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News from the Continent January 2019 – Norev

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All text by, and copyright of the Author. All photographs provided by the Manufacturer.

In this article I look at the last two Norev releases from 2018. These models are produced in China for France and are diecast unless otherwise noted. 

November 2018 Releases
1:12 Scale

127500 Porsche 917K

Le Mans 24 Hours 1970 – Driven by Siffert and Redman and suffered an engine failure after 12 hours. The picture from Norev is marked to show clearly how large the model is at this scale.

127501 Porsche 917K

Winner of the Le Mans 24 hour race 1970 – Driven by Attwood and Herrmann.

1:18 Scale

185300 Alpine Renault A110 1600S 1971 – blue

183303 Alpine Renault A110 1600S 1971 . white with red striping

185301 Alpine Renault A110 1600S 1971 – Gendarmerie

183268 BMW M535i Saloon 1980 – gold metallic

183593 Mercedes-Benz S600 saoon 1997 – green metallic

183497 Mercedes-AMG GT S 2018 – black metallic

184833 Peugeot 404 saloon 1965 – Antique green

Scale 1:43

153051 Citroen Light 15 saloon 1949 – Dark blue and Cream

158218 Citroen GS 1220 Club 1973 – Tholonet beige metallic

154205 Citroen Xantia 1993 – Mauritius blue

475447 Peugeot 504 Pick-up with canvas cover – clear blue

511317 Renault Duster Oroch 2015 – white

517728 Renault Megane R.S. 2018 – Platinum silver

517732 Renault Scenic 2016 – Cassiopee grey and black

518399 Renault Alaskan Pick-up 2017 – silver

574055 Simca Vedette Marly 1957 – Pale yellow and black

840029 VW Touran 2015 – white

518393 Renault Alaskan Pick-up 2017 – “Fire Brigade”

Norev Classics 1:43 scale

CL2711 Ford Thunderbird 1960 – adriatic green

CL2712 Ford Thunderbird 1960 – aquamarine

1:87 scale

517818 Alpine A310 1977 – Alpine blue

574116 Matra-Simca Bagheera 1975 – Sun yellow

451731 Panhard PL 17 saloon 1961 – Atlantide blue

518582 Renault Galion 1963 Brewery La Meuse with bottle crates

518583 Renault Galion 1963 Brewery Jean Renard with barrels

530262 IVECO Bus Crossway LE 2014 “Car du Rhone”

530263 IVECO Bus Urbanway 2014 “TCL”

December 2018 Releases

1:18 Scale

183224 BMW M1 1980 – blue

181592 Citroen DS 21 Break 1970 – Bordeaux

183400 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 1955 – blue

183567 Mercedes-Benz 300 CE Cabriolet 1990 – Bornite metallic

185169 Renault Dauphine 1958 – Medicis black

1:43 Scale

517863 Alpine A110 2017 – white and blue test version

830074 Audi 200 Quattro 1989 – white

270321 Bentley Continental GT coupe 2018 – silver

270061 Jaguar E-Type Coupe 1964 – grey

351305 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class 2018 – ruby red metallic

351175 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2018 – silver

475825 Peugeot 508 SW GT 2018 – Amazonite grey

475626 Peugeot 508 SW GT 2018 – Pearl white

517791 Renault Megane Estate 2016 – Glacier white

517799 Renault Megane Estate 2016 – red

517963 Renault Symbioz Salon of Francoforte 2017

517962 Renault R.S. 2017 Vision Salon of ShangHai 2017

840096 Volkswagen Corrado G80 1990 – silver

517796 Renault Megane Estate 2016 “Douanes – Customs”

517798 Renault Megane Estate 2016 “Douanes – Customs” – red and yellow stripes

517794 Renault Megane Estate 2016 – “Police Municipale”

517795 Renault Megane Estate 2016 – “Police Municipale Intercommunale”

MINIJET Scale 1:64

310908 Peugeot 508 SW 2018 – white

310904 Renault Symbioz 2017 – copper

310905 Renault R.S. 2017 – black and gold

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The Ford in Miniature – Focus Mark 1 1998-2004

By Dave Turner

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

Car of the Year 1999 Focus Mk 1

Replacing the Escort, the new Focus had quite an act to follow. It featured Fords so-called New Edge styling that had already been seen on the Ka and Cougar but also was influenced by the Focus Ghia Concept from 1991 despite that being an open 2 seater. A distinctive feature of the early hatchback versions of the new Focus were the eye-level tail lights

While Focus replaced the Escort in many parts of the world, it also replaced the Laser in Asia and Australasia. Ford produced the Mk 1 Focus in Saalouis and Valencia as well as in the Philippines, Argentina, Taiwan and Russia while the Mk 1 lingered until 2007 in North America, 2008 in Argentina and 2009 in Brazil . Engines were initially 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 petrol with 1.8 diesel, all in various states of tune.

Body styles were three and five door hatchback, 4four door saloon and five door estates whilst levels of trim were initially, CL, LX, Zetec, Ghia, ST170 (02-04) RS (02-03) however these changed several times over the years. In addition several special issues appeared – Flight, Edge, Silver/Black, Studio, Ink, MP3, Sport and Millennium to name but a few.

A subtle facelift took place in 2001 when the direction indicators were moved from the bumper into the headlight units while the driving lights moved outboard of the lower grille. A further series of subtle changes to the front end took place for 2005 with the Mk 2 with a reshaped grille with larger side grilles that accommodated the driving lights.

Sorting the models out has been a little confusing- the original nose treatment with indicators in the bumper lasted through 1998-2000 and the following miniatures have been recorded so far.

Undeniably meant as a toy, the Tins Toys Five Door features opening front doors and a pull-back motor on the rear Axle and a reasonably well detailed interior. Minichamps have provided possibly more variations of Focus than anyone and they started at the beginning with superb models of the 1998 three and five door saloons together with an estate. The latter sports Ghia badges but omits the fog lamps at each end of the lower grille. The all are bristling in accurate detail plus correct pattern twin five-spoke alloy wheels.

