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Emmy Models AFM type 50

By Mario Monti

Mario Monti is the owner of Emmy models based in Switzerland. This article is adapted from his press release for the model. Mario is a long time friend of MAR who often donated models for MAR competitions.

AFM type 50


In 1950 Alex von Falkenhausen from Munich presented his new creation: the AFM type 50. This Formula Two single seater was based on the type 49 which had been quite successful in races in Germany (don’t forget, Germans were not allowed to participate in international events during the immediate post-war years).

The type 50 carried on several remarkable features of it’s predecessor, like the spur gear ahead of the differential on the rear axle, which allowed the drive train to be placed lower than usual as well as to allow changing transmission ratio very quickly. The dual circuit brakes made it possible to adjust the degree of braking between front and rear wheels. The lightweight rims with built-in brake drums were another remarkable feature (a bit like pre-war Bugatti-wheels).

From the beginning the car was designed to be powered either by the improved BMW 328 engine or the new V8 by Küchen. Rudolf Schleicher supplied the mechanical parts, cast parts came from BMW and the body was made by Willy Huber.

Cars were ordered by Willy Heeks, Karl Gommann, Helmut Niedermayr, Fritz Riess and Hans Stuck. They were all powered by the BMW-based six cylinder except for Hans Stuck’s car which initially had a Küchen V8 that was later replaced by a Bristol engine.

Car Facts

capacity                      1971 ccm                   wheelbase                 216 cm

power                    about 130 hp                   track                            115 cm

Gewicht                            480 kg                   length                         385 cm

wheels                        16 inches

The AFM type 50 by Emmy


The model by Emmy is based on the car that Fritz Riess from Germany drove in the 1950 Formula Two Grand Prix of Switzerland.

Riess who was not familiar with the difficult track in Bern finished the race in 7th place. The following week-end he won at the Eifelrennen (Nürburgring).

Emmy have modelled the car in both 1:43 and 1:32 scales and both are the same price. Price and ordering details may be found on  Emmy’s web site.

This is another interesting historic racing model from Emmy unlikely to be made by anyone else.

Note: we have not been too lazy to produce some detail of the underside of the car. The underside  of the AFM 50 was covered by a panel and was almost flat as shown in the photograph above.

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Le Mans Miniatures Q4 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs provided by Le Mans Miniatures.

Le Mans Miniatures are a French firm famous for making accessories and slot cars in a  variety of scales. Here we look at some of their releases expected before the end of the year.

1:18 scale

A range of motor racing personalities have been produced by Le Mans Miniatures to 1:18 scale. These are detailed painted miniatures. This Autumn sees the release of Mauro Forghieiri the celebrated Ferrari designer and engineer.

1:32 Scale

The latest release of team mechanics is for Team Matra in 1974. These will liven up slot car circuits. All three mechanics are named and captured in a pit lane task.

A new slot car is the R5 Alpine Gr2 which appeared for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in 1976.  It was a heavily tuned and developed sports version of Renault 5. The racing car had the body altered to fit additional lights, wider wheels and the racing fuel fillers. Inside the car was stripped out and fitted with a roll cage and spare wheels in the back. The model shown is as raced by Guy Fréquelin and Jacques Delaval at Monte Carlo in 1978. Unlike the team on car number 19, the two drivers have a “rallye” helmet. They finished 3rd, just behind Renault 5 car number 19 of Ragnotti and Andrié, and only three minutes after the winning Porsche.

This model is also available with no race number so you can add your own.

1:43 Scale

Four new figure sets are to be released:

Set One – Racing Drivers

Jim Clark, Fangio, Pedro Rodriguez & Jo Siffert

Set Two – Team Leaders

John Wyer, Alfred Neubauer, Enzo Ferrari & Norbert Singer

Set Three – Various Figures

Robert, the photographer, Léon Swen race director and  Manfred, the mechanic

Set Four – Hawaiian Tropic Girls

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News from the Continent September/October 2017- Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs provided by, and copyright of Schuco.

