6 Mercury 253mm 1:18 diecast

Illustrations: Mercury Cougar 1998-2002


Minichamps 1:43 diecast from China: 88020

This is the “Silver Frost” version, others being red, black and blue.

Minichamps/Action Performance 1:18 diecast from China: 822132

Cougar V6 in Medium Melina Blue

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Corgi July to December 2017

By Maz Woolley

All pictures used to illustrate this article are from Corgi’s web site. Most are mock ups or 3D renderings rather than examples of the final models. 

Business Background

I make no apologies for starting this article with news about the Hornby Hobbies business as June is not only when they announce the second half models but it is also their financial year end.

Already this year we have seen the company drop its plans to build a visitor centre to replace the one lost when they sold their headquarters site. This was followed in April by a major shareholder,  New Pistoia Income Limited, calling for the removal of Roger Canham the Executive Chairman. Before the Annual Results New Pistoia decided to cut their losses and sold the 20% they held in Hornby hobbies for 32 pence a share to Phoenix Asset Management Partners the biggest shareholder who now have 55% and have now to offer to buy any other shareholders shares at 32 pence.

Whilst all this upheaval took place the annual results were announced and the CEO/Chairman Roger Canham’s resignation as well. A growing underlying pre-tax loss of over six million pounds was widely reported in the Financial columns. Whilst their cash situation has significantly improved this will still leave them little capital to invest in new products so only the fast selling products with the highest level of margin will get any investment. The shareholders have not had a dividend for several years now and the shares values have flat lined over the last year so they are all losing money on the shares which cannot go on for ever.

Why does this matter to collectors of model vehicles? Well Corgi is hardly mentioned in any discussions of Hornby at all and apart from the 1:48 Lightning model investments in new mouldings are non-existent apart from a single 1:50 truck not even listed in the second half release section of their web pages.  The company states that its turnround is well under way with a belief that all UK brands have been maintained despite all the cost cutting measures taken, lower sales, and restrictions in the sales channels they are servicing. I am not sure that that does not count as what are now known as “alternate facts”. Collectors are right to be uneasy when they see that the  Corgi brand is not mentioned once in the plans for the next stage of the turnround.

It is against this background that Corgi announced their July to December catalogue. Almost everything in it is a new version of a casting already used several times in the past. Some castings  like the Vanguards Morris Minors and Mini are now several generations old and simply not up to the standards of Oxford Diecast, or PCT made models for part works or ranges like Whitebox. Looking at the Corgi Forum the posts about the new releases are mostly negative which I know reflects several MAR Online readers views as well. Corgi have not even listed some models on their web site that Hattons has listed like the re-released Basil Fawlty Austin  or yet another Mr Bean Mini.

I believe that the situation is clear: Hornby has no intention of investing in any significant level of new tooling for the Corgi ranges. Their sole idea of keeping Corgi alive is to produce re-paints of old castings and hope that they sell enough to milk some contribution from the brand to their financial recovery. In my opinion Corgi is now a spent force and Hornby is deluding itself if they expect collectors to pay nearly thirty pounds for Vanguards models made from  ageing moulds when DeAgostini/Atlas and others offer more for less money.

Corgi 2017 Second Half Catalogue

The models listed below are those listed by Corgi on their web site for the second half of 2017. Their January 2017 announcement was already reported here.  When checking a supplier website there are models available to order that are not in the catalogue such as five re-released James Bond vehicles, Mr Bean’s Mini, and Basil Fawlty’s 1100. There is also a single 1:50 scale lorry, Scania R (Face Lift) Flatbed Trailer & Brick Load “Ian Craig Haulage Ltd, Falkirk, Scotland”,  claimed to be new tooling. If these are new it seems strange that Corgi did not include them on their website listing.

My observations on the models offered are:

  1. The Royal Wedding Anniversary models are crude and horrid and quite expensive for the type of souvenir shop likely to want to stock them. I can’t see collectors wanting them at all.
  2. I hope the metallic models are not made with reflective flakes the size showing in pictures
  3. How many times are they going to release that Mini casting – it was not good when first released and looks even worse now compared to modern models?
  4. Who lined up all that awful thick silver detailing on the Minor Police Car windows?
  5. Why are they using the same moulds used already for re-paints recently so soon like the Sunbeam Alpine?
  6. Why is an “export” Rover 3500 fitted with UK number plates?
  7. Why keep on flogging the “New London Bus” to death when the new Mayor has cancelled buying any more of them?
  8. Why keep on releasing Land Rovers when Oxford will be doing them and charging significantly less?
  9. Why bother with the Captain Scarlett car? It has now slipped out of fashion again.
  10.   Many earlier releases of the re-used castings are available on eBay and at Toy Fairs for much less money why buy a new one?
  11. How can anybody at Corgi say they are “proud to introduce the July to December 2017 Corgi range, featuring a host of new introductions

