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Oxford Diecast Release 3 2017

By Maz Woolley

All photographs were provide by, and are copyright of, Oxford Diecast.

This article has been updated to include a model missed from Oxford’s website listing – 1:148 Cortina III re-colour in yellow.

Release 3 of 2017 has been announced by Oxford Diecast. It includes a wide variety of re-colours and several new castings.  Most of the models are illustrated by drawings but those where prototypes are shown are pictured below. Lists of the other releases are included below and they include amongst others a 1:43 Coach casting for the first time as an Oxford 25 years special.

The bulk of the releases are in 1:76 scale and there are fewer trucks than usual, however there are several interesting farming and construction releases. For classic car lovers the 1:76 scale original Ford Capri, Heinkel,  and  Austin Somerset will be of particular interest.

Although many models are re-colours in several cases we have yet to see the first release of the casting.


The second issue of this 1:18 scale model.



76FT029 Oxford Diecast Ford Transit Mk5 Lwb High Docklands Light Railway

The numbering suggests that this is the 29th Issue of the Mark V LWB High roof Transit.  This time as a Docklands Light Railway response vehicle.

76CWT002 Oxford Diecast Commer Walk Thru British Rail – Yellow

The second use of this casting and sure to be popular with railway modellers. Continues the use of the black linings for windows that just highlight the overscale depth of the casting.


76OWB013 Oxford Diecast Bedford OWB Belfast

Again the 13th livery for this 1:76 scale casting of the Bedford OWB. This time in Belfast livery. Belfast buses are famous for their Red livery but I expect that this blue livery must be authentic for the bus modelled.

76WMB002 Oxford Diecast Willys MB US Navy Seebees

A second release of the new 1:76 Jeep. The first release was as a Royal Navy beach master vehicle and now it is in US Navy colours.

NWFL001 Oxford Diecast Weymann Fanfare Southdown

This 1:144 scale model shows what Oxford can do in this scale. Seen already and sold out in 1:76 scale this model should be popular.


VF004-Oxford Diecast Vauxhall Firenza Sport Sunspot Yellow

The fourth use of this casting and in a very popular colour of the time.

New castings to be released


43JUP001 Jowett Jupiter SA Green
43WFA001 Weymann Fanfare South Wales – Oxford 25 Years Special B


76NQ2001 Nissan Qashqai J11 Storm White
76SOM001 Austin Somerset Black
76CHV001 Combine Harvester Red
76FCC001 Ford Consul Capri Lime Green/ermine White
76TPU001 Ford Transit Dropside Stobart Rail
76WOT001 Ford WOT1 Crash Tender Mickey Mouse (scampton)
76HE001 Heinkel Trojan Roman Blue
76JCB7001 JCB 776LRFCS001 Land Rover FC Signals Nato Green Camouflage


NWFL001 Weymann Fanfare Southdown


AC082 Brewster Buffalo USS Saratoga 1939
AC083 Henschel 123A Unit 3/SFGR 50 Lt. Hamann
72SW003 Supermarine Walrus N19 Irish Air Corps

Re-releases of existing castings in new colours and liveries.


18HE002 Heinkel Kabine Spartan Red
18MBC006 Messerschmitt KR200 Convertible Royal Blue


43AMVT003 Aston Martin Vantage S Sunburst Yellow
43JAG5002 Jaguar Mk V DHC Closed British Racing Green
43JAG8004 Jaguar MKVIII Carmen Red
43LRL004 Land Rover Lightweight Canvas Berlin Scheme
43R25002 Rolls Royce 25/30 – Thrupp & Maberley Two Tone Blue
43JSS007 SS Jaguar Gunmetal
VF004 Vauxhall Firenza Sport Sl Sunspot


76MN011 Austin Mini Cooper White Union Jack
76OWB013 Bedford OWB Belfast
76BD023 Bedford OYD 15th Scottish Infantry Div Uk 1943
76M3002 BMW M3 Coupe E92 Jerez Black
76CHT003 Churchill Tank 142 RAC Tunisia 1943
76COM007 Commer Commando Skyways
76CWT002 Commer Walk Thru British Rail – Yellow
76CWT003 Commer Walk Thru London Fire Brigade
76ETYP013 E Type Jaguar White
76FT029 Ford Transit Mk5 Lwb High Docklands Light Railway
76HST003 Humber Snipe Tourer Old Faithful – Tripoli 1943
763CX002 JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe Loader Union Jack Livery
76LRL003 Land Rover 1/2 Ton Lightweight RAF- Red Arrows
76LAN180006 Land Rover Series I 80 Hard Top RAC
76MCS005 Mini Hong Kong Police
76ME006 Morris Eight E Series Tourer Dark Blue
76MCS006 Pink Mini
76PAN007 Plaxton Panorama Ribble
76RRP3002 Rolls Royce Phantom III Fawn/black
76RRP5002 Rolls Royce Phantom V Burgundy/silver Sand
76SB002 Saro Bus Maidstone & District
76SCT004 Scania Car Transporter Green Tiger
76TCAB010 Scania T Cab Short Curtainside Stuart Nicol Transport
76TR6002 Triumph TR6 Signal Red
76VL002 Volvo 544 Yellow
76WMB002 Willys MB US Navy Seebees