Schuco models are diecast in China for Germany in various ranges to various scales.

Recent Relelases

Piccolo (1:90 Scale)

450574400 Mercedes-Benz O319 “Edelweiss Klassik 2017”

Edition 1:43 (1:43 Scale)

450389300 Volkswagen Brezel-Beetle “Wintersport” – grey

This is another strange model from Schuco. It is a split-window Beetle yet it is fitted incorrectly with small ventilator windows in the doors. The original vehicle appeared in 1952 and was also without the “rheumatism flaps” by the A-pillars. Faults on Schuco VWs are repeated again and again in spite of information being supplied to the product manager. Schuco clearly let the Chinese manufacturers do what they want.

PRO.R43 (1:43 Scale)

450893500 Magirus Deutz O6500 “German Federal Post”

PRO.R32 (1:32 Scale)


450901700 Famulus RS 14-36 tractor – green

450901800 Tracked tractor T100 M3 – grey

Edition 1:87 (1:87 Scale)


452626700 Volkswagen Golf Mk.I GTI – silver

452627700 Porsche 356 A Speedster – red

452628300 Opel Manta A “Black Magic”

452630100 Mercedes-Benz LP608 box truck “Märklin”

452620700 Mercedes-Benz L1113 flatbed truck with tank “ARAL”

Releases expected in October 2017

EDITION PRO.R43 (1:43 Scale)


450891700 Porsche 911 (993) Turbo Cabriolet – blue

450891800 Porsche 911 (993) Speedster – silver

450891300 Porsche 911 Targa – Grand Prix white

450891400 Porsche 911 Targa “Rijkspolitie”

Edition PRO.R32 (1:32 Scale)


450896700 Coffee plantation tractor

Edition 1:18 (1:18 Scale)


450040200 Porsche Cayman GT4 – blue

Edition PRO.R18 (1:18 Scale)


450007300 Brütsch Mopetta scooter – red and white


450007400 Brütsch Mopetta scooter – blue and white


450010800 BMW 502 “Hearse”

Edition 1:87


452627200 Fiat 500 Rally – red

452627300 Fiat 500 Giardiniera “Sport” – white and red

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News from the Continent August/September 2017 – WIking

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All  photographs supplied by, and copyright of, Wiking.

The photographs shown below show the releases planned by WIking for October 2017. Unless otherwise stated the models are moulded in plastic in Europe for Germany.

New Models

1:87 Scale


0316 03 Volkswagen T2a pickup


0229 01 Opel Cadet C Coupe “Winterfit”
0102 01 Land Rover Defender 110
0863 99 Magirus LF16 fire engine
0056 04 THW passenger vehicle trailer
0861 43 Magirus flatbed truck “Fire Brigade”
0674 48 MAN TGS Euro 6 / Meiller dumper
0682 03 Mercedes-Benz 1620 transport concrete mixer
0438 02 Mercedes-Benz LAK flatbed tipper with vehicle-mountable tank


0503 04 Scania 111 artic. Low-loader with load

Model Upgrades

1:87 Scale
0872 02 Hanomag WD tractor
0607 01 Mercedes-Benz Binz Fire Brigade Ambulance
0228 03 Volvo Amazon two-door saloon
0220 03 Mercedes-Benz 180 ponton sedan
0122 02 DKW F89 saloon
0788 10 Volkswagen T1b micro bus
0289 03 Ford FK 1000 van
0788 07 Volkswagen T1b delivery van
0519 02 MAN Swap body truck
0679 06 MAN TGS Euro 6 / Meiller skip lorry
0006 24 WIKING Magazine 2017
1:160 Scale
0956 39 Agricultural trailer
0956 10 Magirus artic. Truck with canvas cover “German Railway Company”

1:32 Scale

This model is diecast in metal for Germany.

0778 27 Kröger HKD 302 – two-axle three-way-tipper

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News from the Continent – Busch June/July 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs supplied by Busch.