What appears at first glance to be a simpler Minichamps is a three door with some good detail but less convincing wheels. No make is on the base just a Cat no. 4033.

Despite their diminutive size the little Rietze 1:87 plastic trio of Focus are nicely finished with a detailed plastic interior. A bit bigger is the Matchbox die cast three door, it is dated 1999 on the base but when it appeared in the US in 2005 the packaging at least showed the extra amber lights either end of the upper grille that appeared in the first North American Focus in 2001.

At the other end of the scale came a couple of plastic three doors from Dickie, the smaller having a remote control while the larger is a simple hollow plastic toy having a quite accurate shape but with simple detail. MAR 158 listed a Focus panel van as possibly forthcoming as Matchbox 67…did we ever see it?

Tins Toys China T423 Five Door 108mm 1:38 Diecast 
Minichamps China 87000 Three Door 97mm 1:43 Diecast
Minichamps China 87020 Five Door 97mm 1:43 Diecast
Minichamps China 87010 Estate 103mm 1:43 Diecast 
Minichamps China 4033 Three Door 99mm 1:42 Diecast
Rietze Germany 10960 Three Door 48mm 1:87 Plastic
Rietze Germany 10990 Four Door 50mm 1:87 Plastic
Rietze Germany 20970 Estate 51mm 1:87 Plastic 
Matchbox China 63 Three Door 74mm 74mm 1:56 Diecast 
Matchbox     67 Panel Van ?     Diecast
Dickie China   Three Door 267mm 1:16 Plastic 
Dickie China   Three Door 213mm 1:19 Plastic remote control
Unknown     Three Door 271mm 1:15 Tin

Illustrations: MK1 Focus

Tins toys 1:38 Diecast from China: T423, Mk 1 Five door, opening front doors, pull back motor on rear axle

Minichamps 1:43 diecast from China: 87020, Mk 1 Five Door.

Minichamps 1:43 diecast from China: 87010, Mk 1 Estate.

Unknown Make 1:42 diecast from China: 4033, Mk 1 Three Door.

Rietze 1:87 plastic from Germany: 10960, Three Door.

Rietze 1:87 plastic from Germany: 10990, Four Door

Rietze 1:87 plastic from Germany: 20970, Estate

Matchbox 1:56 diecast from China: 63, Three Door

Dickie 1:16 plastic from China: Three door, hollow plastic.

Dickie 1:19 plastic from China : Three door remote control.

Unknown make 1:15 tin: hollow tin

In 1999 Ford turned the Focus into the Escorts WRC replacement and as such became probably even more successful.

Models of the WRC became massive in number especially in full competition decoration. However a few representative examples manage to convey an idea of the cars shape and detail without the disguise of the competition finish.

A 1:18 scale masterpiece of the ’99 WRC came from Auto Art, the amount of detail is still being discovered all these years later, in fact a tiny obscure label indicating a screw to be removed prior to opening the tailgate has just been noticed, as yet no suitable screwdriver has been found.

Two WRC cars came from Burago, the smaller in 1:43 carries similar decoration to the Auto Art model but no interior fittings such as roll-over frame. The 1:24 example features quite a lot of interior details. Another with a difference came from Scalextric in their 1:32 slot car series. Markings are very similar to the Auto Art example with an additional number 5…plus a crew of two inside.

At the smaller end of the scale a very simple diecast toy sporting the letters “KJ” on the base has that distinctive WRC nose section while the interior has just the two front seats fitted. Yet another WRC came from Hongwell/Cararama and this features plenty of detail plus the internal fittings – roll bars, seat belts etc.

Auto Art China 89912 WRC 1999 Test Car 229mm 1:18 diecast 
Burago Italy 4174 WRC 1999 Test Car 96mm 1:43 diecast
Burago Italy 0118 WRC 1999 Test Car 172mm 1:24 diecast
Scalextric China C2342 WRC 1999 Test Car 130mm 1:32 plastic slot car
Kai Jai China 66566837 WRC 1999 Test Car 73mm 1:57 diecast 
Schuco   6259 WRC 1999 Test Car 57mm 1:73 diecast
Cararama   4327 WRC 1999 Test Car 95mm 1:46 diecast

Illustrations Focus World Rally Championship

Burago 1:43 diecast in Italy; 4174, 1999 WRC Test Car.

Burago 1:24 diecast in Italy: 0118. 1999 WRC test car, opening front doors, steerable wheels, full interior details’

Scalextric 1:32 plastic slot car from China: C2342, 1999 WRC Test Car, 17” 15 spoke SVT wheels.

Hongwell/Cararama 1:46 diecast: 4327, 1999 WRC Test Car opening front doors.

Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 89912, 1999 WRC Test Car, opening parts, steerable wheels masses of detail.

Kai Jai 1:57 diecast from China: 66566837, 1999 WRC Test Car.

Schuco 1:73 diecast 6259, 1999 WRC Test Car.

So far it appears that no models of the UK 2001 face-lift examples have been recorded. However, Otto produced some very nice 2002 RS Focus.

Otto   128 2002 RS 232mm 1:18 resin
Ford Calendar Collection   2003 2002 ST 170 131mm 1:32 metal

Illustrations Focus 2002 RS

Otto 1:18 resin 128, 2002 RS
Ford Calendar Collection, metal, 1:32

Meanwhile the US version differed in small details, at the front end – The lower grille had a fog light in each corner while the upper grille had amber indicators behind the mesh at each end.

A toy three door with pull-back motor came from Sunnyside, dated 1999 on the base but with the US pattern front end. Identifying most of the US model Focus cars can be a trifle difficult, for example two models having exactly the same base marked X Concepts LLC and dated 2002 are both labelled 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 (the common US term for a mid range Three Door) but differ quite noticeably. One seems to be a standard ZX3 with the prominent US pattern bumpers complete with the 15” twin five spoke allow wheels while the other based on the same main casting features plastic front and rear bumpers together with 17” 15 spoke Argent Wheels that were part of the SVT ZX3 package.
Maisto did a rather basic SVT while another slightly larger US SVT came in 1:24 from the same maker. MotorMax produced a 1:18 ZX3 Three Door described as 2002 but for some reason it lacks the amber lights behind the upper grille despite having the US front end otherwise. They also listed a 1:43 version.

