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Amalgam Collection

By Maz Woolley

All photographs are by the manufacturers.

I recently stumbled over a company that I had never heard of before whose sales are targeted only at the richest model collectors. Amalgam models based in Bristol in the United Kingdom create large scale exhibition standard models to the orders of racing teams and wealthy car owners as well as a few batches of models of classic subjects for more general sale. These models are all to large scales between 1:18 and 1:8 and often include fine scale opening features and a very high standard of finish. The models are targeted at the wealthy who buy  luxury brand chronometers and fine and classic cars as you can see on their website

The company was created in 1985 by four model makers making scale buildings for Architects practices, They still work in that field and for Naval Architects as well as making the Amalgam Collection of model cars.  They focused on supplying the leading F1 teams and Europe’s luxury car manufacturers.  It is now owned by a US media company, Motorsport Network. In recent years cars from Ralph Lauren’s collection  have been modelled and sold in his flagship stores. They offer a bespoke service building a model of your car to order.

As might be expected these are very expensive models. A 1:8 scale racing Aston Martin costs about the same as a small new car in the UK. Their standard 1:18 scale models such as the one shown below are slightly more expensive than an equivalent hand built model model from BBR.


I have selected two cars they have modelled from different ends of the collection to look at. The first one has been modelled many times to different standards and is from their 1:18 collection. The Ferrari 250 LM #21 which was the overall winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1965 driven by Jochen Rindt, and Masten Gregory. This model is to 1:18 scale.

The model appears from the photographs to be well moulded  and detailed as one would expect.  A lot of attention has been lavished on the box and all the luxury add-ons and presentation.

The interior appears to be detailed to the same standard as the exterior. The tiny Ferrari badge in the centre of the steering wheel is present and the wood effect wheel rim nicely modelled.

Perspex sliding windows are well modelled and the fuel filler and air inlets are nicely captured and convincing.

Front and rear detailing is well done and wheels and tyres are excellent as well.

Finally by way of comparison is a picture of the BBR model of the 250 from 1967. To my eye the Amalgam model is roughly on a par with BBR ones in standards as well as price though not marketed to collectors in the same way.

At the other end of the offerings from Amalgam are hand made 1:8 scale models such as this of the Aston Martin DBR9 which raced at Sebring in 2005. which is currently out of stock.

There are no opening or moving parts on this model which is made to be displayed. The model is finished to an extremely high standard with the wheels and brakes being particularly beautifully executed.

All the logos are incredibly well reproduced and details like the town point are captured well. The fine modelling of the rear wing is excellent though it looks fragile even in this large scale.

The overhead view on a plinth is the only view where it looks like a model rather than a real car.


All in all a wonderful scale model but then it needs to be one could buy a new Hyundai i10 for less money than such a model would cost!

Few collectors could afford these models or will see them unless they attend manufacturers exhibitions. However they are interesting as they show a corner of the model making industry not generally seen in the general press.

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News from the Continent Oct/Nov 2016 – M4 Modelcars Italy

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

This posting covers the releases for  September/October 2016 by M4 companies: ART, BEST and RIO. All models are to 1:43 scale and diecast unless stated otherwise and photographs have been supplied by M4.

ART Models


ART352 Ferrari 375 Plus – Winner of Le Mans 1954 – Gonzalez/Trintignant #4 – Chassis #036 (Resin)

ART353 Ferrari 850S – Tourist Trophy 1955 – Maglioli/Trintignant #5 – Chassis #0578 – 8th

ART354 Ferrari 750 Monza – Tourist Trophy 1954 – Hawthorn/Trintignant #15 – Chassis #0440

ART355 Ferrari 250 California – Winner of 2 hour Relay Marlboro 1961 – A.Wylie #2 – Chassis # 1085

BEST Models


BEST9637 Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.2 – 1965 – Saratoga white

BEST9638 Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.2 HF – Tour de Corse 1965 – Cella/Gamenara. #119 – Amaranto Montebello (Official debut of Lancia in Rally Racing)