All models are made to 1:87 scale in plastic unless otherwise stated.

June 2017 Releases

1:87 Scale


42222 Multicar with snow plough and salt spreading device

45912 MG Midget TC Cabriolet – closed – blue

45913 MG Midget TC Cabriolet – closed – green

48292 Chevrolet Pick up – Monster truck “Firestorm”

48293 Chevrolet Pick up – “Merz & Pilini Event management Showcar”

50359 Land Rover Defender “Gendarmerie”

50404 Fortschritt ZT 323 (Progress) Tractor with long timber trailer

51113 Mercedes-Benz Vito Police of Berlin

51116 Mercedes-Benz Vito German Zoll
1:32 Scale


60120 Threshing machine “Lanz” from 1911

This model is assembled from laser-cut wooden parts

EsPeWe Models to 1:87 scale


95228 IFA W50 LA TLF 16 tank-fire engine from Poland

The TLF was manufactured in 1969 in “Feuerlöschgerätewerk Luckenwalde” within the former DDR. The 4×4 fire engine saw service in the Polish town of Wolcztyn.

Busch Releases July 2017

1:87 Scale


41920 Citroen HY “´s Ochsestuebel” –Alsacian restaurant in Obenheim, France

42955 Cadillac 66 saloon – light brown

43917 Volvo 544 “Politi” – Norwegian Police

45031 Chevrolet Bel Air Cabriolet 1957 – open – pale pink

46711 Volkswagen HebmüllerCabriolet 1949 – open hood – black

46866 Mercedes-Benz W123 saloon – red with white roof

47702 Ford Model AA “Nostalgia”

48236 Chevrolet Pick-up “Black distillery”

51500 IFA G5 6×6 truck of the DDR peoples police and army

This model is a new mould from Busch which is likely to be seen in all sorts of liveries in the future.

59911 Kramer K12 Tractor with 14 hp 1 cylinder Diesel engine

59913 horse-drawn “ Field-smithy” 1857

41919 Citroen HY “Sapeurs Pompiers” – French fire brigade

42617 Ferrari 250 GTO silver – #25 – 1963 Le Mans 24 hours

44657 Dodge Ram Van – Monster truck “Stars and Stripes”

45038 Chevrolet Bel Air Cabriolet 1957 – closed – red

45038 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet 1949 – closed hood – black

48237 Chevrolet Pick up “Ranch truck”

50715 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2014 “New York Police Department”

51020 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 Military – sand coloured

51115 Mercedes-Benz Vito Ambulance – Euroyellow ambulance car of Millich Rescue Service GmbH – a district of Rostock

DreiKa Automodelle


94100 Goliath Express 1100 Kombi – light blue

94101 Goliath Express 1100 Kombi – red

94102 Goliath Express 1100 Kombi – grey

94120 Goliath Express Kombi “Edition Goliath Werk”




95531 IFA L60 ETK (box truck) Fortschritt (Progress) Sparts Parts Service

95229 IFA W50LA SHA chaff body

Mehlhose Modelcars


210009100 Horsedrawn vehicle – green, grey wheel rims

210009401 Long timber trailer for E-Karre – green/grey with grey wheel rims

210010112 Famulus Tractor – green/grey with red wheel rims

Originally launched as Favorit’s in 1957 they were renamed Famulus in 1958. These tractors were manufactured between 1957 and 1967 in VEB’s Nordhausen plant. They were available in multiple versions powered by two cylinder air or water cooled engines or as three cylinder diesels.

210010118 Tractor Famulus – green with red wheel rims

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Mrs JoJo from Emmy Models

By Mario Marti

Mario Marti has been a long time friend of MAR and his Emmy models have appeared in the printed magazine as well as in MAR Online. He often donated prizes of his Emmy Models when we ran prize competitions. Emmy make small runs of models of vehicles chosen by Mario and have, most recently, made several inter-war racing cars. Here he brings us news of the latest model to be produced in his 1:32 scale range. All photographs and illustrations are supplied by Mario.