Sunnyside China SS5734 US Three door 140mm 1:30 diecast
X Concepts China   US ZX3 Three Door 100mm 1:43 Diecast
X Concepts China   US SVT ZX3 Three Door 100mm 1:43 Diecast 
Maisto China 25143/173 US SVT ZX3 Three Door 109mm 1:39 Diecast
Maisto Thailand 31962 US SVT ZX3 Three Door 177mm 1:24 Diecast
MotorMax China 73127 US ZX3 Three Door 232mm 1:18 Diecast
MotorMax China 73289 US ZX3 Three door   1:43 Diecast

Illustrations – US Ford Focus Mark 1

X Concept 1:43 diecast from China: US ZX3 Three Door.

X Concept 1:43 diecast from China: US SVT ZX3 Three Door

Maisto 1:39 diecast from China: 25143/173. US SVT ZX3 Three Door “Excess Tuners”

. Sunnyside 1:30 diecast from China : SS5734, US Three Door. Opening doors and hatch.

Maisto 1:24 diecast from Thailand: 31962, US SVT ZX3 Three Door . Opening doors and hood, steerable wheels.

MotorMax 1:18 diecast from China: 73127, US ZX3 three door.

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News from the Continent December 2019 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Two releases of models took place in November 2018. Each is described separately below. Schuco-Dickie are a long established German Group which also produces Solido models following their acquisition by the Group. Models are diecast in China for Germany unless stated otherwise. The ranges shown vary in scale and in detail with the Pro ranges being the most detailed and most expensive.


450533600 Volkswagen T1 microbus “Surfer-Bus”


450185600 Piccolo Gift-Set B

450292900 Hanomag L28 Delivery van “Kreidler” with Kreidler Florett motorcycle and driver figurine

450293900 Hanomag L28 Delivery van “Horex” with Horex motorcycle and driver figurine

450249600 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gull-wing coupe, dark blue

450368900 Set “Volkswagen T1b Samba bus, box van; Pick up with crew cab and Pick up

450374300 Volkswagen Transporter T1b Samba bus, red and beige


450769900 Lanz Bulldog tractor with roof and manure barrel trailer

450781300 Fendt Favorit 622 LS tractor

450781500 Fendt 211 Vario tractor, green

450781700 Fendt 211 V Vario tractor, green

450765900 Set “Legendary tractors” – 3 models in a wooden box


450903600 Steyr 1300 System Dutra tractor


450041000 BMW Isetta Export motorcoupe, red/beige

450041100 BMW Isetta Export motorcoupe, blue/grey

450033300 Porsche 550A Spyder”Edition 70 Years of Porsche”, white


450008600 Porsche Master tractor, red


452019300 Set ‘Volkswagen Transporter T1’ ( three models )


452632800 Volkswagen Transporter T1c box van with trailer, loaded with Porsche tractor

452634100 Mercedes-Benz O 321 Bus “German Bundespost”


452636360 MAN 7t gl. KAT1 Rocket launcher Lars II, German Bundeswehr

452636400 MAN 5t gl KAT1 tank truck with spots-camouflage


403551694 Junkers Ju52/3m

403551682 Ju-Air, Junkers Ju52/3m


403551691 Boeing 777-300 Air France ‘Olympia 2024’

Second Release November 2018


450559500 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Piccolo Assembling Box ‘The little Gullwing-Mechanic’


450310300 Mercedes-Benz Lo 2750 Flatbed truck “German Reichspost”

450310400 Mercedes-Benz Lo 2750 Flatbed truck ‘Christmas 2018’

450367600 Porsche 911 S – sepia brown


450904100 Magirus Deutz O 6500 ‘Soccer World Champion Germany 1954’


450769300 Lanz Ackerluft Tractor with half track

450778600 Güldner G60A tractor with roof and front loader

450776000 John Deere Harvester 1270G 8W with log

450779900 Hanomag Robust 900 tractor with front loader

Edition 1:18

450011700 K.L. Bulldog tractor – red

450011900 Lanz Bulldog halftrack -blue

450014700 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U401 with wild boar – green


450006800 BMW 850i Cabriolet – red

450006900 BMW 850i Cabriolet – blue


403551690 Airbus A330-300 “KLM”

403551693 Boeing 777-300 “Japan Air Force 1”

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Dinky Toys French Ford Trash Truck

By Terry Hardgrave

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

This is another favorite Dinky Toys model of mine, this time made by the French factory from 1952 to 1955. It is the French Ford Refuse Truck, or Trash Truck, number 25v, and features the tilting rear bed, with sliding covers and the opening rear compartment door. In French, it was called the Ford Benne à Ordures. This is another one that I bought directly from H. Hudson Dobson in the US.

One of my early Dinky Toy “jewels”… why do I call it a jewel? Because I bought this when I was only about 14, and I was immediately impressed with how solid and impressive it was. This refuse or trash truck is somewhat smaller than the English Bedford version, but, to me, it is just more impressive. It has a rack to raise the rear bed, the sliding covers are a much more precise, and tighter fit, and the dark green finish looks like it was poured on.

This was my very first Dinky Toys French commercial vehicle bought  in 1959, during a crazy two year stint where I bought dozens and dozens of new Dinky’s.  And, after almost 60 years, it is still one of my favorites.  As a young boy, I was immediately struck and impressed with this French Ford trash truck… first, and most noticeable, was the gleaming, mile-deep dark green paint. 

But I was also impressed with the snug, closely fit sliding doors on the top. Sliding them open, then closed, was amazing; they were so smooth… very different than its English cousin, the Bedford trash truck.  Then, there was the tilting mechanism, with a rack and gear operation, that was also so smooth and precise.  There was a lot going on, in a fairly small package!

