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Geneva Motor Show 2018

By Fabrizio Panico

Text and photographs by, and copyright of the Author, unless otherwise acknowledged.

I recently visited the 88th Geneva International Motor Show. A show famous for featuring many new concept cars each year. This year was no exception with concept cars everywhere. In my view their design ranges from the lovely to the ridiculous.

This year we also saw many historic concept cars like the Marzal, the Testudo, and the Sigma Grand Prix, and sometime the comparison is really ….. well, let’s say difficult. Perhaps it is my old age, but I don’t understand why so much styling is so “aggressive”. Mercedes-Benz seemed to agree with me and have reverted to more fluent lines, and have not “sculpted” their cars with an axe this year.

Of course some of the cars shown will be translated into models either of the show car or of the resulting production vehicle. Others will never be seen as models in any scale.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

BMW-M8 GranCoup‚ concept

Eadon Green Zeclat Front

Eadon Green Zeclat Rear

GFG Style Sibylla

Honda-NEU V concept

Honda-Sports EV concept

Honda-Urban EV concept

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge-concept

Icona Nucleus concept

IED-Hyundai Kite

Lagonda Vision concept rear

Lagonda-Vision concept open

Lexus-LF 1 Limitless

Manifattura Automobili Torino  New Stratos

Mazda-KAI concept

Mazda-Vision coup‚ concept

MercedesBenz-EQA concept

Mitsubishi-e Evolution-concept

Nissan-IMx Kuro-concept

Pininfarina-GT Hybrid Kinetic

Pininfarina-H2 Speed-concept

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo-  concept study

Renault-EZ GO-concept

Subaru Viziv tourer-concept



Touring-Maserati Sciadi Persia

Toyota-Concept i

Toyota-Concept i ride


Volkswagen-ID Buzz

Volkswagen-ID Vizzion

Zagato-IsoRivolta Vision GranTurismo

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Expo Concept Cars 2018

By Fabrizio Panico

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author. Photographs are shown after the text of the article.

Paris – Festival Automobile International 2018

At the end of January, Paris is home to the “Festival Automobile International“, an event that was held for the thirty-third time this year. It has roots in the “Festival Automobile de Chamonix“. Rémi Depoix and Franz Hummel revived the “24 Heures de Chamonix” in 1985 and the Festival in the following year , intended to reward those who had excelled in the activities relevant to motorsport (organizers, photographers, journalists etc). Later it was decided to introduce a prize for the most beautiful car of the year, and then to extend the awards to the personalities that had played a decisive role in the evolution of the car, both in sports, commerce, or industry.

From 2001 the Festival became international and moved to Paris, first at the Ritz Hotel, then at the Grand Palais and finally at the Hotel des Invalides. In 2008 the Festival developed again, introducing its first “Exposition de Concept-Cars“, and thus becoming one of the most important events in the field of “Car Design”.

But what exactly is a “concept-car“? In fact, this generic definition encompasses a whole series of projects aimed at exploring a more or less near future. In the first place we could put the “show-cars“, heirs of the “dream-cars” of the 1950s and 1960s, definitely futurist and not expected to ever be put into production, for example the  Renault RS 2027 Formula 1. Next there are the real “concept-cars“, that is cars that anticipate the styling of future models from a manufacturer without being exactly what will be put into production, for example the Land Rover Discovery Vision. Another type of car is the “prototype“, that is a vehicle with most of the features of a future production car but which may differ in detail to the final production version often because they are used to show of future vehicle Tech which is not yet ready for everyday use. An example of this is the Citroen C-Aircross Concept. Another category is “demonstrators“, cars which already in production but fitted with  experimental features based on new technologies such as the BMW H7 Clean Energy. Finally,  we have the one-off “coachbuilt bodies” usually a unique vehicle fitted to existing mechanics showing off the work of stylists and body builders, an example is  Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5 for James Glickenhaus.

Now in its eleventh year, the “Exposition de Concept-Cars et Design Automobile” was set in the  evocative Place Vauban. Exhibited were a series of cars aimed at illustrating the various facets of the “Concept-Car“, and in parallel a fine celebration of the French contribution to design, both at home- Delahaye by Figoni & Falaschi; and abroad- Paul Bracq with the Mercedes 230 SL).

This is an event that helps push the boundaries of imagination about the future of the car whilst paying homage to the visions of the past,

Paris Expo Concept Cars 2018

BMW Z4 concept 2018

Citroen C6 G cabriolet 1931

Delahaye 135 roadster Figoni Falaschi

Jannarelly Design 1 roadster 2016

Kia Niro concept 2013

Kia Proceed concept 2017

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept 2017

LandRover Vision Discovery concept 2017

Ligier JS P4 concept 2017

Mazda Vision Coupé‚ concept 2017

Mercedes-Benz Maybach 6 cabriolet concept 2017

Peugeot Instinct concept 2017

Renault RS 2027 Formula 1 concept 2017

Renault Symbioz concept 2017

Talbot Lago T26 Record coach Figoni Falaschi 1948

Voisin type C15 record 1930 Yacco replica 1929

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Retromobile 2018: A Photo Essay

By Fabrizio Panico

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

Paris 2018

Paris in the Snow


This year neither floods nor snow deterred enthusiasts from queuing at the Retromobile gates: it was as usual a demonstration of the strong interest and appreciation of the public for an event rich in elegance and real wonders, and still unaffected by the “giganticism” now prevailing at Germanic events. It is also free of the vast amount of vehicles bearing “for sale” signs typical of many other shows. But floods and snow were not the only “surprises” of my annual excursion to  Paris: Citroen, Mercedes and Toyota have all abandoned their showrooms on the Champs Elysées after many years presence, leaving only Renault and Peugeot in a place which has long symbolised Parisian motoring. Too bad!!