BEST9639 Porsche 908/02 Flunder – Test 1000 km Nürburgring 1971 – Von Hohenzollern/von Bayern #5

BEST9640 Alfa Romeo 33.2 – 6 hours of Watkins Glen 1968 – Kwech/Martino #33

BEST9641 Ferrari 308 GTB4 LM – Test Fiorano 1976 – Niki Lauda

BEST9642 Porsche 908/02 Flunder – Le Mans 1973 – Wicky/Cohen Oliver/Carron #52

BEST9643 Abarth 1000 SP – Rovereto/Asiago 1971 – M.Baldo #364

BEST9644 Lola T70 Coupe – 12 hours of Sebring 1968 – Bonnier/Axelsson #10

RIO Models

RIO4511 Fiat 1500 6C – Guardia Nazionale Republicana 1941 (Police)

RIO4512 Fiat 1500 6C – Fire Brigade 1948 – red

RIO4513 Volkswagen Beetle 1949 Cabriolet closed – grey

RIO4514 Citroen DS21 – Rally Monte Carlo 1970 – Pouderoux/Vincent #27

RIO4515 Fiat 1500 C6 – Taxi Milano 1940

RIO4516 Fiat 238 – Service car Lancia Rally Team

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News from the Continent – Looksmart and BBR 1:18 scale September 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Looksmart have now released four new Lamborghini Huracan GT3 models in 1:18 scale resin moulded in China for Germany.


LS18_05C Huracan GT3 Team Imperiale 2nd Monza 2016 Race 1


LS18_05E Huracan GT3 Konrad Motorsport 24h Daytona 2016


LS18_05F Huracan GT3 Carbonium with Silver Roof


LS18_05H Huracan GT3 Full Carbonium



BBR has recently announced a new 1:18 scale resin model originated in Italy of the ever popular Ferrari 365 California as owned by Charles Bronson.  Photographs supplied by BBR are shown below.




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News from the Continent June/July 16 – M4 Modelcars

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The following releases are all expected in July 2016. All the models listed are diecast to 1:43 scale in Italy unless otherwise stated.


ART Models

18602 ART343 18603 ART343bART343 Ferrari 857 S

Grand Prix of Cuba 1957 – A. De Portago #12 – Chassis No. #0584

18604 ART344 18605 ART344b

ART344 Ferrari 500 Mondial

Palm Springs 1955 – B.Kessier #7 – Chassis No. #0448 (Made from Resin)

BEST Models

18606 BEST9625 18607 BEST9625b

BEST9625 Ferrari 330 GTC

This is based upon a car owned by the Italian film star Marcello Mastroianni

18608 BEST9626 18609 BEST9626b

BEST9626 Jaguar E-Type Coupe

This now appears in light green metallic paint

18610 BEST9627 18611 BEST9627b

BEST9627 Porsche 908/03

Nurburgring Interserie 1972 –R.Jost #41

18612 BEST9010_2 18613 BEST9010_2b

BEST99010/2 Ferrari 250 LM

Le Mans 1965 – Dumay/Gosselin #26

RIO Models

18614 RIO4500 18615 RIO4500b

RIO4500 Fiat 238

Knorr delivery van 1974

18616 RIO4501 18617 RIO4501b

RIO4501 Citroen DS21

Rally Monte Carlo 1970, drivers Salomon and Saintigny #62

18618 RIO4502 18619 RIO4502b

RIO4502 Volkswagen Beetle

German Lufthansa staff car 1957

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Resin Roundup – Looksmart and BBR

By Maz Woolley with contributions from Hans-Georg Schmitt


Whilst the number of Formula One models from mainstream manufacturers seems to have slowed down Looksmart and BBR are both making detailed resin models available.


P18132A (1)P18132A Ferrari 126C2 G.P. USA Long Beach 1982

This model is in BBRs Project 18 range and is made in resin to 1:18 scale. Designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and based on a new chassis this car eventually won 1982 Constructors championship.  The car show is as driven by Jacques Villleneuve. The model is to be released shortly.

BBR also continue to  produce detailed models of contemporary Ferrari cars. Two new models are shown below.