Years later, I would aspire to slowly collect the other French Ford trucks, a rather unique set of about 8 different models, with two different wheelbases: a short and a long version.  Great little trucks from a bygone era, but this is the one that really caught my attention, so long ago… and it is still almost pristine!

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News from the Continent December 2018 – Busch Group

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All text by, and copyright of, the Author. Photographs are supplied by the Manufacturer and the Author.

Here we look at the new releases announced for the Busch group companies which should have become available in November 2018. All are moulded i plastic to 1:87 scale unless otherwise stated.

Busch Models

41802 Ford E-350 Ambulance “German Red Cross Fulda”

44035 Dodge Power Wagon “American Fire Department”

44036 Dodge Power Wagon “American Fire Department Brush I

44037 Dodge Power Wagon US Army

45056 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe – two tone green with custom wheels 

46135-04 Smart Fortwo 07 “Car2go – I drive you home”

48135-05 Smart Fortwo 07 “Car2go – Rhineland Express”

47513 Ford Mustang Cabriolet “Metallica” – red

47573 Ford Mustang Coupe “Stripes” – silver

50366 Land Rover Defender “French Police”

51122 Mercdes-Benz Vito “German Red Cross – Emergency Doctor”

51166 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Emergency Doctor Fire Brigade of Essen”

51418 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 1990 “Fire Department City of Essen”

EsPeWe Models

EsPeWe models are based upon vehicles produced in the former DDR.

95171 IFA W50L BTP (Building crew Vehicle DDR mail)

95600 IFA S4000 TLF 16 – Fire Department

This is a new mould. The S4000, seen here as a tank fire engine, was manufactured between 1959 and 1967. The crew cabin was made to seat 6 people.

95601 IFA S4000 TLF 16

Here the new mould is used to create a mining accident rescue vehicle.

Robur Bus LO 2500

Another new mould. Here in the form of a bus that was manufactured between 1961 and 1964. 

95700 Robur LO 2500 bus – orange

95701 Robur LO 2500 bus – blue

95702 Robur LO 2500 bus “DDR Interflug)

95703 Robur LO 2500 bus – red

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The Ford Car in Miniature – Mustang 1999-2003

By Dave Turner

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

“Definitely Racy” Ford Mustang 1999-2003

When the 1999 Mustang appeared it looked very similar to the preceding 1998 at first glance but closer inspection showed it differed in almost every detail. Models of the 1994-1998 Mustangs were featured in Model Auto Review online for May 2016. This second version of the Fox4 series had the headlamp/indicator assembly and grille aperture subtly deeper while overall it was 1½ inches wider. A central ‘scoop’ towards the rear of the hood was new while the Mustang logo in the grille now had a plated surround. The wheelbase remained the same but the cars length was increased by 2”. The sides were slightly less bulbous but the ‘intake’ in front of the rear wheel opening was considerably deeper.

The rear end was somehow sharper, the triple rear lights each side were taller and no longer in distinctly separate sections while the rear bumper was much heavier and featured a row of small slots just above the lower edge. A slightly more aggressive character had been created with the general styling, Inside the layout of the facia was basically along the same lines as the 1998.

A 3.8 litre V6 and 15” wheels came with the standard model while a 4.6 V8 and 16” or 17” wheels came with the GT versions. In addition there were the inevitable ‘specials’ such as the 5000 35th Anniversary editions in black silver white or red plus some Cobras that boasted independent rear suspension.

For 2000 a Cobra R intended for competition use arrived complete with 5.4 litre Roush engine accompanied by a higher rear wing and a massive front spoiler. The following years cars can be identified by having a deeper scoop on the hood while a special run of 6500 commemorated the film Bullitt based on a lowered standard GT finished in the same shade of Forest Green as the 1968 car from the film, together with special 17” alloy wheels.

The Mach 1 name returned for 2003, again limited to just 6500 and was a colour stripe exercise on a ½” lower GT with a de-rated 32 valve Cobra 4.6 V8 while paying homage to the Mach 1s of previous years down to the ‘shaker’ hood. It was created as a step up from the regular GT but below the up-rated for 2003 Cobra that got a supercharged 4.6 motor with more aggressive looking front and rear spoilers. From mid 2003 just 2003 coupe and convertible 10th Anniversary SVT Cobras were made sporting two-tone leather seats and special 17” wheels with red brake callipers.


There have been so many models of this particular series of Mustang that it may be easier to take them year by year.

Ford Mustang 1999

1999 and Johnny Lightning did a small series of models from the US TV series VIP. Among them was a well detailed GT convertible with the top up in a non standard yellow with white stripes as well as a Cobra front spoiler and plated six-spoke wheels that don’t appear in the Ford brochure. A second series had this GT with the top down.
Maisto also offered a 1999 in this scale but although the shape was excellent there was very little detail, and no interior. However Maisto also issued some 1:24 and 1:18 1999 Mustangs tha,t at the inexpensive end of the price range, were excellent value. The 1:24 models were an open GT and an SVT Cobra Coupe. The larger Maistos depicted the GT in both coupe and open convertible form and lack nothing in detail down to the optional 17” argent painted five spoke alloy wheels.

Back to the small scale and Matchbox did no less than 17 versions of their little diecast in coupe, convertible and ‘glasstop’ form in numerous finishes. Mattel produced even more of their 1999 Coupe, at least 20, and unlike most Hot Wheels they are reasonably ‘stock’ in appearance.

If it’s a plastic kit you like then Revell/Monogram did a 1:25 1999 Cobra while a range that was sold through regular leaflets was National Motor Museum Mint and they also included a 1999 GT.

Welly did their GT Coupe in no less than four sizes, and while they are firmly in the toy end of the spectrum – spray painted with doors closed so bare metal in aperture – they represent quite acceptable miniatures of the subject.