I am very pleased to inform you that Emmy Models of Switzerland have just released a model of an inter-war Brooklands racer: Mrs. JoJo.

Mrs Jo Jo is an Austin Seven-based special with an illustrious history which includes winning the President’s Gold Plate racing at Brooklands in its heyday. Its 747cc four cylinder Austin 7 engine has a supercharger reputedly raising its peak power to 60bhp. It is thought to be one of the most successful Seven specials of its time and it still exists today.

The Emmy model is to 1:32 scale. The model is deliberately simple to capture the form and spirit of the prototype. We believe the shape of the model is correct and captures the essence of the car. More photographs are available if you contact us using the contact form on our website 

This model looks well with the previous 1:32 MG R and Austin Seven Ulster models from Emmy. These were made in white metal but Mrs JoJo has a body made in resin.

We sell the model for 50 GB Pounds and for a short time we will offer free postage (to European countries only) to readers and supporters of MAR Online if they make themselves known. The model can be ordered via our homepage:

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News from the Continent – Schuco March 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The new releases expected during February and March are described range by range below.

February 2017 Releases


450517600 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud “Happy Birthday 2017”


450151500 Citroen 2CV “Charleston”


450559000 Volkswagen Beetle #53 Herbie – The little rally-mechanic kit box


450955200 Mini Display II with Piccolo Ferrari 250 Le Mans #5 and AC Cobra #6


450986700 Set Schuco Espresso cup Edition VIII “Radiant” with Piccolo Barkas B1000


# 19864-19867 450559100 Porsche 911 – The little sports car mechanic kit box



450218000 BMW 507 Softtop – black with dark red soft top


450246600 Mercedes-Benz 170V saloon with wood gas generator


450369600 Volkswagen T1c Samba bus – black/white


450369700 Volkswagen T1c Camper – brown/beige



450894300 Volkswagen T1 Samba bus “Woody“ – brown/red


450899900 Mercedes-Benz AMG “Vision Grand Tourismo”



450769800 Lanz Bulldog D 9506 with wood gas generator


450898900 Lanz Bulldog with threshing machine



450030800 Porsche 356A Speedster – black


450014300 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 401 with “Westfalia” cab


450019400 Volkswagen T2a micro-bus L- white/blue


450037000 Volkswagen T1b pick up with canvas tilt – beige

Edition 1:87


452626600 Porsche 356A Coupe


452617900 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL – open


452618000 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL – soft top


452618100 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL – open

452618200 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL – Hardtop


452618300 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – Prototype #21


452618400 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – Prototype


452618700 Mercedes-Benz SL R107 – open


Military 1:87


452623900 Boxer transport-tank with stain-camouflage – German Bundeswehr


452624000 Boxer transport-tank “ISAF” with stain-camouflage


Aviation 1:600


403551677 Airbus A350-900 Finnair


403551678 Boeing 777-300 Korean Airlines


403551679 Boeing 777-300 Cathay Pacific

March 2017 Releases



450607300 Set Piccolo Collectors catalogue 1994-2016 hard cover with Piccolo Mercedes-Benz SSKL


450986600 Set Schuco Espresso cup Edition Vii “Micro Racer” with Piccolo Volkswagen Beetle


450561500 Volkswagen Beetle “Yellow-black-racer”


450562800 Volkswagen T1 Pickup #53 – hard to believe, but it is a pickup in Herbie livery!

Edition 1:43


450211700 BMW Isetta “Landes Polizei”


450389200 Volkswagen Beetle 1600i “Summer” – lemon yellow


450274900 Mercedes-Benz O 6600 Coach “Travel-Darling”

450291700 Mercedes-Benz O 319 Coach – beige/green

Edition PRO.R32


450899200 Hanomag R 40 with roof – green

450899300 Hanomag R 40 without roof – red

Edition PRO.R18


450009200 Jaguar E-Type “Shooting Brake” – (uncredited, but it is clearly the E-Type hearse from the film Harold and Maude)