P18122 (1)

P18122 Ferrari 488 GTE press version

This model is to 1:18 scale from BBR’s Project 18 range.

P18123 (2)

P18123 Ferrari 488 GT3 2015

Another model in 1:18 scale from the Project 18 range.


There are no pictures of these models available yet as the models are not expected until September 2016. The car is to be modelled to 1:43 and 1:18 scale.

LSF103 – Ferrari SF15-T Sebastian Vettel Belgium 2015 900th GP Scale 1:43
LS18F103 – Ferrari SF15-T Sebastian Vettel Belgium 2015 900th GP Scale 1:18

Another Looksmart model announced recently is the special edition of the current Aventador coupe that pays tribute to the Miura. Created by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam department, the Aventador Miura Homage reflects the colors and specifications of original Miura models. The upper body in one color is complemented by the lower body and sill in a contrasting tone.

The models to be produced to 1:43 scale are:

LS384MHA – Rosso Arancio Miura / Gold – Black Interior
LS384MHB – Verde Scandal / Gold – Black Interior
LS384MHC – Blu Tahiti / Gold – Terra Emilia Interior
LS384MHD – Giallo Fly / Silver – Black Interior
LS384MHE – Giallo Miura / Silver – Terra Emilia Interior

And the same prototypes are also modelled to 1:18 scale

LAMBO06MHA – Rosso Arancio Miura / Gold – Black Interior
LAMBO06MHB – Verde Scandal / Gold – Black Interior
LAMBO06MHC – Blu Tahiti / Gold – Terra Emilia Interior
LAMBO06MHD – Giallo Fly / Silver – Black Interior
LAMBO06MHE – Giallo Miura / Silver – Terra Emilia Interior

Looksmart Bentley Speed Six

Finally from Looksmart to 1:43 scale is a model of the famous Bentley Speed Six “Blue Train”. This model looks to be a fine model of this well known Bentley. In this car Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato raced and beat the famous “Train Bleu” northwards from the Côte d’Azur to Calais.

Looksmart Bentley Speed Six b


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Resin Roundup – ABC, Looksmart, Technomodels, BBR

By Maz Woolley with help from Hans-Georg Schmitt


ABC Brianza models are made in resin to 1:43 scale in Italy. Some are available as kits as well as ready built.  Pictures from the manufacturer of some of their latest releases are shown below.

ABC232M - ROLLS ROYCE SILVER WRAITH INSKIP 1947ABC232M – Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Inskip 1947

ABC328S - ROLLS ROYCE WRAITH CHASSIS WXA106 CARR. ERDMANN and ROSSI 1938 SilverABC328S – Rolls Royce Wraith chassis WXA106. Carr. Erdmann and Rossi 1938 Silver

ABC329 ALFA ROMEO 2300 GRABER 1939ABC329 Alfa Romeo 2300 Graber 1939


1:18 Scale resin cast in China for Germany.

The latest car to bear the Disco Volante name is being made in this large scale in their Mythos range.

Technomodel Alfa Romeo Disco Volante 1 18 Scale Metallic GreenAlfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring


This German based firm which has its 1:43 scale resin models moulded in China has announced two versions of the Ferarri SF16 Formula 1 car.

  • LSF104  Ferrari SF16-H No.5 Australia GP 2016 – Sebastian Vettel
  • LSF105  Ferrari SF16-H No.7 Bahrain GP 2016 –  Kimi Raikkonen


BBR continue to release models in 1:43 and 1:18 scale resin. All are mastered in Italy.

BBRC1801 Ferrari 250 Testarossa Winner Targa Florio 1958BBRC1801 Ferrari 250 Testarossa Winner Targa Florio 1958

These cars were introduced at the end of the 1957 season in preparation for the regulations restricting sports cars to 3 litres for Le Mans and World Sports Car races from 1958. This car is to 1:18 scale.

BBRC1811B ABARTH 695 Biposto Record 2015BBRC1811B ABARTH 695 Biposto Record 2015

Created to celebrate the 133 records Abarth hold. The 696 Biposto Record has a self-locking differential and is highly tuned. This car is to 1:18 scale.