Johnny Lightning China 2000 235B GT Convertible  top up from VIP 76mm 1:61 diecast
Johnny Lightning China 2001 235B GT Convertible  open from VIP 76mm 1:61 diecast
Maisto China 15044 Hardtop 75mm 1:62 diecast.
Maisto China 2007 31946 SVT Cobra Coupe 1:24 diecast
Maisto China 2007 31961 GT Convertible 1:24 diecast
Maisto China 2007 31860 GT Coupe 250mm 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 2007 31861 GT Convertible open 250mm 1:18 diecast
Matchbox China 2002 92203 GT Coupe  “35th Anniversary’ 76mm 1:61 diecast
Matchbox China 2002 97345 GT Convertible open “Coca Cola” 76mm 1:61 diecast
Matchbox China 2002 177EA GT Coupe Plastic top 76mm 1:61 diecast
Mattel Malaysia 1998 21056 GT Coupe      (20 versions) 72mm 1:65 diecaast
Monogram 2535 Cobra Coupe 1:15 plastic kit
National Motor Museum Mint F99MUS GT
Welly China 2041 GT Coupe 77mm 1:61 diecast
Welly China 9399 GT Coupe 1:43 diecast
Welly China 9753 GT Coupe 119mm 1:39 diecast
Welly China 9878 GT Coupe 1:24 diecast


Ford Mustang 2000

Auto Art entered the 1999-2003 series in 2001 with their excellent SVT Cobra R 2000 featuring all the detail one could imagine including the twin exhausts and slender 5 spoke wheels. Maisto also did the self-same subject in the same scale and while it lacks to subtle quality of the Auto Art it can stand proudly in any 1:18 cabinet.

Irwin did a range of projectile plastic toys in 2000 called “Blazin’ Key Cars” fired from a catapult type creation during which a plastic ‘flame’ appears from the rear panel of the car. A simple 2000 Coupe in the range captures the basic shape quite well.

The Johnny Lightning casting appeared in Coupe form and well detailed as an SVT Cobra complete with opening hood and simple engine detail and now correct 5 spoke wheels. A 1:25 plastic battery powered GT Coupe came from Empire Inc. This was apparently based on existing tooling, the sunroof and hood being stuck down the latter revealing a printed circuit where the ‘engine’ had been. Compartment in the underside accepts 3 x AA batteries while control buttons are located on the left side door but the general appearance is spoiled by the over wide rear track, the otherwise acceptable rear wheels projecting from the body sides Carlos Fandango fashion. “GT 4.6L’ badges are printed on the front fenders despite what looks like a Cobra spoiler on the trunk lid.

Labelled “Toymax” on its plastic base a 1:44 diecast Coupe that appears to have lost its rear wing could have been a Cobra – the rear licence plate does in fact have that name on it. A compartment in the base takes a couple of AAA batteries while a three prong connector is located under the rear.

Auto Art China 2001 72771 SVT Cobra R 2000 Coupe 255mm 1:18 diecast
Irwin China GT Coupe 74mm 1:62 plastic
Johnny Lightning China 2001 235 SVT Cobra Coupe 76mm 1:61 diecast
Empire Inc. China 1999 GT Coupe 187mm 1:25 plastic
Maisto Thailand 2007 31872 SVT Cobra R 2000 Coupe 255mm 1:18 diecast
Toymax China 1998 Cobra coupe 105mm 1:44 diecast.

Ford Mustang 2001

Auto Art again and they did the 2001 Bullit in both green and black featuring all the expected detail from that range. In the smaller 1:64 scale a record exists of a 2001 Cobra from Tiger Wheels.

Auto Art China 2002 72851 Bullit coupe 244mm 1:18 diecast
Tiger Wheels Cobra 1:64
Ford Mustang 2003/4

So far no miniature Mustangs have been found that are described as 2002 but a few for 2003 (and 2004) have been noted.

Auto Art did several Mach 1s listed as 2003 and 2004 in their catalogues. Close study reveals only one difference – the 2004 example has a circular Mustang design on the front fender while the 2003 has the more familiar horse in front of a red, white and blue sash. Regardless, the models are superb in every way down to the exclusive 17” ‘Heritage’ design five spoke wheels and buckles on the seat belts.. Also listed as 2004 by Auto Art were their 40th Anniversary GT Coupes and these look just like their Bullit models with the same wheels, and even have the “Bullit” name on the tail.

Maisto were in there too with Coupe and Convertible versions of the 2003 SVT Cobra that look a bit more civilised than the R version with its aggressive front spoiler etc. To Maisto’s credit they have reproduced the 32 valve supercharged V8 – different to the ‘engine’ in their 2000 Cobra. The absence of the unique Fork-spoke 17” wheels suggest that these weren’t intended to be 10th Anniversary version.

Auto Art China 73002 Mach 1 Coupe 244mm 1:18 diecast
Auto Art China 73006 Mach 1 Coupe  (2004) 244mm 1:18 diecast
Auto Art China 72856 GT Coupe 40th Anniversary (2004) 244mm 1:18 diecast
Maisto Thailand 2007 31646 SVT Cobra Convertible 245mm 1:18 diecast
Maisto Thailand 2007 31647 SVT Cobra Coupe 245mm 1:18 diecast

Illustrations Ford Mustang 1999-2004



Johnny Lightning 1:61 diecast from China: 235B, 1999 GT Convertible top up from VIP TV Series.

Welly 1:61 diecast from China: 2041, 1999 GT Coupe

Welly 1:39 diecast from China: 9753, 1999 GT Coupe

Maisto 1:62 diecast from China: 15044, 1999 Coupe.

Maisto 1:18 diecast from Thailand: 31860,1999 GT Coupe

Maisto 1:18 diecast from Thailand: 31861, 1999 GT Convertible open.

Matchbox 1:61 diecast from China: 92203, 1999 GT Coupe 35th Anniversary.

Matchbox 1:61 diecast from China: 97345, 1999 GT Convertible open Coca Cola.

Matchbox 1:61 diecast from China: 177EA, 1999 GT Coupe glasstop.