87BC55004 Buick Century 1955 New York Taxi
87BS36004 Buick Special Convertible Coupe 1936 Balmoral Green
87CSD61002 Cadillac Sedan Deville 1961 Aspen Gold Met…
87CI61002 Chevrolet Impala 1961 Convertible Roman Red/white
87CN57004 Chevrolet Nomad 1957 Colonial Cream/india Ivory
87CP65004 Chevrolet Stepside Pick Up 1965 Red/white
87OR50002 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Coupe 1950 Crest Blue
87PB59002 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe 1959 Sunrise Coral


NAP004 Austin Princess (late) Black/Royal Claret
NCT006 Citroen 2CV Charleston Two Tone Grey
NDSC002 Daimler Dingo 10th Mounted Rifles
NDEF002 Land Rover Defender Royal Mail
NLRL002 Land Rover Lightweight Military Police
NMA002 Mercedes Ambulance London
NMGB002 MGB Roadster Pale Primrose
NNMN002 New Mini Pepper White
NCOR3002 Cortina Mark III Daytona Yellow

Specials and Sets

SP133 Xmas 2017 Albion
76SET58 RAF Centenary Set

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Oxford Diecast Release 3 2016

By Maz Woolley


Oxford Diecast’s products are made in their own factory in China and are diecast in various scales. They have recently circulated their third release announcement of the year and the models are likely to become available from early 2017.  Oxford always provide a very good view of what is coming and they are already working on what will be released in 2018! I think that as factory owners they need to plan a steady flow of work to keep the factory working efficiently so they need to plan ahead anyway.

Oxford Diecast Display Cabinet at the Swansea Railway Modelling Show
Oxford Diecast Display Cabinet at the Swansea Railway Modelling Show

Again we see releases announced across many ranges and lots of new castings as well as new models based upon current castings. Oxford now release over 450 products a year across all their ranges. The small pictures used below are drawings Oxford have released based upon the design cells they use for each vehicle.

Taff, the owner of Oxford Diecast, posted news about these models on the Oxford Collectors Facebook page prior to making the press release and also provided some interesting information on the impact of “Brexit” upon model suppliers. The impact of ‘Brexit’, raw material price increases, and other factors have meant that costs increased over 20% for Oxford in the last year but Oxford is trying hard not to pass on price increases of this level to consumers.

The models pictured below have some nice new 1:43 scale Rolls-Royce castings. Both the Hooper Empress and the Silver Cloud Mark I in 1:43 scale should be very good models. The recently released 1:43 scale Phantom’s both now appear in 1:76 scale which will be a popular choice for railway modellers. Other new castings in 1:76 include a Beadle Integral coach, the yet to be launched Land Rover New Discovery,  and a DAF XF Euro 6 CombiTrailer/Container Maritime Transport as well as the Jaguar Formula E racing car. One new 1:76 scale model which will excite many collectors is the early JCB excavator with many working elements included which has been a real engineering challenge for Oxford.

The second outing of the 1:76 scale Imp casting looks like it may be produced as a later Super Imp from badges which will make a good companion for the first release which was based on the Imp as launched.  A couple of new Rovers appear in 1:76 firstly the original version of the Range Rover, which I would like to see in 1:43 as well. and the SD1 Rover  which starts in Vitesse trim but which I am sure will appear in many variations later. The second version of the Sherpa Crewbus in BR livery should again prove very popular for railway modellers but we still wait for a van version to be produced. Finally the second version of the new Volvo P1800 casting will appear in white, the classic “Saint” colours from the 1960s TV series.

Finally no new castings are announced in 1:148 scale as they are announced quite a few in release 2 this year and many are yet to be produced. However there are some new uses of existing mouldings including the Morris Minor Police car which will undoubtedly appear in many 1:148 scale dioramas.