Edition 1:64


452014600 Volkswagen Beetle 1960 “PTT” – Swiss Mail


452014700 Volkswagen T3 Joker with high roof – white


452014800 Volkswagen Beetle 1960 “Fire brigade”


452014900 Mini Cooper with Sunroof – turquoise


452015000 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon “German Police”


452015100 Lamborghini Huracan “concept black”

Military 1:87


452624300 Dingo armoured vehicle – stain-camouflage German Bundeswehr


452624400 Dingo I Full protection vehicle – stain camouflage “ISAF”


452624500 Yak multi-purpose wheeled vehicle “ISAF”


452624800 Fennek Armoured Scout Car – stain camouflage German Bundeswehr


452624900 Fennek Armoured Scout Car – stain camouflage “ISAF”


452625000 Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404 Pick up with canvas tilt German Bundeswehr


452625100 Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404 Ambulance German Bundeswehr


452625900 MAN 5t GL truck – stain camouflage – German Bundeswehr


452626000 MAN 7t GL truck – German Bundeswehr


452626100 MAN 10t GL truck German Bundeswehr

Aviation 1:600


403551675 Boeing 747-400 China Airlines


403551683 Airbus A350-900 Vietnam Airlines


403551684 Boeing 787-8 United Airlines

Classic Range


450004500 Mercedes-Benz 170V pick up “Schuco advertising vehicle”

Edition 1:43


450369800 Volkswagen T1c “Ferrari Automobiles Francorchamps”

Edition 1:32


450762700 Schlüter Compact 1350 tractor with power-lift and a box with a bag as load.


450775000 Fortschritt (Progress) ZT 303 “NVA” (National Peoples Army of the former DDR)

Edition PRO.R32


450896300 Volkswagen T1b Pick up with BMW Isetta Standard “Autohaus Jacobi”

Edition 1:18


450037100 Volkswagen T1b Westfalia-pick up “Porsche” Loaded with Formula V racing car

Edition 1:10


450650800 BMW R 100 RS motorcycle – blue/silver metallic

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News from the Continent January 2017 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs supplied by the Manufacturer

The models shown below should now be on sale.


450603300 Studio VI Auto Union Streamline, open wheel housing


450898700 Mercedes-Benz ML “Dino Parc” I
450898800 Mercedes-Benz ML “Dino Parc” II
450896600 Auwärter bus “Porsche Racing Service”


450895400 Hürlimann DH 6


450038600 Volkswagen T3 “Joker” Camping bus with foldable roof in Cream/White
450018700 Volkswagen T2a Camping bus white/orange
450034600 Setra S6 Coach “Fischer”


450008100 MAN racing car transporter “Porsche”

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News from the Continent January 2017 – Wiking

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Photographs supplied by the Manufacturer.

Here is the news of the latest models from Wiking expected to be released in February 2017. As usual the new Items are shown first and the upgraded ones after that.


Models to 1:87 Scale


0228 02 Volvo Amazon


0227 03 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 Exclusive
0861 39 Volkswagen 411 saloon “Fire brigade”
0390 10 Magirus S 3500 timber transporter
0662 01 Fuchs F301 Cable excavator
0693 28 MAN THW Standby tanker
0515 01 Volvo F88 articulated aluminium flatbed lorry
0433 04 Scania 111 flat bed draw bar
0807 48 MAN 415 milk tanker

Models to 1:160 scale

0935 07 Volkswagen T4 bus “German Police”

Model Upgrades

Models to 1:87 scale

0815 05 Triumph TR4
0090 03 Fiat 1800 saloon
0788 03 Volkswagen T1a delivery van
0646 08 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 “Winter Service”
0869 03 Agricultural trailer
0265 03 Mercedes-Benz L319 van “Fuchs excavator service”
0652 02 Volvo L350F wheel loader
0661 03 Atlas 2205 M mobile excavator
0627 04 Mercedes-Benz Econic Metz DL32 turnable ladder truck

