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Atlas Dinky Deluxe – 507 Simca 1500 Break

by Maz Woolley

Photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

The third model in the Atlas Deluxe Dinky collection has made its way to me. Some collectors have had number four already which illustrates Atlas’ rather erratic shipping programme. Still 507 Simca 1500 Break is an example of how good French Dinky were by the mid-1960s with innovative features matching Corgi and others.

Dinky France modelled many Simca cars from the baby Fiat “Topolino” 500 made under licence onwards. The 1500 saloon was introduced by Dinky as 523 in 1963 with opening boot and doors and the Break followed in 1967 as 507 in silvery grey or white. Later 507 P was produced by Dinky France as a  Police car and is now a scarce and very expensive model. The box features box art by Jean Massé which shows the model in red which would have been a nice colour for the model but it was not produced in that colour by Dinky. Throughout the 1960s Dinky France box art was, like Airfix in the UK, created by excellent artists and included evocative backgrounds. Although Simca had long stopped making Fiat cars under licence the 1500 was a modern three box saloon or two box estate similar to the Fiat 124.

This Dinky model has lots of play features including opening doors and tailgate. The tail gate contains a small rear window that slides upwards to  form a complete rear door and inside is a tiny model of a picnic table as well as the spare wheel.

Atlas Customer Services are unable to confirm whether there would be any of the originally advertised British Dinky models like the Zodiac Mark IV and said that there were currently thirty-five models planned in this collection. This is many less than the number released in the equivalent French collection and perhaps indicates an expectation that subscriptions will fall off quite quickly on new Atlas collections.

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News from the Continent – Conrad June/July 2017

By Hans Georg-Schmitt

All photographs supplied by Conrad, and their copyright is recognised.

Conrad plan to release the following new models by July 2017. All are diecast and to 1:50 scale for Germany. Conrad are well known for their high quality construction equipment in authentic liveries. Most of the models shown are new liveries and fitments on previously used castings.

2107/08 DEMAG AC 100-4L Telescopic crane – WIESBAUER

2114/03 GROVE GMK 6300 L All-Terrain Crane including jib extension – Felbermayr


2202/07  CASE CX 250D tracked excavator – Case Livery


76230/01 NOOTEBOOM articulated low loader on MAN TGX XXL Euro 6 2-axle tractor


2968/01 POCLAIN TY2P with jig


2441/02 SANDVIC tunnel loader LH 621

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Ace Model Cars (Australia) An update

By Graeme Ogg

Back in 2014 I posted a piece about Ace Model Cars, from whom I had just bought a nice resin model of a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500.

They were promising one or two other things in the pipeline but then I heard no more. So I got in touch with them recently and thought you might like an update on some of their current or forthcoming items. (Photos reproduced with their permission – some images may be changed on the website to show final production versions).

Needless to say, I am not acting as any kind of agent or touting for business on their behalf, but I know some of you are interested in Australian models (including Aussie versions of U.S. cars), and it isn’t a site you might come across in casual browsing.

There was a promise of an estate (wagon) version of the ’59 Ford, but apparently the man behind Ace Models, Tony Hanna, wasn’t happy with how it came out so it is still a work in progress, although now that Motorhead Models have done one in their Genuine Ford Parts” series, that could affect sales of the Ace version if/when it appears.

Also promised was a ’59 Dodge Custom Royal 4 door sedan. The first attempt at that didn’t satisfy him either so it has been re-worked and production is not too far away now.

No mention of the fate of the proposed 1960 Dodge Phoenix, but the nice (though imperfect) Neo model may have discouraged that idea.

An interesting Australian model that is almost ready for sale, needing just a few minor corrections, is the 1975 Ford Landau, a fastback coupé based on the Ford XA Falcon but with the front end from the Ford Fairlane LTD (which was a stretched Falcon). It will be offered in Port Wine (dark maroon), Grecian Gold, Ivy Green and Metallic Blue.

Also available is a ’62 Falcon XL in red, white over red, white over green, plain white and black.

Another U.S./Australian model now available is a 1966 Chevy Nova, with street versions in silver or red and three racing versions. I’m not enough of a Chevy man to know how it compares with the U.S. version but I believe that, like the Falcons, the Australian cars were imported CKD and re-trimmed to Australian specification,

A more typically Australian item is a Ford BA 1 ton flatbed pickup in metallic purple, metallic blue, orange or metallic green.

And a British/Australian mongrel currently on offer is an Austin A40 Hi-Lite ute in beige or light green. To the best of my knowledge Austin never offered this pickup on home territory, but the Ozzies love making ute versions of everything, Seems to be cultural thing.

All these models are resin, and prices are comparable with Trax so I guess that by the time you add shipping from the other side of the world, you would have to have a fairly specific interest in these niche models before parting with your money. But it’s nice to see things a little bit out of the mainstream.

If you want to take a look at these and other models on offer from Ace, the website is

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News from the Continent – Schuco April/May 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here is a look at the models released by Schuco in April and May 2017. Schuco models are made in China for Germany in a wide range of scales. Their ranges provide a wide variety of models from air and land. They are listed by month of release and model range.

April 2017



450389400 Volkswagen Beetle with oval rear screen and with “Auto-Porter” – single wheel trailer with luggage

This model looks a bit strange, This is a Beetle from 1954 but it shows “rheumatism-flaps” beside the A-pillars which were only fitted between 1951 and 1952 at the rear screen. Here someone responsible was in sleep.



450900700 Saurer §C-H truck “Bachmann” in scale 1:43

The original truck was fitted with a changeable body: flatbed or bus, This allowed the haulier to provide transport and passenger services using the same vehicle. The miniature is released as a truck and will be released as a bus later.


450768400 Tractor Fortschritt (Progress) ZT300 blue/white



450896200 Tractor DUTRA D4K blueMilitary 1:87

452623700 Leopard 1A1 Combat-Tank “German Bundeswehr” – green

452625700 Bell UH 1D rescue-helicopter “SAR” with stain-camouflage

May 2017



450346600 Tractor IHC 423 – red

450284400 Tractor Lanz Bulldog D9506 with roof – matt dark red

450273600 Tractor Eicher EM 200 with mow-bar – blue


450374100 Volkswagen T1c delivery van with trailer, loaded with Kleinschnittger F125 micro car.



450900600 Saurer 3C-H Omnibus “Bachmann”

The original truck was fitted with a changeable body: flatbed or bus, This allowed the haulier to provide transport and passenger services using the same vehicle. The miniature is released as a truck (See 450900700 above) and was released as a bus a month later.

450900800 Volkswagen small delivery van “German Bundespost”, yellow

450900900 Volkswagen small delivery van “Volkswagen Service” dove blue



450030700 Porsche 356A Sepeedster “Bruce Jennings #77”



450009600 Goggomobil saloon light blue/white

450009700 Goggomobil saloon red/white



450009800 Zündapp Janus micro car, ivory/grey

450009900 Zündapp Janus micro car, blue

Military 1:87


452625000 Bell UH 10 1D helicopter “German Bundeswehr flight-service”

452623000 Leopard 2A6 Combat-Tank “German Bundeswehr” with stain-camouflage

452625400 Mercedes-Benz Wolf G “ISAF” stain-camouflage



450570700 Dodge Charger in tin box “Model of the Year 2017”



452629800 Lanz Bulldog tractor with tracked wheels, blue

452629700 Lanz Bulldog tractor with wood-carburettor and roof, grey

452629600 Ursus C-45 Tractor (licence of Lanz) blue

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