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News from the Continent – BBR Models

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here are some of the latest releases from BBR. Photographs have been supplied by BBR.

18152 BBR CAR32 (1)-1
BBR CAR32 Ferrari 365 California 1993 – blue
Scale 1:43 – edition of 72.
The model is based upon a Ferrari 365 California restored and presented at Pebble Beach in 1993 by William Kontes, a well known Ferrari collector.

18155 BBR1203BCF (2)
BBR1203BCF  Ferrari 488 GTB
Scale 1:12  – edition of 48
Painted in iron grey. The model will be supplied on a handmade display contained in a wooden box.

18162 BBR CARS1804 (6)
BBR CARS1804  Ferrari 275 GTB/$ Spider NART Conversion S/N 10917 2011
Scale 1:18 – edition of 36

18164 BLM1809 (7)
BBR BLM1809  Ferrari 340/375 MM s/n 0286AM  1959
Scale 1:18; edition of 150
The drivers Phil Hill and Richie Ginther were placed second in the 5th Carrera Panamericana  in 1954. The car was modified by Allen Guiberson, who had repainted it white and added a headrest and an aerodynamic fin. In 1955 this 340 MM was used successful by Carroll Shelby in the Torrey Pines Race

18168 BBR39 (7)
BBR39 Ferrari 375 AM “G. Agnelli” 1955
Scale 1:43
Painted in metal green and red. Ferrari and Pininfarina, who were just entering a mutual beneficial relationship, wanted to impress each other and the Fiat boss with the creation of the Agnelli 375. The demanding build resulted in an timeless and striking Ferrari. This last 375 America, chassis 0355AL, was shown at the Salon of Turin 1955.

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News from the Continent February to March 2016 – M4 Model Group

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are the new releases for March and April 2016 from the M4 Model group. These are diecast in Italy to 1:43 unless stated otherwise.

ART Models

18118 ART332 18119 ART332-BACK
ART332  Ferrari 500 Mondial –  Mille Miglia 1956 – G. Casarotto #535
18121 ART333-BACK 18120 ART333
ART333  Ferrari 500 TRC – Nassau 1959 – A. Markelson #106
18122 ART334
ART334  Ferrari 275 P – 500 km Bridgehampton 1964 – P.Rodriguez #81
18123 ART335 18124 ART335-BACK
ART335  Ferrari 290 MM – Winner of Mille Miglia 1956 – E. Castelotti – #548
18126 ART336-BACK 18125 ART336
ART336  Ferrari 500 Mondial – Santa Barbara 1954 – Porfirio Rubirosa – # 235
18127 ART337 18128 ART337-BACK
ART237  Ferrari 330 P – Winner of Monza 1964 – L.Scarfiotti – #50

BEST Models

18129 BEST9613 18130 BEST9613-BACK
BEST9613  Ferrari 512 BB LM – Mugello 1981 – Del Buono/Govoni #29
18131 BEST9614 18132 BEST9614-BACK
BEST9614  Lola T70 Spyder – Winner Mosport 1964 – J.Surtees #11
18135 BEST961618136 BEST9616-BACK
BEST9616  Ferrari 308 Group 4 – Alitalia – Team Makela Auto Tuning
18137 BEST9617 18138 BEST9617-BACK
BEST9617  Fiat 750 Abarth – 12 hours of Sebring 1959 – Cussini/Cattini – #62
18139 BEST9618 18140 BEST9618-BACK
BEST9618  Jaguar E-Type Spyder – Cantagiro 1962 – Adriano Celentano – Green metallic