The planes announced keep up the steady flow of types available in 1:72 scale at affordable prices. Oxford’s coverage of World War Two aircraft types is very strong.

1:43 Scale



43EMP001 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud/Hooper Empress Brown/Cream


43LR2S003 Land Rover Series II SWB Hard Back Post Office Telephones

43LRL003 Land Rover 1/2 Ton Lightweight RAF (Red Arrows)

43RRP3002 Rolls Royce Phantom III SdV HJ Mulliner Fawn/Black

43RRP5002 Rolls Royce Phantom V James Young Burgundy/Silversand

43RSC001 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I Sand/Sable


43RSD001 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn/Std Steel Maroon/Black


43XK150008 Jaguar XK150 Roadster Carmen Red


AMVT002 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Lightning Silver

1:72 Scale



72DR014 DH89 Dominie HG709 RNAS Culdrose


AC071 Bell Airacobra I 601 – County of London Sqn. RAF Duxford 1940


AC072 Westland Lysander MkI 416 Malton NSC Factory Canada 1939

Atlas 06a Kittyhawk Mk1a outlines ai10

AC074 Curtis Warhawk P40


AC081 P38J Lightning

1:76 Scale



76ACC003 Pallet/Loads Spratts Dog Cakes * 4


76ACC004 Pallet/Loads Welgar * 4


76ASS005 Austin Seven Saloon Black


76BI001 Beadle Integral East Kent


76DIS5001 Land Rover New Discovery Silver


76DXF001 DAF XF Euro 6 CombiTrailer/Container Maritime Transport


76FBB003 Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine No.15436 Princess Mary


76FG002 Ford Galaxy London Ambulance Service


76FMT003 Field Marshall Tractor Red


76FT030CC Ford Transit LWB High Coca Cola Xmas


76FT3006 Ford Transit Mk3 RAC


76HI002 Hillman Imp Tangerine Metallic


76JFE001 Jaguar Formula E


76KRS006 Konecranes Reach Stacker Maritime Transport


76LAN2013 Land Rover Series II Station Wagon Shell/BP


76LE003 Lotus Elan Red and Silver


76LR2S002 Land Rover Series II SWB Canvas British Rail


76LR3S001 Land Rover Series III Station Wagon Limestone


76MB006 Mercedes Actros GSC Curtainside Sparks Transport


76MGBGT002 MGBGT Grampian Grey


76ML1001 JCB Major Loader Mk1 Excavator JCB


76NQ003 Nissan Qashqai Fired Iron


76P4003 Rover P4 Black (Cornwall Constabulary)


76PAN006 Plaxton Panorama Bere Regis & District


76PD2005 Leyland PD2/12 Edinburgh


76RAN004 Range Rover Vogue Indus Silver


76RCL001 Range Rover Classic Lincoln Green


76RRP3001 Rolls Royce Phantom III Black


76RRP5001 Rolls Royce Phantom V Navy/Silver


76SCT003 Scania Car Transporter Woodside Motorfreight Ltd


76SDF003 Shelvoke & Drewry Freightlifter British Rail (Yellow)


76SDV001 Rover SD1 3500 Vitesse Targa Red


76SET44 5 Piece Land Rover Set


76SET49 5 Piece Land Rover Classic Set


76SET55 5 Piece Land Rover Set


76SFE009 Scania CP28 Pump Ladder Kent Fire & Rescue Service


76SHP002 Sherpa Minibus British Rail


76TAC003 TACR2 RAF Pink Panther


76TCAB009 Scania T Cab Curtainside Ian Hayes


76TR015CC Mobile Trailer Coca Cola


76VOL01ST Volvo FH3 3 Axle Nooteboom Semi Low Loader Stobart


76VOL03CL Volvo FH3 6 Wheel Curtainside Coopers


76VP002 Volvo P1800 White


76VW026 VW Bay Window Van Light Grey


76VX003 Vauxhall Astra MkII Steel Grey


6WFA006 Weymann Fanfare Birch Bros


76WM006 Whitby Mondial Ice Cream Smiths


76XF007 Jaguar XF Ammonite Grey

1:148 Scale



NAEC014 AEC Matador Wrecker Southdown


NIRZ005 Irizar PB White


NMB002 Mercedes Actros Curtainside Pollock


NMOS005 Morris Minor Saloon Police Panda


NNR003 New Routemaster London United


NVOL4006 Volvo FH4 Walking Floor A W Jenkinson


SP113 Volvo FH Curtainside Lorry Brains

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Thunderbirds are 50!