Hot Wheels 1:65 diecast from Malaysia: 21056, 1999 GT Coupe.

Irwin 1:62 plastic from China: 2000 GT Coupe “Blazin’ Key Car”

Johnny Lightning 1:61 diecast from China: 235, 2000 SVT Cobra Coupe, two slightly different wheel patterns.

Empire Inc. 1:25 plastic from China: 2000 GT Coupe.

Maisto 1:18 diecast from Thailand: 31872, 2000 SVT Cobra R 2000 Coupe. Toymax 1:44 diecast from China: 2000 Cobra Coupe

Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 73002, 2003 Mach 1 Coupe.

Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 73006, Mach 1 Coupe (2004)
The circular fender insignia on the 2004 Mach 1


Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 72856, GT 40th Anniversary Coupe (2004)

Maisto 1:18 diecast fromThailand: 31647, 2003 SVT Cobra Coupe.

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The Ford in Miniature – 2001 Fortyniner

By Dave Turner

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

Around Ford’s Centenary in 2003 numerous events and creations were produced to celebrate the achievement . One of these was a concept called the Fortyniner as a tribute to the 1949 Ford that in reality could be said to have saved the company in the years following the Second World War. Two examples were created, a black closed car with an all glass top and a red convertible.

That original ’49 Ford featured what was regarded as radical new styling for the time embodying a simple shape with clean body panels combined with what were then modern conveniences. The 1949 Ford was presented with the Fashion Academy Award in both 1949 and 1950. This fifty year later concept car appeared in 2001 and was styled keeping to those original ideas and marrying them to what were significant custom car touches from the period as well as modern elegant and clean lines from Italian designers such as Ghia.

Appearing a year earlier in 2000 was the new Thunderbird concept that subsequently went into production in virtually the same form. Much of the character of this new Thunderbird was also incorporated into the Fortyniners styling.

The concept was powered by a 3.9 litre 32 valve V8 Thunderbird engine, the front fender badges are in the Thunderbird style and are lettered “Powered by”.

So far the only model of the Fortyniner concept to be found came from Auto Art at the time of the real thing and as usual they have done a superb job of it. At 1:18 it represents the ‘closed’ version and captures the simple but elegant lines perfectly having opening doors hood and trunk, steerable front wheels and a complete interior. The latter features the distinctive central ‘console’ that was part of the cars structure while such things as the cruise and radio controls located on the steering wheel was done to echo those bright horn rings of fifty years previous – have all been depicted. Turning the model over reveals a plethora of engine, transmission, drive line, steering and suspension detail. Beware, while enjoying the examination the projecting mirrors are vulnerable and delicate.

Auto Art China 72031 2003 Fortyniner concept closed 266mm 1:18 Diecast



Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 72031, Ford Fortyniner concept.

Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 72031, rear view of Fortyniner.


With MIRA 1:18 diecast from Spain: 6250, 1949 Ford Coupe the inspiration for the Fortyniner concept.

Rear view of the two Ford Coupes.

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Models 56 by Armco and a Load of Cobras: Part 2 Cobras

By Mick Haven

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author. Photographs will be found at the end of the article.

As mentioned previously in MAR Online, Gateway Models near Brisbane, which Graeme referred to, is the trader I have dealt with the longest, probably seventeen years or so. I was fortunate enough to pay them a visit while down there in September 2017. From the outside it looks nothing like a model shop. Appearances are deceptive. It takes something special to keep me quiet but I was temporarily speechless there, and I didn’t see all of it. The place is stacked with model cars.

He also mentions the Falcon ‘Cobra’ GT, although I’m not sure that ‘GT’ is the correct title as I believe the correct designation is ‘XC’. The XC followed on from the very successful XA/XBGT ranges, produced from 1973 to 1976. The XC family was introduced in 1976, and would include a GS500 ‘Hardtop’, a large coupe, not dissimilar to the afforementioned Torino. In October 1977, Allan Moffat, partnered by Formula 1 legend, Jacky Ickx, would win the legendary Hardie-Ferodo 1000 at Bathurst in an XC GS500 Hardtop, in the famous ‘1-2 form finish’ for Team Moffat. By the end of the race his car was virtually brakeless and should have come second, but he was team owner and orders is orders.

By the end of 1977, Ford Australia had built 13 ‘special order’ XC GS500 Hardtops. The modifications on these cars would become the basis for the Cobra XC ‘Option 97’. The company decided to capitalise on the 1977 Bathurst result and wanted to go racing so they needed a suitable car. Four hundred examples of whatever they chose had to have been built to meet CAMS homologation rules. It just so happened they had four hundred XC bodies left over with no buyers when production of the big coupe ceased in April 1978.

Rather than scrap them, Edsel Ford II, who was Ford Australia Managing Director. at the time, suggested they be saved and could be offered to the public as a road going race car. Production began in July of that year. I believe I read some time ago that Carroll Shelby was approached for permission to call the car ‘Cobra’, and to use the familiar Shelby stripes and Cobra badging. By coincidence, the colour scheme was the international colours for American racing cars, as seen on the Le Mans Cunninghams of the 1950s, e.g. Britain had its British Racing Green, Italy was red, France blue and so on.
Four hundred blue and white road going Cobra XCs were built, in two variants, Option 96 and Option 97. Of the four hundred, only 30 were Option 97s. These were numbered from 002 to 0031, and would be known as ‘Bathurst Specials’. The first two hundred would have a 5.8L 351 motor, the remainder would have a 4.9L 302 cu. in. Two exceptions were car number 001 which would have the 302 cu. in. motor, and car number 351 which had a motor of that capacity.

There are a number of differences between the two, mainly under the skin, but the most obvious externally is the addition of a ‘power bulge’ on the bonnet of the Option 97 in addition to the two ‘flared nostril’ intakes already in place on the Option 96, and on previous XAs, XBs and XCs, including four door saloon, estate, Ute and van variants. The XC Cobras would also have their own blue and black seats and ‘Globe’ alloy wheels. I’ve got three of these, one in 1:64th scale, one in 43rd scale and one in 1:18th, all by Biante. In model and 1:1 scale, Option 97s are sought after. A genuine full size Option 97 can command big dollars if and when one comes up for sale. Even the Option 96 doesn’t come cheap, but these do get offered from time to time, with prices usually around $100,000 AUD, some more, some less.