Aviation Archive

English Electric Lightning F6 XR728/JS , RAF Binbrook


Albatros D.Va D.7327/17, Lt. Lothar Weiland, Jasta 5, Seefrontstaffel 1


Fokker DR.1 Triplane 213/17 ‘K’, Lt. Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Kempf, Jasta 2


Sopwith Camel F.1 B6313, Major William George ‘Billy’ Barker RAF


Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 42-97880/DF-F ‘Little Miss Mischief’ USAAF


Panavia Tornado GR.4 ZA461, RAF No.15 Squadron, Special Scheme


Dornier Do17Z-2 U5-BH, 1./KG.2 ‘Holzhammer’ Operation Marita


Junkers Ju-88C-6 F8+BX, 13./KG40, Battle over the Biscay


Short Sunderland Mk.III W3999/ RB-Y No.10 Squadron RAAF, Early 1942


Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 XW538/S, RAF No.16 Squadron, RAF Gutersloh


Hawker Typhoon lB RB389/I8-P ‘Pulverizer IV’, No.440 Sqn RCAF


Messerschmitt Bf 110E-2 G9+LN, Oblt. Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer


Westland Puma HC.1 XW220/AC, RAF No.72 Squadron, Aldergrove, 1997


Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 N2359/YB-J, ‘Winged Popeye’, RAF No.17 Sqn


Gloster Sea Gladiator N5519/G6A, No,802 NAS, HMS Glorious, 1939


Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 ‘Yellow 1’ Oblt. Gerhard Schopfel, Battle of Britain


Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 P8127 ‘White 47’, Robert ‘R.T’ Smith, 3rd Sqn AVG


North American P-51D Mustang 44-13586/C5-T ‘Hurry Home Honey’, USAAF



Volkswagen Beetle, Type 1 Export Saloon Horizon Blue


Land Rover Series 1 80” RAC Road Service Vehicle


Ford Escort Mk3 XR3 Prairie Yellow


Austin Se7en Deluxe, Vanden Plas ‘Mini’ Lord Austin’s Daughter Irene Austin, Princess Blue-Grey Metallic

Morris Minor 1000 The Lothians and Peebles Constabulary


Ford Cortina Mk3 2000E Automatic Sahara Beige


Ford Cortina Mk2 Twin Cam (Lotus) Red II


Rover P6 3500S Scarab Blue, Export Specification, RHD


Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 Modena Green


Ford Sierra XR4i Strato Silver


Ford Capri 2300GT Mk1 1969 Tour de France Automobile


Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1979 Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain


Sunbeam Alpine Series 2 Quartz Blue Metallic


Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Bermuda Blue

Original Omnibus


New Routemaster, Go-Ahead London, 88 Camden Town


New Routemaster, Go Ahead London, 88 Clapham Common


Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Shuttle Bus



Paddington Bear New Routemaster


Captain Scarlet Classic Spectrum Saloon Car


70th Anniversary of The Royal Wedding – Classic Mini


70th Anniversary of The Royal Wedding – Classic Routemaster

Bloodhound SSC Super Hauler


Corgi Christmas Super Hauler

Closing thoughts

Long time MAR readers will know that I have been a collector of Corgi models in the past and have been getting more and more restive with each underwhelming release announcement. I know many of you feel the same. I think that the thing I find most insulting to collectors is the pretence that the Corgi range is active and vibrant. Some honesty and openness about the role Hornby think Corgi has going forward would be welcome. Some of us have been Corgi Collectors since our childhood.

What do you the reader think?

Last thought. If  Hornby can’t make anything of the range, it would surely be better to sell it to someone else who can?

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News from the Continent – Herpa June 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs are by the Author, except where otherwise acknowledged.

Here is a selection of models from releases made by Herpa between January and May 2017.  All are to 1:87 scale except where otherwise stated.

1:43 Scale

The Porsche 911 miniatures announced in 2016 have now arrived on the general market. The three 911 models shown below are also sold in Porsche shops which perhaps explains why the quality and finish is first class. These are all to 1:43 scale.

071024/071031 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet 991 II

The Cabriolet is modelled open with the body painted a choice of racing yellow or deep metallic black. The accurate body shape is complemented by the fault free paint. The Porsche emblem on the bonnet is a small insert as are many other details.