Models to 1:160 Scale

0951 03 Lanz Bulldog 8506 tractor

Models to 1:32 Scale

0778 29 Claas Arion 430 with front loader 120

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The Motor Scooter in Miniature – Lambretta

By Dave Turner


As if seriously collecting model Fords and Rileys,  as well as model railways, didn’t strain the spare funds and time enough, the life long fascination with motor scooters had the inevitable effect and a number of inexpensive model scooters have slowly been accumulated over the past 40 years or so. For many years these were rather neglected and no positive effort was made to identify or study them until recently.

One of many long standing literary activities has been producing short pieces for the local classic car club each featuring a picture of a vehicle owned in the past along with a picture of a model of the exact vehicle, not possible in many cases as there has never been models of many specific variations of the real thing. As a bit of a novelty one piece was produced featuring the first vehicle owned by the writer – a 1958 Vespa 125. Several black and white snaps were taken at the time – the late 1950s, but as the model scooter ‘collection’ had never been properly studied, the presence or absence of the appropriate 92L2 model Vespa had never been determined – there was not one!

However in the long process of checking through the models it became apparent that not only were there several duplicates (and even triplicates) trying to identify each model became a project in itself – and is far from complete. Having accumulated all this information, and there is far more to come, to us compulsive scribblers the obvious next step is to put it all down in some form of understandable text.

The history of real motor scooters has been set out a few times in book form, in fact the little Auto Review booklets on the subject should have inspired the need to continue with a study of models of them (Dave is the Author of  Auto Review 04 Scooters Part One and Auto Review 10 Scooters Part Two both still available on the Oxford Diecast website or from Auto Review direct). For some reason, no doubt total lack of time, nothing happened as far as an in depth study although a few pages of these little books touched on the subject. Obviously the foregoing is not claiming to be a complete listing of model scooters, they crop up all the time and many made by small operations have yet to be discovered. Information on those missed will be gratefully accepted.

If only because the models have been sorted first, Lambretta will start the ball rolling. This scooter had its roots back in 1931 when Ferdinando Innocenti, a plumber began the production of pipes and tubing but following the Second World War an alternative product was sought and a motor scooter seemed in demand. Production began in 1945, the name Lambretta being derived from the area of Milan that the factory occupied – Lambrate. Experience with tubing manufacture made the choice to give the new machine a tubular frame obvious, while all the early types featured exposed mechanicals and initially lacked suspension.

The first offering from Lambretta was the Model A made from October 1947 for just 12 months, a total of 9669 were made. A model of this has been made and marketed by The Bradford Exchange.

Another of the earliest types to be found in model form is the 125C made from February 1950 to November 1951. This formed the basis of the Lambretta for many years with its single tube frame and trailing link front suspension. The Italian die cast range of Mercury produced these in 1952 in 1:28 scale and featured some simple detail with a bent wire stand to keep the model upright. A partly enclosed front wheel was not typical with the real 125C but was no doubt employed on the model to give the axle some support, reproducing the trailing link suspension in diecast would be quite fragile for a toy.

In common with many other Mercury subjects, the 125C has been reproduced by Scottoy and is almost exactly the same – the axles have a rolled end at one side and the wire stand is slightly simplified.

Appearing shortly after the 125C, the 125LC was the same scooter but fully enclosed and with a larger apron in the manner that we came to associate with the later LD. This was also modelled by Mercury in 1952 and makes a fine companion to their 125C looking so much more modern. It was also reproduced by Scottoy.
In 1951 the 125D and fully clothed 125LD arrived and featured a re-designed frame and many other improvements. They came in four series between December 1951 and 1961, a choice of 150cc engine from the second series while the fourth series were made in France.
A 1:12 scale 125D was made by New Ray in 2012 but just which of the three types of 125D is not certain.