Graeme makes mention of its size, citing, ‘some views show it to be a compact’. I’ve referred to it as the ‘big coupe’. So how big were they? They are, or were, easily on a par with the Holden (Vauxhall) Monaro and Audi A5 coupe familiar on UK roads today. For comparison the XAGT coupe was 4808 mm L x 1969 W x 1369 H. The Monaro and A5 are 4789 L x 1841 W x 1397 H and 4673 L x 2029 W x 1371 H respectively, so compact they weren’t. It weighed in at 3500 lbs. I did see one at Ford Fair some years ago and compact it wasn’t. Also, some time ago, I exchanged e mails with a guy who lived in the Oxfordshire countryside and he had an XC Cobra. Negotiating those narrow country lanes with it was interesting to say the least. Attached are the pics he sent me. What I didn’t know at the time was that there were the two variants. Looking at the pics while writing this, I noticed that it’s an Option 97. How much is that worth today? I think he worked for TWR at the time as one picture shows the car outside TWRs premises. I know he emigrated to Australia taking the XC with him. There is much racing footage of them on You Tube. I imagine they were a real handful at racing speeds and they would clock up to 170 mph down Conrod Straight.

From a collecting perspective, the 1:43rd scale is one which I’ve had as long or longer than virtually of all my Australians, for at least fifteen years, possibly more. It almost certainly came from those good ol’ boys at Gateway. The 1:18th scale came next, bought at a Ford dealership near Melbourne, and the 1:64th example by Biante Minicars would eventually follow some years later. Even so, I’ve had that since at least 2011, as it was in a display of Ford models I showed when the club, South Hants Model Auto Club put on a display at Ford fair that year. I also had another one in 1:87 scale by Cooee Road Ragers (Made under contract by Oxford Diecast). The Biante Minicars 1:64 example is my only Option 97 Cobra XC in the familiar white with blue stripes colour scheme, the other two being Option 96s. The total number of Option 97s I have in three scales is eight, of which two are 1:18 scales two are 1:64 scale, and the remainder in 1:43.

One is the Allan Moffat/John Fitzpatrick GS 500 Hardtop ‘Federation’ car number 25 from Bathurst 1979, and I have one of those in 1:43rd scale and one by Biante Minicars. The other 1:18 scale is Biante’s Carter/Lawrence ‘Brian Wood Ford’ from Bathurst 1978, resplendent in its overall dark blue with red and yellow stripes with wide yellow ‘Magnum’ five slot racing wheels with slick tyres. Two of the 1:43rd scales are as raced in 1978 and 1979, by Dick Johnson, the latter a car which he co-drove with ex Formula 1 and Le Mans winner Vern Schuppan at Bathurst. The ‘79 car would be dubbed ‘reverse Cobra’, owing to the body colours being ‘the other way round’ i.e. with white stripes over blue, rather the more familiar blue stripes on a white body. A unique feature about the stripes was in their application and defied the norm. Apparently, rather than take a white body and then apply the blue stripes across the body and along the sides, the blue bits  were applied first, then taped over and the car painted white. Very odd.

Another one is the 1978 Bathurst XC Cobra of once again, Moffat and Ickx, carrying race #1, relating to their win the year before. They couldn’t repeat the heroics of 1977 and the car was a DNF. The other model shown is of the Garry Wilmington/Jeff Barnes 1978 Bathurst runner. This model was produced by Trax in 1993, by whom I have two Falcon road coupes, one of which is an Option 97. Trax also released a Cobra XC Option 96 and a small number of other XBGT and XCs in 1:43 scale, including the # 25 Federation car and the ‘Brian Wood Ford’. They also produced a model of the Jack and Geoff Brabham car from Bathurst 1977. The total number of XA/XB and XC coupes in my collection is twenty seven in three scales, including, aside from the Moffat/Ickx ’77 car, the XAGT Bathurst winners from 1973 and ’74, plus one XBGT saloon by Trax from their Opal range. There are a number of XC Cobra models in other scales by other manufacturers. OzLegends have both Option 96 and 97 in 1:32 scale and these can be found on eBay. Dinkum Classics is another manufacturer of the popular coupe. Models of XA/XB GTs can occasionally be found on eBay, and some via dealers ‘down under’, of which I’m happy to report, there are still a large number. Biante’s XC Cobra in 1:43 scale is rarer, while an Option 96 in 1:18 scale, although slightly less rare, commands good money, see below. Those with deeper pockets may be interested in XA/XB and XCs in 1:18 scale. For example, at the time of writing, Hobby_Link have a Biante Auto Art Moffat/Ickx 1978 Bathurst XC in that scale, for a mere £462.56 plus just £13.11 shipping, or $809.95 + $22.95 AUD if you prefer. Gateway have an Option 96 for just £227.87 + £51.40 shipping, or $489.00 including shipping. Seen on eBay is the Moffat #25 car at £313.46 + £40.68 shipping. This model doesn’t even have the  ‘Camel’ sponsor decals, owing to tough Australian tobacco advertising laws. They can be obtained from other sources. As with all internet buys, prices vary from seller to seller. Then there’s always the added danger of getting stung by Customs and Royal Mail. Ouch! Sometimes I’ve been caught, other times I’ve got lucky and paid nothing. As an owner of more than twenty 1:18th scales by both Biante and Classic Carlectables, I should add that they are superb and worth every penny.