Lettering below the engine cover are exact replicas of the real car and are printed in silver. The Interior has a detailed dashboard and steering wheel, as well as a well moulded centre console, seats and door cards. All in all this gives an excellent impression of the real car. The 5 star alloy wheels are well moulded and reveal the excellent brake discs and calipers. A fairly detailed baseplate is fitted and the exhaust system is executed well and includes the two chromed end pipes.


070980/070997 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet 991 II

The Cabriolet in “S” version has a more powerful engine. This is also modelled open. This time in a white or metallic sapphire blue. The general level of finish is the same as the black and yellow Carrera models seen above. Note that the exhaust system is different on this model replicating the differences to be seen on the real cars.


071048/071055 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Here the body in available in white or metallic rhodium silver. The body is true to the prototype shape and immaculately painted. Many small separate parts are used for lights and other features. The interior is in a brownish red shade. Dashboard, steering wheel and centre console are excellent replicas  of the original car as are the seats.

At the rear end, the four exhaust pipes of the 4S show the correct features unique to this version of the Carrera. Again lovely replica alloy wheels reveal the neatly modelled brake discs and calipers.

1:87 scale models


745475 Ford FK 3000 Cologne lorry with flatbed and canvas cover “German Army”

The Cologne was produced by Ford between 1951 and 1955. The newly founded West-German Bundeswehr (Army) ordered a batch of them as basic transport. The accurately shaped miniature is not painted in the correct shade of matt olive green for the Bundeswehr, the accurate colour would be more of a Silk matt olive.


092760 Volkswagen T6 with trailer, loaded with Vespa motorscooter

For short inner city work the Brunswick based haulier Wandt had a restored Vespa painted in the shade of green used in its livery. This Vespa will be released as part of the one-off set with a Volkswagen T6 box body van and trailer also in Wandt livery.


Copyright in the image above belongs to

306713 Volvo FH Gl. XL Eurocombi “Ristimaa Apache”

As can be seen from the photographs above Herpa has re-created this flamboyant show truck faithfully. Juha Ristimaas create custom trucks to the highest standard. This impressive “Giga-Liner” is in the livery of Kuljetus Ristimaa a Finish Haulier. It was first displayed at the annual trucking event “Power Truck Show 2016” in Alaharma, Finland. The four axle Volvo FH16 650 pulls a five axle trailer.


307062 Scania 142 articulated concrete mixer

The classic Scania bonnetted trucks are always a highlight in the Herpa program. Here the model is of a 6×4 tractor with a day cab and trailer with a concrete mixer mounted on it. It adds to the Herpa construction models.


307024 Volvo FH16 Gl. XL Eurocombi “Tynjälä Oy” Finland

Another oversized drawbar outfit from Finland. Over 50 print processes were needed to reproduce the livery.


159173-006 Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace rigid tractor, traffic-yellow


158299-004 Mercedes-Benz Actros M 08 all wheel drive 3-axle rigid tractor

Power to all three axles for best traction. Cabin in white which allows modellers to apply their own decals.


307161 Iveco with Interchargable Boxes and drawbar trailer “Deutrans”

In the end of the 1980s, the German Democratic Republic haulier Deutrans simplified its truck design and sent their trucks on the road in white with blue and orange stripes. The carefully selected drivers of all vehicles carrying traffic to the West had to prove a certain loyalty to the party line and fulfilled spying orders during their tours.


307352 Volvo FH Gi Lowliner curtain canvas articulated truck “Willi Betz”

The haulage group Willi Betz operates multiple companies across Europe serving many customers and has an annual turnover of around 250 million Euros a year.

The founder Willi Betz recently escaped jail due to a serious illness after a lawsuit was taken against the family for bribery, social security fraud and tax evasion. His son was not so lucky and had to pay a 2.1 Million Euros fine and must go into prison for five years.

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1966 (67) Ford Galaxie

By John Quilter

A website shows a rather lengthy series of 1:43 scale Mexican cars produced for the Grandes Automobile Memorables  partwork by Premium & Collectibles Trading Co of China (PCT) who are the makers of many other models  for  Atlas and DeAgostini as well as their own brands such as  Ixo, IST and PremiumX.

I was able to find the 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan, shown above, on sale from a  Spanish vendor on eBay. Inquiries to him indicate that he does not have others in this series which is unfortunate as some would be of interest to me.

This subject Galaxie is labelled as a 1967 but in the USA this exact same car was a 1966 model. The model has some issues, the major one being the white roof is moulded with a section of the front scuttle and rear scuttle in a non-matching white colour, the rest of the car being a pale yellow as shown in the photograph above.

I believe Ford did two tone cars in this era but more likely the roof was a vinyl roof, often in black.