Going back to the early 1950s a 1:11 scale plastic LD 125 was made by Mettoy. Obviously a toy as it featured a flywheel motor driving the back axle on which were a pair of small plastic wheels that enabled the scooter to travel upright. Twin portholes on the rear flanks suggest that it is of the 1st Series of LD made from December 1951 to May 1953. This example was quite well battered when found many years ago, it has had to suffice as no other has ever been found. No marking suggested a maker, although the front licence plate reads “MTY 134” suggesting it was a Mettoy product and a pair of “Made in Gt Britain” logos are stamped below the twin port holes on the side panels. When new these came with a plastic rider.

At the other end of the extreme a very nice plastic model 1st Series 125LD came from Solido in 1:18 scale. Featuring movable steering, a spare wheel and plated carrier it has plenty of delicate looking detail including a kickstart, folding stand, brake and clutch levers. Rather a model than a toy.

The TV175, first of the Li Series in September 1957 set a new benchmark for Lambretta with more modern styling and easily identified by the fixed front mudguard with headlight on the front apron. This was followed by 125 and 150cc versions in September 1958 and all three were produced until October 1959 when the Series 11 Li arrived. Easily identified again, this time by the headlight being placed on the handlebars rather than on the front apron. These were made until September 1961 when the subsequent “Slim Style’ body was adopted.

A few models of the Series 1 Li have been made and include the Xonex at around 1:18 from about 20 years ago. A smaller one came from CLM Hitech and an even smaller example from BTS that was derived from the old Spot On S.11 Li. The Bradford Exchange offer a S.1 in resin around 1:18 scale.

As far as the S.11 versions go, as just mentioned Spot On did one in 1966 and this was later reproduced by BTS. It has also suffered at least one plastic copy from Hong Kong. The Bradford Exchange marketed a S.11 in Rallymaster guise complete with little screen, racing number and stripes. The real Rallymaster version of the 150 was discontinued in September 1962. Curiously the same models in a different scale are known to be marketed under the Hamilton Collection umbrella. Both these operations seem to be interested in dealing only online.

Perhaps among the smallest model scooters is a 1:76 plastic S.11 that comes from Hornby in a set of “city people’ in their range of model railway trackside accessories. Despite its modest size it is sufficiently detailed to be identifiable as S.11.

Next in line, the Series 111 Li, known as the Slimstyle due to its narrower build, was produced in numerous forms from December 1962. the 125 version lasted only to October 1964 but re-appeared as the GP125 in December 1969 for just two years. The 150 however, produced in various forms – Grand Luxe, Special Pacemaker, SX and GP, lasted well into the 1970s although Lambretta production continued in India until 1997.
A TV175 version of the Series 111 was made from April 1962 for just under 2 years but larger engined 200cc machines in GT, SX and GP variations were made into the 1970s.

Some models/toys of scooters are difficult to identify, some are simply products of a creative mind and toys for youngsters as a result. For example, a 1:13 scale clockwork plastic toy came from Ace Toys in Hong Kong featuring a pair of plastic wheels at the rear. It does look very much like it is meant to depict a Series 111 Li Lambretta, the side stripes echoing those on the GP200, the real examples of which were latterly made in India.

Britains are well known for their farm and agricultural models in 1:32, no surprise that their Slimstyle Li came in that scale. Simple but attractive model it seems almost dwarfed by the young couple on board.

Looking very similar but much more highly detailed are the Lambrettas from Recollections that not only have the kickstart pedal and silencer featured in the nether regions but the side panels lift off to reveal a fully detailed engine, fuel tank etc. Still at 1:32 the CLM HiTech range of models includes a S.111 while moving to larger scales, the Bradford Exchange offered a 1:18 GP/DL 200 and Black Country Metal Works did several S.111s in 1:5 scale. These included a 1963 depicting the Quadrophenia ‘star’ from the film, a 1968 150 Special and a 1966 200SX.