When I first started collecting them all those years ago, I was astonished at the quality and detail to be found on them, and at the time, with a good exchange rate, great value for money too. Many have opening doors boot and bonnet, steerable wheels and fully detailed engines with plug leads etc, and detailed undersides and interiors, despite being well over ten years old. Biante’s FPV GT nee Falcon XR8, even has a carpeted boot mat and a fire extinguisher. Although a tad more expensive these days, they still make great value. The race cars are truly magnificent. Collectors of Scalextric are not ignored either. There are many fine slot car models of Australian race cars which would make great display models. There’s a plethora of them on eBay including the XA/XB XCs and V8 Supercars. Earlier in the year I took delivery of their Dick Johnson Sierra RS500 1989 Bathurst winner and very nice it is too. Shame about the driver figure. Is that really the great man? How fortunate I am that neither my house or my wallet are overly large.


Just for the record, for any MAR Online readers who may be interested in exploring the wonderful world of Australian die casts, I can thoroughly recommend the following traders; Biante, Gateway, Motorfocus, Kollectable Kaos, Jays Models, Pit Stop Models, Top Gear aka Trax, Ace Models, Replicars and Automodelli among many others. There’s always eBay of course from where I got many of mine, but beware, many sellers on eBay au, won’t post up here. If they do they’ll be on eBay UK. A model shop, where you can browse to your hearts content, still exists in Australia. In the early days, I was even ordering them from main car dealers, who usually stock a fine selection of models appertaining to the brand of car, e.g. Ford or Holden. DJR race car models can also be ordered directly from DJR/Team Penske. Classic Carlectables, another fine brand, cannot be sourced directly from them, but the XA, XB and XC doesn’t feature in their range. Their excellent web site does list every model they have ever produced, including a picture of each one and the release date. Biante’s web site does list all their releases since 1998 under the heading, ‘customer service’, then ‘view the list here’, but it stops at 2014 and there are no pictures. The coupes were released long before that.

Give the above traders and models, and eBay a look, you won’t be disappointed. Appreciation for some of the above goes to ‘Wiki’ and to Bill Tuckey from his book   ‘True Blue’ 75 Years of Ford in Australia.

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A Brazilian in Australian V8 Supercars

By Sergio Luis dos Santos

I live in Brazil and collect 1:43 scale cars from Brazilian drivers but no “open wheels” like Formula 1 or Indy cars. This makes my collection very specialized and keeps me on the hunt for hard-to-find and special editions, as well as some modified models.

As for the Australian V8 Supercars, Max Wilson raced there from 2002 to 08;  some info his career is here: Unfortunately,  only the cars from 2002, 03 and 04 seasons were released by Biante. They are also found in 1:64 and 1:18 scale. They are hard to find outside Australia so my search went through Australian eBay and some local shops that would ship the models to Brasil.

The Biante cars are:
  1. Ford AU Falcon Nº 65, 2002 season. Model nº 286 of 2000 released.
  2. Ford BA Falcon Nº 18, 2003 season. Model nº 193 of 2000 released.
  3. Ford BA Falcon Nº 888, 2004 season. Model nº 242 of 1000 released.

The models are very finely done (good details and tampo printing) but were manufactured years ago.  Looking at Biante’s current offerings, they may look even better.  Since there are no more Brazilian drivers racing them, I haven´t bought any of the newer releases.  Maybe one day Biante will release the other Max Wilson cars so I could fill in the gap years: 2005 to 08.

To show some further models, here are two more cars raced by Max Wilson in Brasil.
  1. Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Nº 19. He raced at Interlagos, São Paulo, in the ITC Championship in 1996.  An easy mod using an HPI model.
  2. Chevrolet Sonic Nº 65 from the Brazilian Stock Car partworks. He raced this car in the 2016 season.

I hope you enjoy these photos!

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News from the Continent September 2018 – Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All text by, and copyright of, the Author. Photographs provided by the manufacturer.

Here are the new releases from Busch for September. All are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale.

Combine harvester Progress E514

The successor of the type E512 was in a number of points improved self-driving harvesting machine for threshing cereals, oilfruits and pulses.Production started in 1982. In the former DDR, the vehicle was also used for harvesting maize and sunflowers.

40174 Combine harvester Progress 514 with maize picker – blue
40175 Combine harvester Progress 514 with maize picker – green


41710 Pontiac Firebird TransAm – red


45001 Chevrolet Bel Air – Flames


The concept: Smart forTwo cars parked around the City which can be hired like the bicycle schemes in many cities.

46135-01 Smart Fortwo 07 Car2go – free tanker
46135-02 Smart Fortwo 07 Car2go – Local patriot
46135-03 Smart Fortwo 07 Car2go – Rhineland Express


46656 Plymouth Fury “Tennessee State Trooper


47365 Citroen Jumper “French Gendarmerie”


47524 Ford Mustang Cabriolet with soft top – yellow


49820 Mercedes-Benz M-Class W164 “Emergency Doctor – Herford”


50362 Land Rover Defender “British Airport”


51127 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Patrol car of the German Autobahn Police”


51128 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Portugesian Taxi”


51167 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Politi (Norwegian Police)”

Barkas Collection latest releases

Eight differently coloured and liveried Barkas V901/2 half-bus or box van have been produced as a mini-series.

51292 Barkas Halfbus V901/2 No. 7 “BVF Carburettor Factory of Berlin”

51293 Barkas Halfbus V901/2 No. 8 “KfZ Werke Ernst Grube Werdau”


51508 IFA G5 1959 “NVA loaded with convoy-way plates”

The 6×6 truck loaded with typical pre-manufactured concrete pieces for the reinforcement of the paths along the German/German border.

51509 IFA G5 1960 “NVA with crane and loaded with boundary posts”

51605 Robur LO 1800A “Measuring vehicle for tractor tests”

EsPeWe Models 1:87 Scale


95234 IFA W50 LA/A “Sea rescue service”

95236 IFA W50 LA/A “Fire brigade”

Busch Aircraft models


25018 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G6 Hungary

The Me 109 G6 aircraft from 1944 is painted in the colours of the 101st fighter group, also known as the Puma Group. The group was created under the command of wing commander Aladar Heppes for the Royal Hungarian Airforce. Approximately 760 aircraft fought with the Luftwaffe against the Red Army along the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

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