When I got my model I wanted to correct the scuttle issue so was able to find a Krylon yellow what was a very close match to the body of the car. With a small brush, I used this to cover the louvred front scuttle, see photograph above.

As luck would have it, a pad of yellow notebook paper was an exact match for the yellow so I cut out a rectangle and using double backed tape stuck it to the mismatched rear scuttle ( I think Post-it-Note yellow is the same). This can be seen in the photograph above.

The next improvement was to add a black wash to the grill and finally since virtually all Fords of this era came with thin whitewall tires, I needed to replicate these as well for the final touch. There are decals out there for adding white walls to black wall tires but they are all too wide, more like one would see from the 1930s to the early to mid-1950s. So how to make a representation of a thin white wall? I found that in the past I have made wheel trim rings (rim embellishers) out of silver coloured wire of various gauges. I thought if I could do this why not some whitewalls. Using 24 gauge wire I wound it around the handle of a small screwdriver and cut it to length. Then laid four of them out, sprayed with white paint and with just a touch of epoxy glue laid them on the tires. Not exactly three dimensionally correct but a fair representation of the period style white wall.

Since I like the basic model, I have ordered another one which will be converted into an LTD four door hard top which Ford had just launched to compete with the, new for 1965 Chevrolet Caprice. Both of these cars were top of the line full sized cars for their respective makes and almost always had black vinyl tops and ultra-fancy seat and interior trim. I hope to replicate one of these in the future.

Now if someone will make available the others in this Grandes Autos Memorables series I can add some more models which have never been made before to my ever growing collection.

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The Ford in Miniature – F150 2004-2008

By Dave Turner

“Consider the Ante Upped” – F150 2004-2008

Photographs and illustrations of some of the models discussed can be found at the end of the article.

This was the eleventh generation of F150, and as such it was moving a little closer in appearance to its big brother the ‘Super Duty’ F250/350 and this was with the intention of giving the F150 a bit more of a rugged character. The nose was a little more ‘thrusting’, the box a couple of inches deeper and the cabs 6” longer. The previous generation of F150 (1997-2003) was covered in MAR 231/2/3 in 2009.

Completely re-engineered the 2004 F150 was 50% stiffer than before with uprated suspension and brakes while more effort was put into rust resistance in the materials and protection. It was voted Truck of the Year by Motor Trend magazine.

As with most US vehicles in this period there was such a vast choice of models, layouts and fittings that hardly any two F150s could be identical, despite them being the best selling vehicle in the US for many years. For example there were three types of cab – the Regular, the Supercab and the Supercrew. All had four doors but the Supercrew rear doors had their own exterior handle and could be opened independently of the front doors. There were three lengths of box 5’6”, 6’6” and 8’ and these came as Styleside or Flareside while there were no less than four wheelbase choices – 126”, 132” 144” and 163”. For 2004 all the engines were V8s – a 4.6 litre and an optional 5.4.

Five models lined up for ’04, starting with the XL then the STX – identified by its colour coded bumpers and featuring more sophisticated in-car entertainment. Next was the XLT with yet more luxurious features, including the option of the Supercrew cab, not available on XL or STX. The FX4 Off Road version came equipped to deal with rough use complete with skid plates to protect the underside. Top of the tree for ’04 was the Lariat with full leather trim and imitation wood panelling.

For 2005 a 4.2 litre in-line six was added to the engine choices while an even more up-market offering came in the form of the King Ranch complete with Castano leather trim and the Triton 5.4 300hp V8 as standard. Total ’05 F Series production was 939,000, a record year for the series.

A further special edition came for the 2006 year, the Harley Davidson, with 22” wheels and a ‘tuned exhaust’ – no doubt to satisfy the motor cycle senses, while 2007 saw the arrival of the FX2 Sports Special Equipment package.

For 2008, the 60th Anniversary of the Ford F series, a special 60th Anniversary Edition was produced while the XL and STX were finally available with the Supercrew cab. The Harley Davidson version became the 105th Anniversary model while yet another lavishly equipped truck came as the Limited – just 5,000 of which were produced.

As is often the case, the vast majority of the models depict the first year of the series, no doubt all produced during the real vehicles production. This was approaching the end of a period during which some superb 1:18 models were affordable, more recently their detail has been cut back in order to make them viable. However a close look at the Beanstalk ’04 FX4 illustrates the point, everything opens neatly, interior detail is stunning while beneath the hood and the underside lacks very little. If the FX4 skid plates had been included all the running gear detail would have been obscured.
There are of course several smaller F150s at the budget end of the spectrum such as the 1:31 FX4 from Showcast and the 1:24 ’04 Supercab from Superior/Sunnyside. Maisto did a 1:18 ’06 Lariat plus a smaller 1:24 FX4, both in Supercab form while for the kids to play with they also did a 1:48 XL with regular cab, the pull-back motor on the rear axle forcing the box floor to be very high. The base is marked 1:50.