Many birthday treats: 70 years of Porsche and Honda, of the 2CV and 203. 50 years of the Mehari and 504, and many others especially the 120 years of Renault, celebrated with a magnificent selection from the manufacturer collection and by many exhibitors bringing rare specimens of Billancourt’s production.

Exhibitors also showed many different “mini collections”:

  • The magnificent display of record cars by the Autodrome of Linas-Montlhéry;
  • The many Abarths of the Moll collection;
  • The rarities of the Museum of Beaulieu;
  • Vehicles of the Museum of Compiègne and Club Teuf-Teuf,
  • The collection of the cars of Jean-Pierre Wimille, and;
  • The armoured vehicles of the Museum of Saumur, and many others.

As is usual there were a lot of dealers present. There were also some manufacturers, though this year Mercedes-Benz was absent, and of course the car clubs associated with the brands or specific models. In addition there were also cars entered into the auction of Artcurial.  As ever this was accompanied by sellers of scale models, spare parts and books, accessories and the work of Artists and Craftsmen. An “overdose” for every enthusiast, where almost everyone can find something to satisfy their interest.

An appointment not to be forgotten: The next Retromobile is from the 6th to 10th of February 2019.

I hope you enjoy the photographs below which capture a small part of this marvellous event.

Retromobile 2018
Abarth 500 record Pininfarina 1958
Abarth 500 GT coupe‚ Zagato 1958
Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva Bertone 1954
Alfa Romeo 6c1750 GTC coupe‚ Weymann Touring 1931
Alpine A442 LeMans 1978
Alvis TE 21 coupe‚ Graber 1964
Argyll 15 30 HP limousine 1913
Bentley Speed Six drophead coupe‚ Gurney Nutting 1929
Berliet type VRD 19 limousine de luxe 1933
Bugatti type 46
Citroen 2CV kit
Citroen 2CV recor car Barbot 1953
Citroen 2CV Type A prototype 1939
DeDion Bouton 4.5 HP vis-a-vis 1901
Delahaye type D 163 Autobus 1949
Fiat 8V Supersonic Ghia 1953
Lancia Appia coupe‚ Pininfarina 1959
Maratuech tricycle 1922
Mercer Raceabout 1912
Panhard et Levassor type 35CV record car 1934
Peugeot 203 DS Darl’mat record car 1953
Renault Colorale pickup 1952
Renault Juvaquatre coupe‚ 1947
Renault type V limousine Million Guiet 1907
Voisin type C 15 record 1930 Yacco replica 1929
Wimille GT 04 1950


Just Browsing

a look at some of the stalls of models and memorabilia

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Wheel of Time: Restaurant-Museum in Moldova

By Eugen Pedersen

All photographs are by, and copyright of, the Author.

Editors Note: Moldova is sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine and was part of the former Eastern Block. It is one of the poorest countries in Europe largely earning its living from Agriculture. Eugen’s visit allowed him to visit an unusual theme museum that I am sure MAR readers would like to see if they ever visit the country.

On my recent visit to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova I didn’t find any Soviet models but I did find something unique: A Restaurant with its own car museum which is visited by many tourists and officials. The owner of the restaurant has a private collection of rare Soviet cars in working condition. He loved Soviet cars as a child and is able to collect them now. The Restaurant itself is traditional with a wine cellar and is not too expensive despite its wonderful car collection.  The only way to get to see the collection is to eat there and then the owner will give you a tour of his car collection.

1943 Gaz 67 – 1947 Moskvitch 400 – 420 – 1967 Zaz 965 Yalta


1953 Gaz M20 Pobeda


1956 Gaz 12 ZIM Limousine,


1963 Gaz 13 Chaika – with some after market wheels.


1989 Gaz 14 Chaika


1958 Moskvitch 407


1956 – 1970 Gaz Volga M 21 (all 3 generations)


Gaz Volga M21 Convertible – never made by Gaz but an attractive conversion.


Black Gaz Volga M21


Gaz Volga M21 Police (Militia) – the latest acquisition


2 Soviet motorcycles


So if you ever find yourself in the capital city of Moldova – Chisinau -then you may combine your love of cars with a good meal. The Restaurant is called: Roata Vremii -Restaurantulmuzeu.  Translated into English this would be Wheel of Time – Restaurant-Museum. It can be found at Hristo Botev St 8, Chisinau, Moldova.

Please note that this article was originally printed in a slightly different form in Coventry Diecast Model Club’s house magazine ‘Wheelspin‘ No 224 Winter edition and is repeated here with permission of Eugen Pedersen and Will Roe Wheelspin’s Editor.

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