 RIO Models

18141 RIO4487 18142 RIO4487-BACK
RIO4487  Alfa Ricotti 40/60 HP open – 1915 – dark red
18143 RIO4488
RIO4488  Ford Thunderbird – Daytona Beach 1957 – C.Daigh
18144 RIO4489 18145 RIO4489-BACK
RIO4489  Fiat 128 – 2-türige Limousine – Garda blue
18146 RIO4490-P 18147 RIO4490-P-BACK
RIO4490/P  Mercedes-Benz 770K 1938 – 2 figurines “Eva Braun and guard –  White – It is hard to believe that this is accurate because all big Mercedes 770s used by Nazi “big wigs” were painted in black.
18148 RIO4491 18149 RIO4491-BACK
RIO4491  Ford Thunderbird 1956 – red
18150 RIO4492 18151 RIO4492-BACK
RIO4492  Alfa Romeo P3 – Winner of Grand Prix of Nice 1934 –        Achille Varzi  – #28

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News from the Continent: BBR January 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

BBR are hand made models designed in Italy with many made there too.  They are resin models made in 1:18 and 1:43 scale.

BBR 1803 The Ferrari 330 TRI LM – winner Le Mans 1962

1:18 scale edition of 400.

The 330 TR was a unique racing car produced by Ferrari in 1962. It is also known by two other names the 330 TRI/LM and the 330 TRI.
The most important victory won by the model was in the race for which it was designed and built, the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1962.  Driven by Phil Hill and Oliver Gendebien. The TR 330 was the last front-engined Ferrari to win the famous French race.

BBRC165SR Ferrari 488 GTB

1:43 scale edition of 50.
Painted in soft matt red

BBRC173MB/MW  Ferrari 488 Spider

Scale 1:43 – Limited edition of 32 pieces
Painted in matt black with red interior or matt white with red interior.

BLM1809 Ferrari 340/375 MM

1:18 scale edition of 150.
Phil Hill and Richie Ginther came home in second place at the 5th Carrera Panamericana in 1954. For this event the car was modified by Allen Guiberson, who had repainted it in white and had added a headrest and an aerodynamic fin. In 1955 this 340 MM was used successfully by Carroll Shelby in the Torrey Pines Race.

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News from the Continent 2/2016: M4 Modelcars

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Since Hans-Georg prepared this news we have had the sad news that Marco Grassini, one of the pioneers of the model industry and founder of the M4 company, passed away on January 11th 2016.

M4 Modelcars Italy

Releases planned for January and February 2016


ART326  Ferrari 500 Mondial – 24 hours of Reims 1954. Winner Picard and Pozzi  #28 Body made from resin
ART327  Ferrari 195 Touring – 1950 – dark blue
ART328  Ferrari 250 California – Nassau 1950 – W.Burnett #94
ART329  Ferrari 250P – Bridgehampton 1963 – Pedro Rodriguez #1
ART330  Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta – Monte Carlo 1952 – L.Ferraud #22
ART331  Ferrari 500 Mondial – 1954 – Test car – yellow                 Body made from resin


BEST9597  Ferrari 512 BB – 1976 –grey metallic and black
BEST9598  Ferrari 330 GTC Coupe – 1966 – red metallic
BEST9599  Porsche 908/3 – Targa Florio 1971 – Siffert and Redman #7
BEST9609  Ferrari 312 Coupe – Daytona 1970 – Parkes and Posey #24 (with diorama)
BEST9600  Ferrari 308 GTB – Targa Florio 1982 – Tognana and De Antoni – winner #12
BEST9610  Abarth 1000 SP – Bassano and Montegrappa 1970 – M.Baldo #4
BEST9611  Ferrari 275 GTB/4 – SPA 1967 – Vestey and Gaspar #63
BEST9612  Alfa Romeo 33.2 LM – Le Mans Test 1969 – Pilette and Slotemaker


RIO4481  Citroen DS Cabriolet 1961 – grey metallic
RIO4482  Isotta Fraschini 8A – Milano-San Remo 1933 – winner Rosalinda Bianchi Anderloni #50
RIO4483  Mercedes-Benz 190SL – 1959 – with soft top – black
RIO4484  Ford Thunderbird 1956 – with soft top – light blue
RIO4485  Mercedes-Benz 190SL – Grand Prix of Macau 1956 – winner D.Steane  #8
RIO4486  Citroen DS21 – 1972 – Gendarmerie

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