Smaller toys came from Ertl, Matchbox and the inevitable unidentified item from China. The latter is a quite acceptable Styleside Supercab with the usual whizzwheels, possibly derived from the Ertl while the Matchbox depicts a concept SVT Lightning with Flareside box, at least the real thing did exist.

Model Listing – Ford F150 2004-2008.

Action China 16007 2006 Supercab
Beanstalk China 10027 2004 FX4  Supercab Flareside 6’6” box 321mm 1:18 diecast
Ertl China 33840 2004 Supercab Styleside 1:64 diecast
Maisto China 31248 2004 FX4  Supercab Flareside 1:31 diecast
Maisto China 2004 XL Regular cab Styleside 6”6”box 113mm 1:47 diecast
Maisto China 36128 2006 Lariat Supercab Styleside 1:18 diecast
Matchbox China 663 2004 SVT Lightning concept regular cab  Flareside 6’6” 75mm 1:72 diecast
Showcast 34248 2004 FX4  Supercab Flareside 188mm 1:31 diecast
Superior/Sunnyside 9607D 2004 Supercab Flareside 241mm 1:24 diecast
Unknown China L9844 2004 Supercab Styleside 5’6”box 74mm 1:73 diecast

Illustrations: Ford F150 2004-2008.


Beanstalk 1:18 diecast from China: 10027, 2004 FX4 Supercab with Flareside box.

Maisto 1:31 diecast from China: 31248, 2004 FX4 Supercab with Flareside box.

Maisto 1:18 diecast from China: 36128, 2006 Lariat Supercab with Styleside box.

Matchbox 1:72 diecast from China: 663, 2004 SVT Lightning concept Regular cab and Flareside box.

Showcast 1:31 diecast: 34248, 2004 FX4 Supercab with Flareside box.

Superior 1:14 diecast: 9607D, 2004 Supercab with Flareside box.


Unknown 1:73 diecast from China: L9844: 2004 Supercab with Styleside box.

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Mattel Fast and Furious Escort Mark I

By Maz Woolley


The Fast and Furious films have had model producers scrambling to obtain licences from Universal as they are sure fire winners with a buying public who may not by any other models. They are also crossover products appealing to both model car and film model collectors. Greenlight’s 1:43 scale Fast and Furious Escort model was featured in a MAR Online post some time ago, and Greenlight also have it in 1:18 scale as well.

Greenlight and Racing Champions have already been licensed to create 1:64 scale Fast and Furious merchandise but so has Mattel. Mattel’s Hot Wheels models are around 1:64 and widely collected especially in the USA. Here we look at Mattel’s Fast and Furious range, and in particular the Ford Escort.

Mattel has not branded this model as Hot Wheels but has put it in a premium blister pack with full Fast and Furious branding and a free download of “Fast and Furious Filmmaker” application. The model itself has been diecast in China for Mattel whereas Hot Wheels tend to come from other Far Eastern locations like Malaysia. It appears that they also sold Fast and Furious sets so you may race your models.

The model has rather more details than a typical Hot Wheels model with nice wheels,  rather than standard commodity items. The detailing is all printed and fairly basic with rear lights too narrow and only in red and the front indicators not painted at all. The grille and lights is again to a higher standard but all in silver where parts should be matt black. The blue paint is applied with an “orange peel” look when it reflects light.

The interior of the model is obscured by the dark windows but under lights one can see that it is a very basic interior indeed. Looking at the exterior the shape of the car is wrong with no curved line at the bottom of the rear window and the roof looking strangely pinched probably because the rear pillar is the wrong shape and not thick enough which means the rear window slopes at to extreme an angle. The striping is not the same as the film car either,at the front or the rear particularly at the front. The front extra lights are also moulded to sit too low as well.

Mattel has also released a Hot Wheels Escort RS1600 in their HW Workshop series with Fast and Furious branding. This is a completely different casting with a different shape, less detailing, four not two spotlights and the spotlights made in clear plastic. The wheels are ordinary “hot wheels” though with a gold foil finish. The overall shape of this casting seems to be closer to the original Escort than the more expensive Mattel model though the side stripes are utterly wrong here as they do not extend over the wheel arches.

The American market for Movie models must be a very substantial one to lead to so many firms offering models and Mattel offering it twice to two market sectors in two different castings to the same scale.

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