A range called Globo Telethon offered diecast Series 111s under the Heavy Metal label and are said to be 1:12 scale. That scale was also used by the Road Signature 1965 TV 175 while the plastic kits from Pyro and Retro make a SX200 at 1:16.

Produced for three years from 1966, the J range of scooters was aimed at the lady rider and came in J50cc, Cento 100cc. and Starstream 125cc versions. So far the only model to be recorded was by BTS.

Known Models

Model A
The Bradford Exchange 126B1033 05 1:18 resin
Mercury Italy 213 1952 56mm 1:28 diecast
Scottoy  repro of Mercury 56mm 1:28 diecast
Mercury Italy 214 1952 59mm 1:28 diecast
Scottoy – repro of Mercury 59mm 1:28 diecast
New Ray 2012 150mm 1:12 diecast
CLM HiTech CLM 018 1:32
Mettoy UK 134 1952 160mm 1:11 Plastic/flywheel
Solido China 534657 98mm 1:18 plastic
IXO TXO M7 1:24
Li Series 1
Xonex China 1998 TV175 100mm 1:18 diecast
BTS UK TV175 mod from Spot On 1:42 diecast/resin
CLM HiTech CLM 013 Li 125 1:32
The Bradford Exchange 126B 1033 04 1:18 resin
Li Series 11
Spot On UK 229 1966 Li 150 47m 1:42 diecast/plastic
? Hong Kong plastic copy of Spot on 44mm 1:42 plastic
BTS UK Li 150 repro of Spot On 47mm 1:42 diecast/resin
Hornby China R560 1990s 25mm 1:72 plastic
The Bradford Exchange 126B 1033 03 Li150  Rallymaster 1:18 resin
The Hamilton Collection  Li150 1:12 diecast
Li Series 111 
Ace Toy Hong Kong GP200 134mm 1:13 Plastic/Clockwork
Britains UK 9685 56mm 1:32 diecast
CLM HiTech CLM 015 1:33 diecast
Recollections UK 1995 TV175 58mm 1:34 diecast
Recollections UK 1995 GP200 56mm 1:35 diecast
Recollections UK 1995 SX200 58mm 1:36 diecast
The Bradford Exchange 126B 1033 02 GP/DL200 100mm 1:18 resin
Globo Telethon 31085 1:12 diecast
Black Country Metal Works 1963 Quadrophenia 330mm 1:5 Tin
Black Country Metal Works 1968 150 Special 330mm 1:5 Tin
Black Country Metal Works 1966 200SX 330mm 1:5 Tin
Road Signature 41507RB 1965 TV175 150mm 1:12 diecast
The Hamilton Collection 1967 Li150 1:12 diecast
The Hamilton Collection 1969 GP D/L 200 1:12 diecast
Pyro M155 X200 1:16 Plastic kit
Retro SX200 1:16


BTS 1:42 diecast and resin from UK, repro of Spot On: Lambretta Li Series 11

1:42 plastic from Hong Kong, copy of Spot On: Lambretta Li Series 11.

Recollections 1:32 diecast from UK: Lambretta Li Series 111 GP200.

Recollections 1:32 diecast from UK: Lambretta Li Series 111 TV175

Scottoy 1:28 diecast, repro of Mercury: Lambretta125C

Mercury 1:28 diecast from Italy: 214 Lambretta 125LC.

Mercury 1:28 diecast from Italy: 213 Lambretta 125C

Britains 1:32 diecast from UK: 9685 Lambretta Li Series 111

Ace Toy 1:13 clockwork plastic from Hong Kong: Lambretta Li Series 111 GP200

Hornby 1:72 plastic from China:R560 Lambretta Li Series 11

Mettoy 1:11 flywheel plastic from UK: 134, Lambretta 125LD

Xonex 1:18 diecast from China: Lambretta Li Series 1 TV175

Solido 1:18 plastic from China: 534657, Lambretta 125LD

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