By Robin Godwin

Thunderbirds offical Anniversary Poster

The first episode of Thunderbirds was shown on British Television on 30th September 1965. Given the number of times it appears on television even today it is amazing that only 32 episodes were made. Three classic style episodes are being developed for the anniversary year, though sadly Gerry Anderson is no longer with us to share this anniversary.

To celebrate the anniversary various models are planned. Perhaps the most interesting are from DeAgostini Japan which has launched a partwork which looks like it will feature vehicles to a constant 1:144 scale including quite a few of the special vehicles like the “Mole”. Promotional artwork for this series is shown below. It will be interesting to see what these models are like when the series gets under way and we start seeing them on the secondary market. (Editor: If any reader is collecting these models we would love to see pictures of them)

DeAgostini Thunderbirds Japan

First thoughts were that Tomica might be making this series for DeAgostini but this is probably not the case since Tomica has launched its own Thunderbirds models all in “fit to box” format so they are not to a constant scale. Promotional artwork for these models is shown below with FAB1 presumably being the version in the recent animated series:


Tomica THunderbirds Range

Finally Corgi are re-issuing their Thunderbirds models for the Anniversary too as shown in the Corgi artwork below:

Corgi Thunderbirds 1 and 3 Corgi Thunderbirds 2 and 4 Corgi FAB1

So on their 50th Aniversary Thunderbirds are definitely GO!

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Oxford Diecast News January 2016

By Maz Woolley


Oxford Diecast have recently announced many more models for 2016. In addition to new liveries and colours on previously seen castings we will see more new castings like the Hillman Imp, MGB GT and Aston Martin in 1:76 scale. The latest press release suggests that we will see more new castings later in 2016 too. Their announcement says “We continue to invest in new tooling, in all areas and at all scales – as part of our policy of delivering affordable diecast models“. It certainly looks like Oxford will have something interesting to show at the London and Nuremberg Toy Fairs.

1:72 Scale Aircraft

72AA005 Avro Anson AW665/PP.B 71 Sqn. RAAF
72DV003 DH104 Devon VP975 Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)
72PP003 Percival Proctor Koninklijke Luchtmacht
72SW001 Supermarine Seagull/Walrus A2-4 RAAF (RAF Museum Hendon)
AC068 Gloster Meteor F2 De Havilland Halford Goblin Jet Engine Test Aircraft

1:76 Scale Vehicles

76ACF004 Austin Cambridge Farina Grampian Grey/Cumulus Grey (Gaydon)
76AMDB2002 Aston Martin DB2 MkIII DHC Dark British Racing Green
76ATK003 Atkinson Borderer Flatbed Trailer British Rail
76ATV008 Austin ATV Newcastle & Gateshead Fire Service
76AUS003 Austin 1300 Glacier White
76BD021 Bedford OWLC Tanker Petroleum Board
76BLP004 British Leyland Princess Tahiti Blue
76BM28001 BMW 328 Mille Miglia 1938 Fane and James
76BSA008 Motorbike and Sidecar RAF Blue
76CAV002 Vauxhall Cavalier Carnelian Red
76DEF014 Land Rover Defender Station Wagon RNLI
76DOR003 Dorchester ACV 1st Polish Arm. Div. NWE 1945
76DSC005 Daimler Dingo RUC No.9 Platoon – Keady – Co.Armagh
76DT004 Diamond T Ballast Pickfords
76FB6003 Fowler B6 Showmans Loco King Carnival
76FCG004 Ford Cargo Box Van Royal Mail
76FDE003 Ford 400E Post Office Telephones
76FDE014 Ford 400 E Maidstone & District
76FF005 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Jade Green
76FHP001 Fordson Heavy Pump Unit NFS
76FT022 Ford Transit LWB High Network Rail Response Unit
76FT024 Ford Transit LWB High Royal Mail
76FT1004 Ford Transit Mk1 City of Carlisle Fire Service
76FT1005 Ford Transit Mk1 British Rail
76FT3004 Ford Transit Mk3 AA
76FTC007 Ford Transit Connect Garda
76FTC008 Ford Transit Connect Eddie Stobart
76FTYP005 Jaguar F Type British Racing Green Metallic
76GF006 VW Golf GTI Diamond Copper Brown Metallic
76HB004 Vauxhall Viva HB Monaco White
76HI001 Hillman Imp Willow Green
76JI008 Jensen Interceptor Oakland Green and Tan
76JM023 Morris J2 Ambulance Scottish Ambulance Auxiliary Corps
76KRS005 Konecranes Reach Stacker Stobart (Red)
76LAN188021 Land Rover Series 1 88 Hard Back RAF
76LAN188022 Land Rover Series 1 88 Canvas 6th Training Regiment – RCT
76LAN2015 Land Rover Series II Station Wagon Royal Navy
76LRD007 Land Rover Discovery 3 Metropolitan Police
76LRDF006 Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Santorini Black
76LRDF007HE Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Grasmere Green (Heritage)
76LRDF008AD Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Phoenix Orange (Adventure)
76LRDF009AU Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Corris Grey (Autobiography)
76LRT008 Leyland Royal Tiger Standerwick
76MCS002 Mini Cooper S MkII John Rhodes 1968 Brands Hatch
76MF003 Massey Ferguson Open Red
76MGA004 MGA Old English White
76MGBGT001 MGBGT Tartan Red
76MINGT004 Mini 1275GT Bronze Yellow
76MJ011 Morris J Ice Cream Di Mascios
76MN007 Mini RAF
76MO006 Morris Oxford Salford City Police
76OWB012 Bedford OWB Warstones
76PD2003 Leyland Titan PD2_12 Southdown
76QLR001 Bedford QLR 1st Infantry Div – UK 1942
76QLT001 Bedford QLT Post Office Telephones
76RAN003 Range Rover Vogue Firenze Red
76RM111 Routemaster Blackpool
76RP005 Rover P6 Lunar Grey
76S94003 Scania 6 Wheel Curtainside Lorry White
76SCA04HB Scania Topline Horsebox A W Jenkinson
76SCT002 Scania Evo6 Car Transporter Quinns
76SET39 5 Piece Bentley Set
76SFT004 Standard Flying Twelve Grey
76SHL01ST Scania Highline Nooteboom 3 Axle Semi Low Loader Stobart Rail
76SHL04WF Scania Highline Walking Floor Stobart Ascot Champions Day
76SR006 Sunbeam Rapier MkIII Moonstone/Morocco Brown
76TN003 Thornycroft Nubian Bristol Airport
76TP004 Triumph 2500 Tahiti Blue
76TR012 Mobile Trailer Alfonsos
76VA003 Volvo Amazon Blue Green
76VWB007 VW Beetle Gulf Blue
76WM005 Whitby Mondial Ice Cream Vinces
76XF005 Jaguar XF Saloon Polaris White
76ZEP009 Ford Zephyr Goodwood Green
SP108 Ford Cargo Box Van Swansea Festival of Transport 2016

1:87 Scale

87ED58006 Edsel Citation 1958 Ember Red/Frost White
87ME49007 Mercury Monarch 1949 Teal Blue

1:43 Scale

AH1004 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 Black_Red – Closed
AMDB2003 Aston Martin DB2 MkIII Saloon Peony Red
AMZ001 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato – 2 VEV Metallic Green
ASS005 Austin Seven RN Saloon Black/Red
ASV006 Austin Seven RN Van City of Birmingham Gas Dept.
BN6004 Bentley MkVI Midnight Blue_Shell Grey
DSP004 Daimler SP250 Open Racing Green
DSP004L Daimler SP250 Open Racing Green Limited Run
FDE015 Ford 400E Rediffusion
HPL005 Humber Pullman Limousine Forest Green
JAGXK150007 Jaguar XK150 Fixed Head Coupe Mist Grey
LAN1109009 Land Rover Series 1 109″ Canvas British Railways
VF002 Vauxhall Firenza 1800SL Flamenco Red

1:148 Scale

NAEC017 AEC Matador 2nd Batt. Gordon Highlanders
NBP005 Bedford Luton Van Slumberland
NCOR3001 Cortina MkIII Gold
NDSC001 Daimler Dingo 23rd Armoured Brigade
NFARM001 Livestock Trailer
NFARM002 Farm Trailer
NFARM003 Baler
NIRZ003 Irizar
NLAN188008 Land Rover Series 1 Civil Defence
NLRT003 Leyland Royal Tiger W Alexander
NMOS004 Morris Minor Saloon Almond Green
NMWD003 Bedford MWD RAF
NPP005 Panorama 1 Sheffield United Tours
NSFE005 Scania Pump Ladder Essex County F & R
NSHL01CT Scania Highline D-TEC Combitrailer – Container Eddie Stobart
NTIL003 Austin Tilly 11th African Div
NUT006 Guy Arab Ribble
NVOL4001 Volvo FH4 Curtainside Eddie Stobart
NVWB004 VW Beetle Anthracite

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